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5 Best 11 Plus Tips and Tricks for Ultimate 11+ Success

Best 11 Plus Tips and Tricks

Do you find 11 plus preparation challenging? You don’t have to worry further. This post will provide you with 11 plus tips and tricks that guarantee your success. Before starting we will look at What is the 11 plus exam? The 11 plus exam is the grammar school entrance exam. The students of year 6 began to prepare for this particular exam. The pupils have to sit in separate four papers. English, Maths, verbal reasoning and nonverbal reasoning are the subjects of 11 plus exams. Every secondary school sets their specific passing criteria for the students. You might need 11 Plus tuition in Harrow to support your child. Many ups and downs cross the path of every student during 11 plus exam preparation. To face these challenges, we have listed the best 11 Plus preparation tips and tricks. These tricks will help you to secure good grades. 

11 Plus Tips And Tricks 

The only concern of the parents and pupils is to secure good grades in 11 plus exams. There is a dire need for vigilant preparation for the 11 plus exam. The scoring in these exams predicts the future.  Based on our knowledge, we have listed the best 11 plus advice for you. Let’s get started with the skills for success. 

1-Look for a Grammar School

The first step is to look for a grammar school. About 163 secondary schools are running across the UK. You can choose a school for your child based on your locality and affordability. There are many types of secondary schools in the UK. Before selecting any particular school, communicate with other parents, children and even tutors. This practice will help you to make the right decision. Look for their specific admission criteria and start preparing for the 11 plus exam. Collect detailed information about these grammar schools and plan a visit with your child.

2-Encourage Child to Learn

Students face numerous challenges when it comes to 11 plus exam preparation. We will have a look at the strategies needed for the encouragement of your child to learn.

Eleven plus Maths consist of Key Stage 2 Maths basics, fractions, decimals, time, and geometry. The majority of the students found this subject a bit tricky for them.

You can trigger their interests by 11 plus Maths games or different group activities. Plus, you can avail the option of 11 Plus online tuition for your child. Look for your child’s situation and follow a necessary step. 

The 11 plus English paper comprises grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. The syllabus is quite extensive. You can opt for similar practices such as getting involved with your child, playing 11 plus vocabulary games, and asking them to solve 11 plus English papers. It will help them to secure good grades.

11 plus verbal and nonverbal reasoning papers are pretty tricky for the students. These exams evaluate the individual capabilities. The 11 plus verbal reasoning paper focuses on the clarity of the individual’s concept such as how he is explaining a phenomenon using specific terminologies.

The 11 plus non-verbal reasoning paper focuses on the individual’s judgement, perception speed, visual acuity, and ability to recognize and manipulate objects. You can regularly practice the 11 plus verbal and nonverbal reasoning papers for preparation.

3-Build their Vocabulary

Along with formal schooling, your contribution to your child’s vocabulary as a parent is critical. Parents’ vocabulary contains up to 95 percent of the words a child knows, and parental involvement in learning enhances children’s motivation and achievement.

Reading, talking, and playing are simple ways to incorporate vocabulary development into your daily life and routine. While spending valuable time together as a family, assist in giving your child a head start in life.

The success skill of the 11 plus exam is vocabulary. Building the vocabulary of your child is a strenuous task. There is good news for you. The 11 plus vocabulary games are helpful for your child. There are 11 plus vocabulary apps for iPhone and iPad. These apps offer approximately 3000 diverse words and unique games for your child. Besides this technology, you can use flashcards for 11 plus exam preparation.

4-11 Plus Timetable

Prepare a timetable for your child. Stick to the plan. Make sure that you must add a revision to your schedule. Design the time frame according to the topics of the 11 plus exam. Allocate specific hours for the subjects. Practice, practice and practice is the key to the eleven plus exam success. Incorporate your schedule with regular practice of online 11+ test papers. Some websites offer free 11 plus mock tests online. These assessments will help you to evaluate your preparation.

Note: While preparing the schedule, make sure to incorporate regular breaks besides studying hours. This practice will increase the success probability of your child.

5- Your Child’s Mental Health Comes First

Last but not least, take good care of your child’s mental health. Besides performance anxiety, there are many stressors faced by your child. However, alarmingly, 75% of children and young people who have a mental health problem do not receive the treatment they require.

The emotional well-being of children is just as vital as their physical well-being. They can build the resilience to cope with anything life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults with good mental health.

Stay in touch with your child as there is a probability that he faces exam anxiety. To lower the risks of stress, here are some measures that you can opt for.

Your child might experience helplessness, boredom or even experience anxiety during 11 plus exam preparation

  • Look for anything that they need.
  • Include extracurricular activities in their schedule.
  • Use reinforces to motivate them.
  • Prepare a plan B for your child. Such as a secondary option if your child couldn’t make the 11 plus exam.
  • Make sure that your child is taking the necessary supplements.

Are you looking for an online 11 plus tuition?

Adnan Khan Tutoring is the best choice. With 20 years of incredible experience, their tutors are there to assist your child. Free assessments will help you to secure good grades in the 11 plus exam. Sign up right now for your bright future. 

Final Thoughts

We know that this time will be quite a challenging time for you and your child. With these 11 plus tips and tricks, you can secure good academic grades. Embrace every challenge with faith and continuous hard work and soon you will succeed. Start working right now!

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