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8 Reasons for Buying Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are now one of the most popular window treatment options around. They’ve become particularly well-known for their customizability and affordability, but there are plenty of other reasons panel blinds should be an attractive option for you too. Here are our top 8 reasons for buying panel blinds:

1. Help You Save Space

A lot of homeowners opt for vertical blinds because they’re classic and functional. However, what you might not know is that vertical blinds often eat up more space than they need to! The slats on vertical blinds open vertically instead of horizontally as traditional window shades or curtains do. This means that your windows will take up much more space than necessary if you go with vertical blinds.

Panel blinds, on the other hand, use a much more space-efficient design. They can hang from a solid surface – whether that be the wall itself or a track mounted to the wall – instead of directly affixed to your window frame. This means you end up with a lot more usable space in your room!

2. Stylish Window Treatment

Because panel blinds are hung from above instead of attached to the side of your window frame like the traditional vertical blind, they let you show off your window in all its half-circle glory! This sleek and simple appearance is very appealing and lends itself well to modern homes.

3. Offer Customizability

Panel blinds are a great choice for homeowners who want to draw attention to certain windows in their home or showcase some of their favorite possessions. You can choose from a variety of fabrics when you buy panel blinds, and this means that they will blend seamlessly with your taste and design preferences!

4. Efficient

One of the most common detriments to keeping your house cool in the summer is window draft. This annoying phenomenon occurs when cold air comes into contact with your floor or furniture, causing it to become cold. And the only way to stop it? Close your curtains!

Unfortunately, closing your curtains isn’t always an option in warmer months because even though you’ll stop the draft, you’ll also stop all the airflow and light from coming into your house. With panel blind, you can keep your windows open and still keep yourself and your floor warm.

5. Easy to Clean

Cleaning your window treatments can be a pain, but if you choose panel blinds, this won’t be an issue at all! This is because panel blinds are made using fabrics that are easy to clean with simple soap and water (or Windex). So when it comes time for spring cleaning or just regular dusting, simply wipe down your panel blind with some simple household cleaners – no dry-cleaning or special treatment required!

6. Can Match Any Room’s Decor

Panel blinds come in a variety of styles and designs, but the most popular type is a simple vertical style that features soft fabrics for a stylish look. Because they’re so versatile, panel blinds can easily fit into any room’s decor – especially modern homes!

7. Inexpensive

Panel blinds are one of those window treatments that give you more bang for your buck over time because they don’t need to be replaced as often as other window treatments do. This is because panel blind are very durable thanks to their sturdy construction and require little upkeep thanks to their easy-to-clean fabric design.

8. Offer Privacy

One of the main selling points of blinds is how privacy-oriented they are. Vertical blinds can be covered up from the top to let in just a sliver of light, while roller blinds have tiny slats that allow for privacy but still lets natural light into your room. Panel blind add another option to this mix because when hung perpendicular to the window frame, the panel blind provide even more privacy than a standard vertical blind! And with panel blinds’ easy-to-clean fabrics and stylish look, there’s no reason not to opt for them over their cheaper counterparts!

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