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5 Reasons Why Brushed Palladium Wedding Bands Are Best?

Are you looking for a contemporary metal for your wedding ring or band? If yes, then you must consider palladium. It is a rare metal that has a silvery-white color. It looks similar to platinum but is affordable in price. Also, it can become an excellent choice for special events like engagements and weddings. There are several designs available in brushed palladium wedding bands to discover. These bands will embark on the lustrous shine and make perfect jewelry. Palladium is a hard metal as well that does not require much maintenance, unlike other metals.

What is palladium metal?

Well! The special thing about palladium is that it is a rare and precious metal. But, it is also a segment of the platinum group metals. It is slightly whiter than white gold and platinum and is used to make wedding bands and rings. The metal has sheer grace with durability, which makes it perfect for wedding and engagement rings. Moreover, this metal has anti-corrosion and anti-oxidization properties which make it durable and hard. In today’s jewelry market, palladium is considered a valuable metal. South Africa and Russia are the major suppliers of this metal, and only 4-5 % of it is used to make jewelry.

Top reasons to consider brushed palladium rings or bands

A premium metal

You might not know that, unlike white and yellow gold, palladium metal does not require re-plating. This premium metal is ultra-durable that will provide you with a satin finish. You can consider it wearing at your wedding to suit your style and personality. This is a hard metal that does not need much maintenance. You can experience dullness in white gold over time as it will start showing a yellowish tone. This would require re-plating again to keep the white gold shiny. But, with brushed palladium, you do not ever need to re-plating. This metal would develop a patina finish over time, which means much less maintenance is needed.


It is mentioned earlier that palladium has higher durability than white gold. Palladium has a 4.75 score out of 10 in durability, which is greater than white gold. Therefore, it has higher sturdiness which also means more scratch resistance. However, this does not mean that palladium does not scratch. With regular wear, it can get scratches. But the best thing about brushed palladium is that it will never dull over time. The professional jewelers will provide you with professionally polished palladium bands that will retain their shine. This will keep the mirror shine of your wedding band that you can use for years without much maintenance.

Attractive appearance

This is a certain truth that gold is a traditional metal. It has its own grace, but now the trend of white metals has diminished the use of gold. In weddings and engagements, couples usually prefer wearing white metals rather than yellow gold. Therefore, if you are chasing white metals, palladium is the top choice to consider. The reason is that brushed palladium wedding bands are more attractive in appearance than white gold. However, palladium is less white than platinum but does not have a great difference in appearance. You can mistakenly consider palladium as platinum. Moreover, palladium does not require a coating of rhodium, unlike white gold. So, you can wear this metal with its originality. The brushing of this metal will add more luster to its appearance to make your wedding band appealing.

Safe to wear

Many people are prone to metal allergies and cannot wear them with comfort. But, some metals cause allergic reactions that make them discomforting to wear, especially in the fingers. But, unlike white gold and silver, the palladium has more purity. It does not require any coating of other metals to design the bands. Therefore, it is a hypoallergenic metal that is safe to wear. Moreover, when you opt for the brushed palladium, it will offer you a smooth satin finish. It will make the metal more comforting to wear on the finger. Typically, the metals cause an allergic reaction due to the blend of other metals for the formation of ornaments. But, in palladium, the purity of the metal is precise that will prevent you from allergy while wearing.

Easy to maintain

It is needless to say that palladium is an easy-to-maintain metal. This is due to its natural brightness that does not require extra coating. In addition, this is a hard metal that is less prone to scratches and also has high dullness resistance. You can say that palladium requires less maintenance than platinum and white gold. However, the patina will develop over time, but you can refurbish it with the help of jewelers. The brushed palladium wedding bands are at lower risk of developing patina due to their luster shine and brightness. But, regular wear and scratches might arise the need to make them clean. However, with regular soap and water, you can easily clean the band. But, if it has been embedded with diamonds, it is better to get it polished by a professional jeweler.

Is palladium an expensive metal now?

Palladium is usually less costly than platinum metal. But, the graved demand for this metal has increased its price in recent times. However, this metal is used to form bands and rings. But, almost 80 percent of palladium is used to manufacture car exhaust systems. Previously, the price for palladium is considered much lower than platinum. But now, this difference in price is reduced, especially when it comes to using for wedding rings and bands. However, the prices of metals are not fixed as they vary according to demand. If the demand for palladium decreases in the future, then it could be a less expensive metal than white gold and platinum.

Customization of palladium bands

Palladium is a malleable metal that can be customized as per your requirements. However, it is a hard metal, so it might be difficult to accommodate several designs with it. But, you can embed this metal with diamonds and a satin finish. You can also use engraving on this metal to make it more appealing.

To sum up

The brushed palladium wedding bands are in huge demand. You can place an order for your special event to get high-quality, hard, and shiny pieces of jewelry. This is a rare metal, so it is wise to choose it with valuable consideration. You must visit professional jewelry stores to find the latest designs and high craftsmanship with these bands. You can get customization for the size and design to achieve your unique aesthetic goals.


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