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A big problem FC Chelsea is facing.

What’s wrong with “Three” branding logo on Chelsea Jerseys?

What is happening with the Football Club Chelsea.

What’s wrong with “Three” branding logo on Chelsea Jerseys? What is this company doing with the FC Chelsea?

Football Club Chelsea is the known and established football club. The team is having sponsored logos of mobile operators from a while. Similarly they are also wearing logo of Three.  But suddenly, there is a big issue regarding to chelsea jersey. That would be not good for Chelsea team onwards.

Three is a United Kingdom based company. That deals with the sales and management of Mobile accessories of Mobile Phone. Like Sim operators, broadband, 5g mobiles and broadband, home and business broadband and many more. They also deliver their products on cash, bank transfer and installment processes.

Therefore with this telecommunication company and Chelsea is following the consistency of the tradition. To wear sponsored logo of mobile phone operators. But there is something that make it to stand out and to set a big problem for the team.

Three has put the partnership on hold. By ignoring and freezing of the standards and the restrictions set by owner Roman Abramovich’s assets.

Which were restricts them to the Blues to be replaced under the strict instructions.

What is Chelsea gonna do

The Company was continuing, Chelsea to wear Three Sponsored logo on the Blue Chelsea Jersey even after despite halting of the company partner owner Roman Abramovich. Therefore the telecommunication giant company “Three” have to turn down the contract with the Chelsea by forcing them to remove their logo from the shirts as soon as possible.

They have earlier made the deal with the Chelsea Football club of about £40million-a-year, and on the same day the Business partner of “Three” was sanctioned three weeks age and asked their branding to be removed form Chelsea blue shirts.

But the request to remove the logo was not proved straightforward, as the special government license terms and conditions applied to the kit suppliers Nike, so they are not permitted to provide them new shirts and Chelsea jersey.

How many times they worn the “Three” branding Chelsea Jerseys on Blue Shirts

Chelsea’s players have already worn the shirts with the branding of Three in four of the matches since Abramovich was sanctioned the deal with the Football Club on their Chelsea jersey, and this team was spending the international break attempting to resolve the impasse.

The Sportsmail has learned that the company have rejected all of the solutions that could be done instead of removing the logo, and furthermore the government have also refused to permit Nike a license to supply more Chelsea jersey to the team. What would Chelsea do now? Chelsea will now be continuing the matches in their usual home kits, Until the Brentford visits Stamford Bridges on the Saturday and do something for the team.

Solutions that are rejected on the spot

It is too messy to use white spray paint on the logo therefore it was rejected on the spot. Covering the logo with tape was also discounted, on the ground thin layer of the tape would be see through, while the use of thick layer would not be good for players as it would make the shirts heavy, and unfortunately become potentially uncomfortable for players.

Chelsea Jersey sleeves have a sponsored logo of Hyundai had also followed Three, by suspending the marketing activities on behalf of the football club two days later, but they did not asked for their logo to be remove form the Chelsea Jersey.

Three had been informed about of that Chelsea’s decision about the Chelsea Jersey and are resigned to continuing with the club association. The only scene in which the situation could change before is if the targeted sale is completed. Which would make it easier to get a special government license and more shirts to be provided to the team.

Although with Football club Chelsea in the new ownership the sponsored company would be resuming with their partnership in any case.

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