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10 Ways to Become More Self-Confident

Do you feel like the person standing ahead of you is more confident? Chances are, they think just exactly.

Confidence is something that you don’t inherit but create for yourself. It is a feeling of certainty that you can achieve every milestone that passes your way. How to kindle something that stays within you and dominates the world?

The purpose of this article is to help you become more self-confident:

However, the right meaning of confidence is not perfection or knowing all, but about the belief that you can manage the odds and learn from a particular situation.

Whether you are in a sales position or need to make an immediate impact through a presentation, confidence rules the game. Confidence helps earn good relations and respect that will help you succeed in future initiatives.

Boosting your self-confidence can be done in several ways:

How to Improve Self-confidence?

  • Write down things you are good at

Yes, it is the first thing to do when you feel low or confident about certain things. Take a writing pad and write things you excel at. Don’t limit yourself to professional skills. For example:

Are you great at memorising numbers?

Are you great at keeping your room clean?

Appreciate minor achievements and skills and write them down. You should take pride in what you do and how you do it.

  • Find inspiration around you

Write the quotes that relate well to your situation and will help you overcome it after reading a motivational novel or book. Read the quotes every day. You will feel better.

Or better, you can build up a playlist of songs that uplift your mood, bring you joy and encourage you to begin again.

According to a source, music lowers stress, leads to positivity, and regulates emotions. Do everything that motivates you and makes you happy to reduce the stress level and gain confidence.

  • Try new ventures 

Invest and start any venture and take loans without a guarantor for unemployed individuals. These loans can be used to start a business. It can be anything- starting a cooking class, launching online tutorials, or simply reading a book.

How does that help to build confidence?

Well, not directly, but indirectly it does. Think about the skills that you excel in or things you love to engage in, for example, reading a book.

Challenge yourself to complete a book in a month. Continue the practise until you nail it. It will help you build confidence and achieve deadlines.

  • Overcome negative thoughts 

Thinking positively can help you manifest things you dream of. Change your focus from negativity to positivity, because success depends on the focus.

Affirm this- You’ll nail the presentation, and the team and partners will love it! Don’t stress over it. You can change your state of mind by changing your focus internally and externally. When your state changes, your mind changes as well.

  • Determine the priorities 

Does adjusting your body posture make you feel confident?

The same is with your mind.

Prioritise yourself over everything else. What matters to you?

Straight-forward – it is one of the most common traits found in confident people. They take credit for their job confidently. If you tried and it led to success, then your efforts deserve appreciation. It is not bragging, but speaking high of yourself and motivating yourself. It will make you feel good.

Have faith in your capabilities 

Self-confidence is generating belief in yourself and your capabilities. You can achieve confidence by doing something you excel at every day. Great self-confidence comes from making daily progress and does not despair. It might take time initially, but you will conquer it gradually.

Decide on what you do you want to achieve in life and the roadblocks to it. Can you overcome these roadblocks with your confidence? YES, YOU CAN!

Dedicate 15 minutes every day to a thing that you need to improve.

Regular practice helps in building self-confidence and nurturing skills as well.

  • What drives your decision?

It is another vital element that helps you decide the decisions you make. A normal individual has 6 human needs – certainty, significance, variety, connection, contribution, and growth.

The best blend of these affects the decision-making process. Analyse which of these dominates your decision-making process. If your top requirement is significant, you won’t get what you are eyeing. Thus, decide wisely and determine how these elements can affect your confidence levels.

  • Focus on your past achievements 

Making positive progress towards goals helps build self-confidence and self-esteem. You take on bigger challenges when you feel confident and attain goals quickly.

For this, you can set measurable goals and capture progress every day. Then you feel you are making progress, then increase your goals and focus on priorities.

This activity will help you ensure a clear, and confident mindset. When you make making goals a habit, you will gain and boost your self-confidence to unmatched heights.

Have someone who supports you by your side

Having someone to support you when you are at your lowest is the best feeling ever. A negative person can ruin your mindset and future.

Thus, distance yourself from such person (if any). Instead, surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself; who acknowledge your capabilities? Yes, although it may be the hardest task to accomplish, you can still find one. Make a new and confident future for yourself by finding someone who thinks just like you and could be a great friend.

  • Never Compare Yourself

Comparing yourself to others only lowers your self-esteem and affects confidence. It does no good. For making yourself confident, engage in things that you love, as mentioned above. Ditch being a self-critique and appreciate every effort made by you and your colleagues unbiased. Adopting this attitude will help you generate positive outcomes and improve self-confidence levels.

Thus, building self-confidence requires patience and effort, plus the best combination of internal and external personalities. Build positive relationships, accept your emotions, and practice positive thinking. It will help you make better decisions in life.

So, how do you boost up your self-confidence? Comment.


Kian Doyal is an author of content creation. She is looking forward to replying from non-profitable news and profitable industries, specializing in content marketing in 2017, from Florida University. She brings her decade of experience to her current role, where she is dedicated to educating and inspiring the world how to become better story letters. Can follow her on Twitter
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