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5 benefits of Microsoft Power Apps for content managers

We are facing a clear technological paradigm shift. Our ways of communicating, living, relating and working are changing and, faced with this situation, a decision must be made: either adapt or die. Some of the companies have understood this and have seen the need to adapt with Microsoft Development Services.

Part of this adaptation must go through the automation of some processes and, for this, Microsoft’s Power Apps solution is the key. But what is Power Apps?

Does it work for all types of companies?

Next, a list will be presented with at least the five main benefits for a company that uses this initiative, designed so that any company, from any sector, can create and implement customized applications in order to cover their needs. main needs and meet its corporate objectives.

Many times it is difficult to think of an option that can work for all companies, globally. But the truth is that with this solution it has been possible to make it adaptable to everyone, including the variable of the time factor , which may be the cause of profit maximization not being achieved immediately . What benefits are we talking about?

1. Wide availability

A clear advantage of this innovative Microsoft solution is that it comes integrated with the Office 365 platform subscription . That is to say, in a single platform it is possible to integrate and access the new applications that we design and, thus, reduce time , facilitate the user experience and convert many of the commercial processes and transactions that required a manual process into digital processes and automated .

2. Increased productivity

Closely related to the previous point, if you can create custom applications to meet the needs of the company , automate processes and thus achieve goals , all this translates into an improvement in overall productivity . Times are reduced and deadlines are further optimized to dedicate efforts to those tasks that cannot be automated.

3. Automated Features

As already mentioned, with the integration of Power Apps , companies have the opportunity to convert some of their manual processes and functions to digital . This is especially interesting in matters of data management, updates and connectivity with your employees, since it allows you to send notifications directly, report and solve problems without having to be in the office in person.

4. Better data integration

Data is becoming more relevant , but also more difficult to deal with. Especially companies that use so-called “common data” services (CDS), Microsoft Power Apps will find it very easy to access business data.

Specifically, they will be able to access more than 200 different data sources, including Outlook, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. Once again, employees will be able to access and share data without being in the office.

5. More security guaranteed

And it all boils down to increased security and control through the admin center. Here employees will be able to see the user control, apart from their applications, and manage their data policies, permissions, and manage Microsoft’s Active Directory Domain Service (ADDS), whose main function is to authenticate and apply the different security policies to all users and devices that are using said solution.

As has been shown, the implementation of the Power Apps solution offers multiple benefits for companies , especially in relation to productivity and time management aspects . DQS/ is a 100% Microsoft partner , one of the leading management software implementers in Spain.
What is Power BI? Applications and benefits

Power BI is one of the most used Microsoft tools in the business world. Its main characteristics and benefits are analyzed.

What is Power BI?

A platform in which all the data of a company is unified. It makes use of business intelligence (BI) to interpret the information. It allows knowing what the most common trends are and predicts future ones. Anyone can easily interpret the data by reading the detailed reports generated by the program.

What are their characteristics?

They are diverse and complementary. To explain the most important, the following sections have been created.

A complete and reliable data analysis

Anyone who uses Power BI can connect to the reports and view the section they prefer in greater detail. It is possible to enter the corresponding KPIs to obtain more specific information. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the response capacity is as fast as it is safe. It allows asking questions in colloquial language, which enhances its usability.

Making the most of BI

Every investment made in big data will be revealing. It is possible to connect to data sources with scale. Thus, the results can be analysed, promoted and shared with the entire company. This factor is essential to secure the data and maintain consistency in its treatment.

Ease of decision making

Working blind is not an option . If those in charge of each department have access to the data they work with, they will not waste time looking for it. The complementary use of Office, Teams or Excel means that decisions can be made in seconds and without fear of the result.

Extensive Data Connectors

The platform provides easy access to a library that exceeds 120 connectors. Your query means accessing a complete panel with great detail. They include, among others, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Sales Force, Azure SQL Database and Excel.

What are the benefits of using Power BI?

The use of other Microsoft programs such as Azure or Office allows you to take better advantage of the available technology. Its security level is quite high and it offers information panels of all kinds.

It allows to unify the analysis processes . The software helps manage data and information from different platforms at the same time.
Its integration with platforms such as Dynamics 365 or Office 365 is complete. The option to share reports between all the brand’s programs accentuates its usefulness.

Its graphic design helps to use it more easily. The use of visual panels that include different colors and sections is very beneficial to see what you are looking for more easily with Microsoft Development Services .
Your safety . Access is only possible after passing certain accessibility controls. Microsoft cares deeply about preventing attacks that affect the future of the respective company.
The increase in profitability . Being able to have reports from all the departments of a company is synonymous with automation. Using Power BI makes it easier to increase productivity and achieve higher profitability with Microsoft Development Services.

Its scalability, possibility of customization and usability are other aspects to assess. Power BI has managed to make a difference with similar programs thanks to integrating functionalities. Everything is to find the perfect formula to continue generating profits and meeting the planned objectives with Microsoft Development Services.


It is thus a bit different from traditional software installation.

The SaaS model works, therefore, under subscription instead of purchase.

In most cases, companies must install the necessary software, build the server, and maintain it to achieve the necessary functionality. The SaaS approach does, however, offer an alternative to the traditional deployment environment through cloud technology.

In simple words, if you need a project management tool or a social CRM application, you can purchase their services through the SaaS platform conveniently. SaaS offers great benefits for small to large businesses.

Benefits of SaaS services for the company

1.- Reduce times

In a SaaS model, there is no need to deploy and configure the necessary software on your own server or computer.

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