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11 Smart Study Hacks to Brilliantly Write Your University Papers

Eleven Smart Study Hacks

No matter how veracious, students will always be students after all! They will fake promise themselves saying they will prioritize their studies from the next semester onwards and do smart study – and the next semester where they actually keep their promise hardly arrives.

Dedicating an entire semester to secondary activities and pulling an all-nighter before the examination day is what most students are determined to do. No wonder why one finds a student with pair of sweaty palms, paced up heart-beat, and an anxious grin sitting at the examination hall and giving away blank looks.

It is the dream of students to score well in examinations without studying. But that sounds like a pipe dream. To that end, here are a few smart study hacks for your study session at the 11th hour to make the process less stressful.

Here are a few smart study hacks:

1. Chew gum

Chewing gum is an act that lets you stay attentive for a few hours since it is a brain booster. Also, chewing gums do not have side effects (like with a glass of caffeine). So chomping on your favourite flavour can be a great study aid.

Why? Researchers are not 100% specific about why chewing gums help you stay attentive, but they think it is based on the act of chewing waking us up and letting us stay attentive. So, focus on whatever you have studied and revise them to crack the university paper.

2. Keep panic at a bay

Neither panic will lead you anywhere, nor will you get anything done. But yes, you might waste some meaningful minutes before the examination day. So, refrain from getting worked up. Instead, stay as calm as possible on the night before an exam. Try to spend some alone, away from the distractions of your siblings and, of course, the cell phone. Revise the study material you have prepared these days and do so with complete coolness.

3. Control your focus

Since you are chewing gum, you will stay focused quite a few times. So, use this opportunity and sort through the more complicated parts of your material.

For focusing, sometimes you are your enemy. You forget to ditch distractions, and distractions come in your way. You can block yourself from getting distracted by emails, messages, sites, or computer-related games. Some applications cut off distractions from your life for the time you want- self-control for MAC and cold turkey for PC. Android users have similar options as well.

4. Find a workplace you prefer

Finding a suitable workplace is a must, especially when you have been procrastinating the entire semester. The place you choose can be any room, a terrace, or even a library. Wherever the area, since you will be spending your last-minute jitters there, make sure it is free from distractions. Leave the bed; it will get your sleep mode active. Forget about the TV; it will make you miss your ‘Netflix and chill’ days.

5. Eat healthy

Yep, you read that correctly. Eating is a basic human need, and ditching on the eating part will take you nowhere. Because we know some students forget about eating when nearing their examination days. Eat healthy, nutritious meals. Ask your MOM to cook the healthy foods in a delicious way that satiates your taste buds. This is a given, seeing as your brain requires nutrition to function fully.

6. Jazz up your notes

Add visual colours and prompts that make your notes attractive. Making colourful notes helps you recall vital details and aid in your memory recall. This bright concept stems from mind mapping strategies, generally thought diagrams. These diagrams are said to be much more effective in learning than text-based sticky notes. For those who are interested, you can also learn mind mapping programs, but creativity, paper and pens work just fine, too!

7. Make a quick plan

As you have got very little time and it is almost impossible to cover the whole syllabus, pick a few vital topics to cover and make a list. You may finish everything it is always better to master one issue at a time than to be a jack of all trades.

8. Turn on the lights

Light aids your brain to focus more on what you are doing at the moment. Since light affects visual clarity, psychological factors and wrong types of lighting can contribute to off-task behaviour. The best lighting is soft lighting which is bright enough to keep you awake. Lighting that is too dim will affect your focus and visual clarity. Again, lighting that is too bright can contribute to being off task. So, set the brightness accordingly before you sit for studying.

9. Teach

Teach someone (since you cannot let humans inside your room, at least your dog or doll) the material you are trying to learn. Although teaching someone else is an effective way to comprehend the material better, you will earn karma points for helping out a mate who requires a little extra help!

Teaching is the best test to know whether you know the concepts. Teaching someone else is a simple way to discover if you grasp the basic concepts. If, while teaching, you cannot answer questions, you know you need to go back to square one.

10. Take breaks 

Allow yourself to take a few luxurious breaks because you deserve it. Take five minutes of recess every half an hour. Dance, sing, eat and scroll through some media (only if you have adequate self-control). Then, get straight back to work at the end of the 5th minute.

Also, you can listen to your favourite track while studying, as music enhances productivity, focus levels, and motivation. Experts recommend a particular genre of music for studying- called “music for the mind.”

11. Sleep and wake up again

Again, sleeping is a basic human need that, unfortunately, must be stated. Get plenty of sleep while studying and before the day of examination. Your tired body and mind need to sleep to think correctly.

A good night’s sleep is one of the most fundamental ways students can enhance their scores because adequate sleep will allow their brains to think logically. In addition, sleep impacts a person’s cognitive function, improving your test-taking abilities. After you have enough sleep, it is time to wake up. Stay alert, take a cool shower, get some fresh air and have some breakfast before you start for your examination hall.

In conclusion,

And while you follow the tips mentioned above, do not let the tension get to you. Keep calm and follow the tricks to derive maximum results. And after you successfully follow the tips, apply them on your next exam-prep days. And if you can, start prioritizing things like your studies from day-1. Because leaving things to the last minute will only get you worked up and tensed. And this behaviour of procrastination can have severe effects as you move on in your life further. So make your life an easy deal- prioritize things that matter.

Author’s Bio: Jessica is a lead content creator at Assignmenthelp.us, where she offers assignment writing services and paper help. In addition, Jessica is always available for students who need university assignment help on any subject.


I am a writer and blogger. Having received my Ph.D. from one of the most renowned universities in the USA. At present, I am associated with Assignmenthelp.us and an academic expert here, I provide homework help to distressed students.
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