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5 Holiday Photoshoot Theme Ideas For You and Your Family

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

Every family has a holiday tradition. Specifically, for Christmas. Some would always watch a movie together on the 24th of December, while some would cook that same food they’d always had since they’re 10. Others, simply spend the night playing board games or even catching up. 

You might not notice it, but your family surely has one as well. If you haven’t figured out what that is or strongly believe that your family doesn’t have, well, maybe it’s time to start one. Some families want to capture and make the holidays unforgettable. Some do it by dressing up. After all, who said dressing up is only for Halloween?

If you want to try something different this year for Christmas or want to start a family tradition, having a yearly holiday photoshoot could be one. Dressing up is fun. Most especially if you’re doing it with your loved ones. To start, here are 5-holiday photoshoot theme ideas that you and your family can try out.

1. When in doubt, go for classic 

If it’s the first time that you’re doing it with your family, it can be awkward and a little uncomfortable. If you think your family won’t be enticed to dress up, most especially if you’ll have your photos taken in a professional photo printing studio, you can start with a classic theme. 

To spice it up a little bit, you can set a colour or dress code theme for your first photoshoot. If your family loves to go casual, go casual! If they think having a bit of a formal touch is better, then go for it.

Maybe a faded jeans theme would make your first photoshoot stand out. Or, simply go for a monochromatic theme of your favourite colour. Whatever works for you, flaunt it. After all, you can never go wrong with a classic photoshoot theme. 

2. Make the tables turn by switching roles

For new families who just had a baby or have kids, one quirky idea is to switch roles for your photoshoot. This theme would not only make your photoshoot memorable, but also a comical one. This time, mom and dad can cry while the little adults get confused on how to make them stop. 

Mom and dad can wear a one-piece jumpsuit with designs for babies while holding a bottle of milk or a pacifier. Dress the little ones like how mom and dad would normally look on a day out. This photoshoot will surely make it in the books and your kids will find it hilarious once they grow up. 

Aside from posting it on social media, maybe you’d like to have your holiday photos printed on your Christmas cards as well. If you’re feeling extra, you can have them personalised and printed on any photo printing shop. Add a smile to your family and friends’ faces this holiday season with your comical holiday photos! 

3. Ready, set, action! Channel your favourite movie or series into reality, but make it Christmas-y

If you and your family just recently binged watched a movie or series, that you were all so pumped about, why don’t you use it as inspiration for the holidays? If you worry that your photos will look like they are for Halloween, you are dusting it off! Take this time to be creative. Start by adding a twist to it, by making the vibe Christmas-y. 

Recently, a famous Korean series became instantly phenomenal. You guessed it right; I’m talking about Squid Games. This time, why not add some beard and Christmas hat to the front man’s look. Or add some reindeer ears and noses to the masked staffs’ jumpsuit look. 

Whatever movie or series it is that your family would want to go for, ace it in the best way that you can. Just don’t forget to make the vibe Christmas-y and design it for the holidays. 

4. Make the kids’ dreams come true by bringing their favourite characters to life

If you have kids who never get tired of watching and talking about their favourite characters, maybe this is a sign to make their wishes come true. Should you want to make your photos extra special and to emanate a professional feel, you can have the photoshoot taken in a professional photography studio.

If your kid is crazy about Minecraft, why don’t you dress up as pixelated characters for the holidays? Santa can be pixelated, too. If you can’t find Minecraft costumes online, it’s easy to improvise. Why don’t you have the costume printed in a photo printing shop instead? You can use cardboard or any other paper materials to make it look realistic just like the characters.

Maybe your child’s favourite is Peppa Pig. This is easier to follow since its characters are family-themed. If you want, maybe you can have your photos taken with film cameras as well to exude a nostalgic feel. Then, you can bring them for film processing and have them displayed in a family photo book. 

5. A classic Christmas theme can never go out of style

If none of the first 4 suggestions seem to excite you, maybe all you need is the classic Christmas theme vibe. Does dad want to dress up as santa? Flaunt it. If you want to go to a photo studio and have your photos taken with their Christmas-ready theme, why not?

Maybe all you need is to decorate the house and sit by the Christmas tree and that’s it. If you can’t seem to decide which theme would work best for your family, you can always go for a classic Christmas vibe. No need to go overboard, or spend outside of your budget! 

If you want, after taking the photos at home, you can have them printed on canvas or a large portrait at a photo printing shop. That way, you can have the photo displayed and it can serve as memorabilia for your first Christmas family photoshoot. 

Regardless of the theme, make sure that you have a good time capturing those moments

Whatever theme that you and your family decide on, make sure that you have a good time taking the photos. What’s important is you get to take this moment to bond and make new holiday memories with the people who matter. The photos serve as the glitter, but the real deal is the moments and bond you share during the photoshoot. Happy photoshooting and I hope you’ll make this count! 

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