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7 aspects have to consider before invest on industrial property!

One of the most common commercial property investment kinds in Malaysia is now Industrial Land especially industrial land for sale in Selangor. Here are the things to look for if you want to invest in industrial property successfully.

In Malaysia, industrial land for sale in Selangor in has grown to be one of the most sought-after investments. A few industrial possibilities are returning to Malaysia, and COVID-19 will make logistics and last-mile providers more important. As a result, more investors will consider this premium asset class for their next investment. Here are some things to consider if you wish to invest in industrial real estate:



3.Renter mix

4.Lease conditions

5.Specialised tools

6.Ratio of property to site coverage


But first, let’s address the obvious query for novice investors before we offer our advice:

What is real estate for industries?

Any property leased by manufacturers, retail wholesalers, warehouse users, and distributors is often considered to be industrial real estate.

Industrial properties can be far more complex than the naked eye lets on, even if they are dressed like a tin shed or unattractive warehouse. The industrial structure will often have nice office space adjacent, and some occupiers may even have automated technology inside their steel walls.

Over time, automation has become more significant in industrial property. For industrial landlords whose tenants have opted for robots and automation for their company operations, it has also grown to be a significant expense. Industrial real estate has become a particularly intriguing investment class as a result of this innovation.

What qualities industrial real estate investments should have

Before buying an industrial property, Properties & Pathways carefully examines the following items:

1. Place

Initially, work your way down. Where and why are you going to make investments? Which state, and which capital? And in which ward?

For instance, Kuala Lumpur and Penang have blazed the way for logistics and warehousing facilities thanks to their dense populations. The Factory for Porsche Malaysia are located in Kulim , and additional significant last-mile logistics providers are establishing themselves. You might have a strong start if you can locate related industrial assets in these locations.

It is essential that the precinct you select has adequate access to main thoroughfares and transportation hubs.

Large vehicles like trucks dislike navigating narrow streets and complex CBDs. To start their lengthy drive and save transportation and freight expenses, companies need a good road to the closest motorway.

2. Industry

Your ability to choose the perfect industrial property for you depends on your understanding of the leasing industry (or specifically, your tenants).

Tenants in your preferred precinct, for instance, might prefer a low office-to-warehouse ratio. They might need high ceilings to accommodate big gantry cranes.

Tenant demand will vary depending on the precinct. Therefore, it is essential that you pay attention to these requirements before investing in an industrial property if you want your asset to appeal to the broadest portion of the renter market.

By comprehending the vacancy rates and market rents in your preferred industrial area, take into account the standard commercial property investment principles. You may determine whether a property’s asking price is reasonable or excessive by thoroughly understanding these criteria.

3. Tenancy information

Your renter should have a proven track record of performance and ideally conduct business both domestically and abroad.

Additionally, your tenant needs to be current and engaged in a booming industry sector.

Finding an industrial tenant that caters to the requirements of significant mining corporations, for instance, would be feasible given that mining is once again strong in Malaysia. In a slump in the mining industry, when firms cease investing in new equipment and instead focus on maintaining what they already have, even an industrial worker who fixes equipment for mining companies could prosper greatly.

4. Lease Term

The typical length of an industrial property lease is three to ten years, with yearly rent increases that are either fixed or based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) (perhaps, 1 per cent or 2 per cent annual increases).

The lease agreement’s main element is the rent.

You will have trouble finding a renter to lease your space if you set your property’s rent higher than the market rent in your preferred precinct. Instead, be aware of the local benchmark rents and set yours appropriately.

5. Specialized tools

You can be sure that you’ve just eliminated a significant number of candidates from your pool of potential tenants if you discover a property with specialised equipment in the midst of the lettable space, such as a cold storage facility or a sizable gantry crane. But perhaps this isn’t a bad thing.

Your property can appeal to a niche market if it has specialised equipment. Your property can be the only one with a top-notch automation facility for 20 square kilometres, making it ideal for a renter who needs such specialised machinery.

Some of the needs of businesses looking for industrial real estate are more specialised than others. If you’ve done a thorough job of market research, you’ll be able to tell whether or not the commercial property you’ve selected would whet their hunger.

6. Site and property coverage

In your search for the ideal industrial property investment, you’ll learn that tenants will favour:

  • Proximity to main thoroughfares and transportation hubs.
  • A good warehouse to hardstand ratio. Industrial real estate, often known as site coverage, typically includes a larger land component devoted to hardstand and yard area and less devoted to buildings. Common tenants like steel producers, who must store a lot of inventory and material outdoors, will often benefit from this.
  • Accessibility for huge cars and trucks.
  • Roads that are large and wide to handle heavy vehicles.
  • Height of the roof and gantry.

Make sure the design of your property meets their needs to keep tenants pleased. We cannot stress this enough: The requirements of your tenants come first.

7. Gentrification

This one returns to the original site. Your preferred precinct may be changing for a variety of reasons. It could be a former Large Format Retail (LFR) neighbourhood that is starting to house industrial assets. Large parking lots and warehouse-style structures are features of retail assets. Even others claim that LFR may have an industrial future.

Perhaps the precinct is heading in the opposite direction, away from industry and toward LFR. In the event that you own industrial property here, that might not be a bad thing. You might possess one of the few industrial properties in your precinct in a few years and be able to decide the price with a potential LFR landlord.

Research is necessary for successful industrial property.

When making an industrial real estate investment, there are several things to take into account. To give your investment the best chance of success, you must know what to look for. By undertaking slack research, you shouldn’t transform the advantages of industrial property investing into difficulties.

Alternatively, why not invest with experts in industrial real estate? To learn more about our unique investments in industrial real estate, get in contact with Industrial Malaysia.

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