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10 Best Xbox One Controller Tips for Gamer

Xbox one console enables its users to play more than a hundred high-quality games. It’s been among the top choices of gamers since the day it was launched.

Read on if you are someone who is using it for quite some time now or has recently got an Xbox one console and wish to get the best out of it. The write-up below provides 10 Xbox One controller tips to learn and implement for a finer gaming experience.

Tips to improve your Xbox One Controller experience

The below list provides the ten best Xbox one controller tips. Use them to enjoy a next-level gaming session.

#1. Stream Xbox one on Windows 10

It is now easier than ever before to stream Xbox one on your Windows 10 devices. The only condition required is, the network connecting these devices are connected to should be the same. You require an Xbox one controller to connect these devices.

On your Xbox one open Settings. Now click on Preferences and check the option that reads ‘Allow game streaming to other devices.

On a Windows 10 device click on the Xbox app and open it. Now navigate to the connect option present on the left bottom of the window. Hereafter follows the on-screen instructions to establish the connection. Now you can connect your Windows 10 device with the Xbox one controller. It is recommended that both devices i.e Windows 10 device and Xbox are connected to the same network (wired or wireless).

#2. Refresh Xbox One Dashboard

Although Xbox never leaves any loopholes in their products, there can be times when the Xbox One controller needs a simple refresh. On the home screen of Xbox one if the screen is frozen or acts differently refresh your Xbox one. To do so hold the right and left trigger with the Y key on your keyboard. Hold it for a few seconds and release it as the screen refreshes.

#3. Gameplay and background music

Music can be the choice of a lot of gamers. If you wish to play music in the background while you play Xbox one use Pandora, Spotify, iHeartradio, and SoundCloud. This is another in the list of Xbox one controller tips. Begin your audio from the app and music will continue even if you visit other apps.

You can also download any of the Background music player apps from the play store that supports your Xbox one format and use it to enjoy your favorite music while you play.

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#4. Keep your Xbox wireless controller drivers updated

Connect your Xbox One controller to a Windows device with the help of a USB. To establish a smooth connection it is important to have compatible drivers for your Xbox one controller.

Xbox wireless controller drivers must be updated to establish compatibility between the devices. You can update these drivers manually from the official website of the manufacturer or automatically.

We recommend our readers switch PC driver updater software. Bit Driver Updater software is one such software that is a simple tool to update all your system drivers. Not only Xbox wireless controller drivers you can have recognized and safe updates for all your outdated drivers. The tool can also clean the unnecessary junk that decreases the performance of your system.

Use the Download no option below to download the executable file for Bit Driver Updater software. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool.

Once the install completes its usage is simple. Scan for the list of outdated drivers and click on the Update Now option present next to it. Also to have the best of the utility tool upgrade to its Pro version. In the pro version, you can download all the updates with one click with 24*7 customer support.

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#5. Manage Power modes

Xbox allows its users to choose the power settings from the two default modes. One is instant on and another one Energy saving. To access these modes open Settings and click on Power and Startup. Now in the Power mode and Startup click on power modes present under the power options.

Manage your console as per your requirements. To receive auto-updates keep the Instant-on mode enabled. If you have the energy saver mode enabled you will be required to look for system and in-app updates.

#6. Use your smartphone as a remote

The mobile application of Xbox available for both Android and iOS enables your phone to function as a remote for your Xbox console. The app establishes its connection automatically. The two conditions for the connection are:

  • Your smartphone and Windows device must have logged in to the same Microsoft account
  • All the devices i.e Xbox, smartphone, and Windows 10 should be connected to the same network connection.

The app can also act as an edge browser controller for your Xbox One. it allows you to share updates with your friends and gaming circles.

#7. Upload Clips on Youtube

In the beginning, it was easy and direct to upload clips from your game to youtube. You can now use any Upload app to edit and add your game clips on Drive and post it. These clips can be edited on any of your devices with your favorite editing apps and then can be uploaded on youtube.

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#8. Increase the install speed for your Xbox One

The next one in the list of Xbox one controller tips is a trick to speed up the install process for your Xbox one. It is important for the new users who have just got their Xbox one. It’s simple to decrease the install process, just disconnect your Xbox from the internet and install it. If it is connected to the internet additional patches are also downloaded. This additional download consumes the extra time. So make sure you disconnect the console from the network connection before you install the game.

#9. Disable the autoplay for disc

It annoys users when the disc is played automatically by their Xbox One console without asking for permission from the user. To disable this you can use one of these simple Xbox One control tips. Open settings and click on Disc and Blu-ray option. Now uncheck the checkbox that says ‘Pay Disc automatically’. This will disable the automatic play of your discs. You can play your discs manually when required.

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#10. Customize your Xbox one background

Different users have different choices for aesthetics and visuals. You can change your wallpaper easily by connecting a flash drive with your Xbox. To connect your drive use any of the USB ports and navigate to the image you want to set as background. Open the image click on the menu and select the option ‘set it as background’.  You can have as many custom images as you want and change them from time to time.

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The above Xbox one console tips will help both the new and old Xbox users to have unhindered gameplay. Do let us know if you have some more tips that have helped you improve your Xbox one console performance. Drop your Xbox one console tips in the comments below.

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