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7 Best WordPress Database Optimization Tools You Should Use

The robustness of your website depends upon the robustness of its database. Its reason is that all the comments and posts are stored in the WordPress database. Some essential elements of the database are essential for the function of your website. If you remove these elements, you can crash your website. Instead of removing these elements, you should think about WordPress database optimisation.

There are lots of benefits of WordPress database optimisation.

  • You can increase the speed of your website.
  • You can provide a more efficient user experience to the customers.
  • You can get a chance to get a higher ranking in the SERP.
  • You will put less strain on your servers.

Here, we will discuss the best WordPress database optimisation tools.

Advanced Database Cleaner:

Sometimes, your website has old drafts and spam comments. You will have to delete them. When you use this WordPress database optimisation tool, it will automatically delete them. As a result, it will optimise the database and speed of your website. You can also use this tool to remove unwanted data from your website. Some website owners have to upload posts usually.

They can schedule the automatic clean-up on their websites. The webmasters can also enjoy some key features of this plugin. For example, they can use it for scheduled clean-ups. They can also use it for automatic optimisation. Webmasters can also create backups of the files by using this plugin. At last, they can also use it to remove trash posts.

WP Database Reset:

If you want to reset every part of the WordPress database with a single click, WP Database Reset is the best WordPress database optimisation tool. Sometimes, you will have to clear one or two tables. For this reason, you will have to use its separate setting. You can complete this process on a single page of this plugin. You need to type tables that you want to delete.

You can also add its security code to ensure this process as it is a lightweight and secure plugin. Using this plugin, you can reset your database using the command line. To save the users from the accidental hit of the reset option, it is offering security measures. After testing certain products, you can use this plugin to clean your database completely.


It is a multifunctional WordPress database optimisation tool. If you install this plugin on your website, you can perform various tasks. First, you can use this plugin for database clean-up. It means that you can use this plugin to remove unnecessary data. In the unnecessary data, there come comments, pingbacks and other data. If you want to defragment the MySQL database, you must press one button.

Along with performing these manual tasks, you can also use this plugin to set up some automatic tasks. For example, you can set up weekly or monthly clean-ups on your website. Using it as a WordPress database management tool, you can also use it to optimise the images.

Contact Form 7 Database Add-on:

If you want to log all contact form information of your website on a single page, it is the best WordPress database optimisation tool. You can freely download this plugin. If you want to use some essential add-ons like exporting PDF files and popup messages, you will have to go for its premium plan. If you want to install it easily on your website, you should directly install it from Contact Form 7.

After installing this plugin, you don’t need to make any changes. Its reason is that it can automatically create the database. After exporting all the messages, you should try to put these messages in different forms. Due to its lightweight, it will not create any problem with the speed of your website.


According to a dissertation help firm, you can efficiently optimise the databases by using this WordPress database optimisation tool. Using this plugin, you can easily complete the repairing and optimising processes. After installing this plugin, you can also use it to run the database queries. In some cases, you want to automate the database optimisation process.

Under such a situation, you can set automate a process on this tool. There are lots of key features of this tool. For example, you can use this tool for automatic task scheduling. You can also use this tool to run the selected queries. It is also the best tool that you can use to repair databases. While using this tool, you can also select the number of backup files.

Participants Database:

When installing this WordPress database optimisation tool, you can set up separate parts for your website. You can set up these separate parts for the contacts and visitors etc. Moreover, you can also list the users in these parts. You can also get an option to import the contacts with the CSV file. After making these changes, you can store any information in the database. If you want to manage the database from the dashboard, you can create a separate interface for it. It is also allowing the users to use shortcodes. Using these shortcodes, you can display the list of contacts on your website.

Better Search Replace:

If you are looking for a fermium WordPress database optimisation tool to make changes in the database content, it is the best tool for you. It will also prove helpful to you when you will move your website to a new domain. Using this WordPress plugin can also replace the text snippets on the entire website. It is also the best tool to serialise the tables on your website.

In some cases, you can also use this plugin to select specific tables on your website. It also offers an option of ‘Dry Run’ to the users. You can test a specific query before executing it on your website by using this option. While using this tool to optimise the database, you don’t require access to the server requirements. It shows support for multiple languages.

The above mentioned are the best WordPress Database optimisation tools that you can use to make your website more robust and user friendly.

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