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3 reasons why businesses should prefer Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports ace the race when it is about business data and reporting. It does not matter if it concerns small to medium enterprises or corporations. However, many businesses still haven’t leveraged this software, or others don’t know much about it. Nonetheless, all one needs is to opt for Crystal Report Server, and dealing with the Business Intelligence will become far more accessible. So we have reeled off the key reasons that why Crystal Reports businesses should prefer Crystal Reports.

A bit about Crystal Reports

In simple words, Crystal Reports is a window-based reporting solution with which designing, exploring, and visualizing the business reports through the web or embedded software applications become smooth. The significant part is the report designer can bring data from any type and anywhere from various data sources. Not only this, but a stream of benefits attracts businesses of all sizes to get started with the Crystal Reports. The list extends to preferred design formatting for invoices, sales or operational reports, marketing letters, and more.

Crystal Reports was rebranded and acquired by SAP in 2007. That is why another label for them is SAP Crystal Reports.

Software Evolution 

The first of the three grounds businesses should prefer Crystal Reports is its practicability over time. Software sometimes stays in the same league, or others with acquisitions somehow turn into havoc. However, Crystal Reports Server has maintained its pace and even upgraded to more viable data solutions that can help businesses with the insights.

For instance:

  • Crystal Reports are effectively offered through both cloud-based and on-premise (physical) channels.
  • Crystal Report’s adaptability has outshined many of the software competing with it.
  • It has fused an easy to deal with interface and requires a minimum of code to write.
  • It has evolved the reporting practices.
  • You can formulate robust visuals contextualized to individual business models and significant corporation insights.

Most affordable Solution for Any Scale Business 

The second one of the grounds businesses should prefer Crystal Reports is its cost-effectivity. Business data, proper formulating, and reporting support the development and productivity. So businesses always need software that can take off the burden. However, such software always calls for high prices and initial investments that many companies can’t afford, bluntly.

However, SAP (System Applications and Products), being the leading software corporation, offers the Crystal Reports at a fixed price that easily adjusts with the budgets. Also, you can get the Net Crystal Reports hosting at reasonable pricing for a reputed web hosting company. So no businesses will drive to the edge of breaking the bank in order to cater to the BI software need.

Extensive Toolbox supporting Performance and Customizations 

SAP Crystal Reports has a comprehensive toolbox from layout to performance straighteners for all scale businesses.

  • Multilingual reporting modules to assist your business in the global business ecosystem. That is, it let you choose from 24 languages and deal with native to foreign consumer base to business performance and interactions.
  • Robust new business models development
  • It streamlines easy customizations of the reports and modules designing, coherent with the preexisting business model.
  • Moreover, it has an extensive library of reporting layouts and visual formats for invoices, statements, business letters, operations, marketing collaterals, and analytics.
  • Not much expertise is required, and preset reporting formulas for easy calculations and robust visualization.
  • Also, NET Crystal Reports assist with two different report viewing components. That means displaying reports in Windows forms and displaying reports in the Web environment.
  • You can practicably use other applications like Microsoft Office and more. It is because SAP constructively has boosted the compatibility of the software and integration of other applications.
  • For instance, continuing from above, it has compatibility with MS Access, MS Excel, SQL, Oracle, Hadoop, IBM DB2, Salesforce, SAP HANA, and others.
  • Businesses get a well-developed data environment to realize real-time analytics using visually compelling reports. That eventually leads to making important business decisions more professionally and intelligently.

The above is the final reason for businesses should prefer Crystal Reports. By now, you definitely have understood how this software and reports can help your enterprise, so give it a go.

Navicosoft Crystal Report Server offers extensive support of the latest version of SAP Crystal Reports and CrystalReportViewer. The price for the server is also affordable, and you have four plan options to choose from.

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