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9 Spices That Make Your Food Last Longer

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If you buy seasoning items from wholesale bulk spice suppliers, it will make your cuisines flavourful. In addition, you can find a spice cabinet in every pantry worldwide. 

Whether you are starting to fill up this seasoning items cabinet, you will require vital herbs. Inside the cabinet, you will find the traditional herbs used in recipes that make meals last longer.

For example, the spices like black pepper, cumin, bay leaves, salt, flakes, etc. These seasoning items allow people to flavour their food based on their preferences. 

However, they add more complexity and variation to a dish that would otherwise fall flat. In addition to flavouring food, compounds in herbs can increase the longevity of food storage.

So, we will discuss the essential spices that make recipes flavourful and help different foods last longer.

List Of Spices That Makes Recipes Delicious

  • Curry Powder

Perhaps it is the most popular and numerous times selling spices from wholesale bulk spices suppliers globally. Curry powder is the blend of seasoning items used to make a basic curry. 

However, there is no dedicated recipe for preparing curry powder. But, primarily, it has a powder of specific herbs like cumin, turmeric, ginger, curry leaves, and chilli. In addition, the chefs can select it to make their homemade curry powder related recipes easily.

Moreover, the curry powder has a hot and spicy taste. Indeed, the curry powder is added directly or sprinkled over the dish or food items. Instead, it gives the best result when sauteed with other ingredients in oil to remove its solid raw smell.  

You can utilize this seasoning item to make curries, marinades or stir-fries. Also, it complements best with whole herbs like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and bay leaves. 

Furthermore, it is widely used with meat, legumes, vegetables, rice, and noodles. 

  • Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are an aromatic herb that you can get from the Indian spices manufacturer worldwide. In addition, it contains a woody aroma and adds an extra flavour to various cuisines. 

However, the dried bay leaves are used in soups, stews, long-simmered dishes, meat, and vegetable dishes. Indeed, most dishes require one to two dried bay leaves since using many can cause the meals to become bitter.

Therefore, you should remove them from the food items before eating. However, this bay leaf bears a resemblance to fresh basil in flavour. Also, it is an essential dried herb to have in your spice cabinet. 

Furthermore, this seasoning item is greatly added to flavour soups and tomato sauces. 

  • Black Pepper

Black pepper has antifungal, antimicrobial, and prebiotic properties and is a fantastic seasoning item to add to preserve foods. Unfortunately, existing food preservation calls are harsh chemicals and additives that everyone avoids ingesting.

You can find black pepper primarily in preserving pickles, jams, candies, etc. However, add whole peppercorns to pickles while adding ground black pepper to preserves and jams.

Doing this will extend the shelf life of your food up to certain months when the preserving seal is broken. In addition, black pepper will help preserve; it also adds numerous health benefits to preserved foods.

  • Cumin

Cumin is a member of the parsley family and a tiny seed referred to as the spice of the ancients. Like salt, cumin has been utilized as a food preservative for centuries. 

Moreover, it possesses antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that help maintain stable food preservation. However, ancient Egyptians used cumin in the mummification process like honey in past years.

Nowadays, cumin will get mixed with sugar and salt to help preserve. Hence, it can extend food items shelf-life by two weeks or two years, depending upon its usage.

  • Coriander

We know that fresh herbs always enhance the flavour of any dish, which is valid with coriander leaves. Indeed, adding fresh coriander leaves as a garnish towards the end enhances the flavour significantly. 

However, these herbs are used in assorted chutneys and the most famous green chutney for chaat. In addition, coriander powder is the ground form of dried coriander seeds. 

In Indian kitchens, you will find both coriander seeds and coriander powder to flavour dishes. For example, you can use coriander seeds while making fresh sambar masala or garam masala. 

Moreover, coriander powder comes in handy for all Indian gravies and curries.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary extract is one of the primary food preservatives utilized in various countries. But instead, it is known as the alternative preservative to chemicals and has loads of antioxidant-rich compounds.

However, rosemary contains carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid, which helps delay the oxidation of fats. In addition, this seasoning item will stop any microorganisms from spreading. 

Instead, rosemary extract works well in homemade dried sausages and also be used in canned and preserved salad dressings. Doing this correctly will extend the shelf life of canned items for up to six months.

  • Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a seed kernel utilized to flavour sweet and savoury dishes widely used worldwide. In addition, it is a delicate seasoning item with a strong flavour. Moreover, nutmegs have a sweet-scented and spicy taste.

The whole seed form of nutmeg is a popular seasoning item and is used as a flavouring agent. In addition, you can freshly grate nutmeg with the help of a grater into the dish. Also, it can be utilized to enhance the flavour of meat dishes delicately.

Furthermore, you can combine it with sweet or root vegetables like turnips, carrots, potatoes, etc. Finally, nutmegs will mix well with dairy products like cheese sauce for pasta.

Additionally, they are added to many desserts like apple or pumpkin pie, custard, rice pudding, and many more dishes. Moreover, you can add nutmeg to other warm and sweet herbs like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.

  • Cardamom

Cardamom is the queen of seasoning items due to its high price and aromatic properties. Primarily, it is a flower bud and is popularly used in multiple cuisines. Moreover, it is sweet, and you can use it in whole, crushed or powder form.

In addition, green cardamom pods are consumed in curry, rice, or to flavour coffee in Arabic style. However, you can also utilize this seasoning item to make savoury and sweet dishes. 

For an extra flavour and unique aroma, you have to sprinkle it on the dish. In addition, the green cardamoms best suit almost any vegetable or meat. Furthermore, this aromatic herb is excellent for flavouring dairy-based desserts. 

  • Mustard

Mustard is a spicy ingredient that fights against harmful bacteria when added to dishes. In addition, you can purchase this pungent herb from wholesale bulk indian spices manufacturers across the globe.

According to specific tests and analyses, mustard seed waste can be used as a food preservative. In the past, mustard seed waste was seen as a low-value waste item and was disposed of instantly.

However, you can utilize this waste of mustard seeds as a food preservative and achieve positive effects. Indeed, the antibacterial impact on food preservation was positive, and research shows that mustard seeds are helpful.

Instead, this seasoning item helps in food preservation. Additionally, you can use this herb, which will add about one to two weeks to the food item shelf-life.

Which spices are used as food preservatives

Apart from delicious taste and flavour, spices are used as food preservatives due to their therapeutic properties. For instance, herbs and seasoning items like black pepper, cumin, and mustard seeds are utilized as food preservatives. Moreover, they contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components that help to preserve food naturally for a long time.


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