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A complete guide for binary options trading in Canada

Canada is a country in North America, the second-largest country in the world after Russia. Canada is on the list of the top 10 countries which contribute to the world economy. There are many FAQs, such as can I use a pocket option in us? Or Are binary options trading legal in Canada? In this article, we will share a complete guide for binary options trading in Canada. So, let’s get started!

Canada has a GDP of $1.64 trillion in USD. The U.S., China, and the U.K. are the largest trading partners of Canada. Even after all this, the Binary options trading is in the gray area. They don’t have any list of official brokers in Canada.

It is illegal for the broker to operate this trading platform inside the country. And if you want to trade in these options, you must use an offshore broker to trade. The offshore broker term is for the broker who uses the services of a bank outside of their home country for trading or investing purposes.

Point to be kept in mind while selecting Offshore Broker

  • As your broker will be outside the country, ensure they provide you with all necessary educational resources and tools about the platform.
  • Also, check whether they are available 24/7 to solve your query.
  • Make sure the platform you are using must have a user-friendly interface.
  • Ensure the broker website is compatible with any device.
  • Also, check the mode of deposit they offer.

These are the elements you must consider while choosing your offshore broker. Picking up the right offshore broker is very important for binary trading. You must be aware of the risk trading platform involved. Trading in the binary option is not easy – you should trade under the observation of professionals.

Once you are finished with the setup process of your new broker account, you must get deep knowledge of the tool with the educational resources that have been provided because it is a necessary step to study your platform well. It helps you to eliminate or reduce the risk of financial loss. After this process, you have to think about the money to invest in the binary option. Always invest the money that you can manage to lose.

Is it necessary to pay tax on the income generated through Binary options?

Yes, as a Canadian, you have to pay tax on the profits generated through binary options. For that, you have to report to them about the profit you make and the losses you take into account. You have to keep a record of every binary options activity.

Your small mistakes in the record can lead you to serious legal trouble. If you are starting with the binary options, keep your papers up to date. Also, if you are facing any difficulties or you are unsure about submitting reports, take a piece of advice from a trusted professional accountant.


It is still not clear whether the Binary option is legal or not in Canada. They have not given any official statement about it. Let’s hope for good shortly. However, you can do trading from different countries by opening a bank account.

But, collect all the information before starting trading as every country has its rules, and one must need to understand them before taking any further steps.

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