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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a TV Mounting Service

Installing a television seems like an easy task. But before you bring out your tools, consider hiring TV wall mounting Melbourne services to do the job for you. There are many benefits to hiring professional installers, from reducing the risk of accidents and potential damage to your wall and TV to better accuracy and convenience.

What is the rate of TV ownership in Australia?

Back in 2014, an estimated nine million Aussie households owned a television. This number has since increased by 9.85 million in 2019. TV ownership in Australia including Melbourne has been on the rise since TV broadcasting was introduced to the country in 1929.

1. You might drop your TV

Today, television sets are more lightweight than the bulky sets of decades past. But bear in mind today’s TV sets are still quite hefty. If you install one on your own, even when you get the assistance of someone, you could end up dropping it. Depending on how your TV falls and how it lands, dropping your TV could result in irreparable rus escort damage.

2. You might fail to anchor your TV properly

Your TV needs to be supported by fixtures with sturdy anchors. Otherwise, the mount and the TV it holds up could eventually tear out from the wall.

But when you hire TV wall mounting Melbourne services, the technician will secure firm anchors that are rated correctly for the appliance’s weight.

Make sure your TV is installed correctly for you to maximize your enjoyment of free-to-air television in Australia.

According to a survey, 60% of Australian adults, including Melbourne residents, watch online subscription services in 2021, which is an increase of 60% from the previous year. In contrast, the survey reports that 50% of Australians watching commercial free to air television has dipped from 61% in 2020.

3. You might damage structures in your home.

If you drill holes into the walls of your home without determining the placement of electrical wirings, you could seriously damage your home or even hurt yourself.

But a handyman with an electrical background will evaluate the space where you intend to place the TV to determine how the wiring runs across. Your installer will then mount the brackets making sure to avoid the wires, thereby preventing hazards and serious injury.

4. Heavy lifting is not for everyone

State-of-the-art TV sets nowadays are sleek and thin, but they still weigh quite a lot. Check your TV’s specifications to know your unit’s exact weight. A TV can weigh over 100 pounds.

If you don’t have the equipment to carry such a heavy load, or you don’t have someone to help you, hiring a professional TV installer will keep things simple and mitigate the possibility of you hurting your back.

5. Complete the entire set-up

The TV installation process doesn’t end with your TV finally fixed to the wall. The challenge comes after. For a clean and neat look, piles of cords must be concealed. Moreover, other TV accessories such as shelves, soundbars, surround set up, devices, and cables must be configured and installed.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your newly installed TV in Australia

According to reports, 8% of millennials, including Melbourne residents in this age range, watch free to air TV, but many prefer streaming video service at 20%. On the other hand, 35% of older Australians watch free-to-air television but only 6% watch streaming videos.

6. Precision and accuracy

You want to get your TV installation done right. The final result must look even, level, and professional.

This requires using a tape measure, leveler, and paying close attention to details. Bear in mind that installing a TV is similar to putting up a picture frame. You need to check if it looks even.

Professional TV installation services will have an entire spectrum of tools and know-how needed to take care of this complicated task, so you don’t need to agonize over painstaking details.

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