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5 benefits of installing composite deck tiles

If you are renovating your backyard or patio, you can’t place any floor out there. You will require deck tiles that will withstand the test of weather and time. One of the most popular decking tiles is the composite deck tiles, which is an excellent solution for balconies, decks, elevated porches, etc. Although fewer flooring options might not look fabulous on a small upstairs balcony, you can ensure that composite deck tiles do. These tiles are made from bamboo and plastic and provide you with various options when it comes to picking for your patio or deck. But what makes these tiles beneficial? You can read on and learn about the advantages.

1. You will spend minimal time on maintenance: Cleaning the deck or your patio and inspecting it every time can prevent you from enjoying your time outdoors. After all, upgrading and installing deck tiles in your backyard should mean having a barbecue party or relaxing outdoors with family and friends. With the composite deck tiles, you don’t have to be concerned about the maintenance. This will help you spend minimal time on maintenance. In addition, you don’t have to seal, paint or stain the tiles like other tiles or materials. The colours will be prominent, and the appearance will be maintained for a prolonged time. When it comes to cleaning the tiles, it is recommended to wash them every other month. A swift shower with a garden hose is sufficient to make those tiles look fantastic.

2. They help resist mold, mildew, bushfires, and splinters: Does mould or mildew often give you a surprise? Not anymore; you can say your goodbyes to them. Composite decking tiles are engineered to resist splinters, mould and mildew.
Additionally, they help protect against harsh weather elements such as hot and cold climates. In case you reside in a bushfire-prone area, you can install them immediately. Since they are splinter-free, you can walk barefoot without any hassle, making them good for your pets and children.

3. They are an affordable and cost-efficient option: Although a few online retailers provide such deck tiles at a high price, cost-efficient ones are attainable in the market too. Furthermore, the installation costs are much cheaper, and you can ensure that they are a valuable investment for your home.

5. They are incredibly durable: Some tiles can wear and tear quickly over the years. You might have to spend on the installation at all times. Thanks to the durability feature of the composite decking tiles, they make your deck or backyard worthwhile. Since the backyard or your deck will be a location for parties or family gatherings, they have to be strong and robust to bear the weight of your children, pets, family, furniture and friends. They are constructed out of high-quality materials and are resistant to wear and breaks.

5. They are an eco-friendly and sustainable option: It is vital to keep plastic out of the Earth’s seas, oceans, and landfills. Instead, plastic can be used in various sustainable methods and can be recycled. Composite deck tiles are usually made of 90 per cent of recycled plastic, allowing them to be an eco-friendly option. You will also find environment-friendly and sustainable composite deck tiles in the market that use high-density plastics and FSC 100 per cent certified wood. Indeed, these tiles are great for any environment-conscious owner.


The previous versions of the composite deck tiles had a few limitations. Hence, you can opt for the modern ones that benefit you in several ways. Last but not least, they help create a visual appeal and make your outdoor area appear outstanding, which increases the value of your property.

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