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9 Rules for Learning English Grammar

Most likely, trying to learn all the English tenses at once, you will look at the full table and, seeing the abundance of grammatical constructions, put an end to learning the language – once and for all. However, this is far from the best approach. Several life hacks will help you quickly and painlessly get on the path of learning grammar and, as a result, more beautiful speech.

Start with the simplest.

Climbing to the top of language proficiency can be compared to a ladder. On the steps of which there are various grammatical constructions, from the simplest to the most complex. Of course, you will not be able to jump to the tenth step if you have not already crossed the first! Don’t try to learn everything at once. Do it gradually, and luck will surely smile at ataşehir escort you.

Start with Present Simple, master it while studying elementary verbs (if you are learning a language from scratch), then move on to Present Continuous, and so on.

Don’t skimp on explanations.

Grammar structures should be used as consciously as possible. You should know that Present Simple is used to describing habits and regular actions. And Present Continuous is used to describe an action that is happening at the moment of speech. All textbooks give these explanations: by studying and memorizing them, you will understand when and what to use.

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By the way, learning grammar from textbooks of your level is much easier than finding a rule of use on the Internet. Curricula give the rules gradually, returning to them with each new level and adding any new information.

Learn the formulas.

Each grammatical structure of the English language is built according to a specific formula: teachers often give them symbolically. Having learned the formula for the formation of tenses and understanding in what cases they are used, you will already have some grammatical base. After that, it remains only to deepen your knowledge. For those who have a visual memory, this is even easier: just visualize the rule by drawing it or placing it on a table – and remember!

You can use mind maps. It is advisable to draw by hand, as mechanical memory will work. Position the sheet horizontally: this arrangement helps to better remember the rule. At work, it is better to use different colors so that nothing mixes and does not merge. For example, put the word “Present” in the center and make several branches: “Simple”, “Continuous” and “Perfect”. Briefly explain the rule, give some examples.

Use pictures, stickers, stickers – everything that will help you remember this or that rule better. For example, mind maps are often used to study phrasal verbs.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Not always the explanation given in the textbook can completely shed light on the rule being studied: and if this happened, there is nothing wrong with asking a question. Whether it’s a teacher or just a forum on the Internet – it doesn’t matter, you have to fight to understand the structure to the end to use it correctly in the future.

Solve problems as they come up.

If you learn English not only from a textbook, but also regularly read books and watch movies. Sooner or later you will start to stumble upon structures that are unfamiliar to you. Do not be lazy and look for information about it on the Internet: when it is used, and how. If there is an opportunity to ask a knowledgeable person, write out an incomprehensible sentence and show it to him.

Don’t skimp on the practice!

Memorizing grammatical constructions can be very interesting, but useless if you don’t practice them. In the end, it’s not even interesting. Practice can work wonders: after a long period of practice, the grammar will solve itself. One day you will not have to think about anything, and you will be able to speak English fluently in different structures!

Practice means everything: both the independent use of the rule, and the search for it in the text – printed or recorded on audio. For example, if you can’t remember how and when to use articles, read the rule, and then find examples of its use – say, three examples from films, songs, articles. Write them down in a notebook, on stickers – anywhere, to better remember and regularly see in front of you.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

There are no stupid mistakes, just as there are no stupid questions for a person motivated to learn English. Make a mistake, figure it out, remember – move on!

Rely only on yourself.

Some wonderful teachers will treat all your mistakes with angelic patience. But this does not mean that they need to be made endlessly. When you learn how to get out of your comfort zone and begin to practice English outside of class. No matter how much you make mistakes in the process, your knowledge will become deeper and more fundamental. Your level determines only your willingness to practice and the time dedicated to it, and nothing more!

Check yourself.

There are many sites on the Internet that allow you to find out your level of English for free – or just to test your knowledge. From time to time, refer to them so that the learned rules do not gather dust without work. This will allow you to remember what you have learned and to understand what you should pay more attention to in the further study of the language – or what should be repeated.

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