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Amy Manson and Bensu Soral Net worth, Career and Lifestyle

Amy Manson


It wasn’t until she moved to England that Amy Manson started to become popular. In her portrayal of Princess Merida, the star did not lose sight of her roots and became a living embodiment of the character.

Early life and adolescence

Amy Manson was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on September 9, 1985. Ayles and James were the girl’s siblings.

Amy was an avid netball player as a teenager, and she aspired to be an athlete in the future. After that, she became enamored with acting and decided to forego her training in order to attend Saturday’s Stage Coach theatre school. She moved to London when she was 17 years old and enrolled in the Royal College of Stage Speech and Drama Development. Her goal was to become a professional actor. She has a net worth of 10 million dollars.

Amy Manson’s Weight and Height

Amy Manson is a well-known and well-known 5 ft 7 in or 1.70 m in height and 119.2 lb or 58 kg in weight.

A 7 in shoes, a 6 in clothing (US). 

Eye Color and Hair Color are both brown, with a passion for hair color and often sporting various hues.

Private sphere

The celebrity met actor Ben Turner in Bristol in 2008, and they began dating soon after. They announced their split three years later, citing the fact that they couldn’t see each other because of their work on the set. No further details about Manson’s personal life are known.

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In her spare time, the actress prefers cardio workouts and endurance-building exercises. Cycling through the countryside of Scotland is a woman’s mode of transportation when she visits her home country. Amy, who is 169 centimeters tall and weighs 58 kilograms, benefits from the hobby by staying in shape. Despite this, pictures of the artist in a bathing suit are rare. 


In an episode of “Pure English Murder,” she portrayed Martin McKenzie, a character in the detective series. Even though the role didn’t make the girl famous, it did provide her with experience that came in handy later on in the production.

Amy wasn’t in high demand at the beginning of her career, but she kept going to auditions and soon her filmography was filled with roles in shows like “My Family” and “Torchwood.””” In horror films, Manson made his name. Jody’s lover summoned the pumpkinhead monster to avenge his sister’s death in “Services of the Underworld – 2: Vendetta,” In the thriller “Killer Monkey,” she played Amy Armstrong.

Desperate Romantics, a television series that chronicles the lives of Pre-Raphaelite artists, soon had the girl in its cast. Dante’s lover Gabriel Rossetti was portrayed by Manson as Elizabeth Siddal, a poet and model. Art experts received the project well, but it was canceled after the first season due to budget constraints.

Amy was one of the stars of Outlaws in 2011 and is the story of a group of people who left Earth to live on another planet in this sci-fi thriller. In order to avoid making the same mistakes, the heroes will have to re-learn how to survive in the wilds, and The actress portrayed fleur, Morgan.

The fantasy Atlantis

The fantasy Atlantis, based on ancient Greek mythology, was the next project in which the woman was able to participate. She took on the role of Medea in season two. Merida, the Scottish princess, was the next role for Manson, who appeared in the television series Once Upon a Time. She met Robert Carlisle on the set of T2: Trainspotting, with whom she later collaborated. 

She also appeared in The White Queen, a biopic about Elizabeth I of York, as an actor. Amy was cast as Her Majesty’s beloved maid of honor, Scottish aristocrat Catherine Gordon. The actress’s role in the television series “Legacy” was also a success.

The actress had a busy year in 2019, appearing in several films, including Rave, Run, Doom: Annihilation, and Real, and news of her appearance on The Nevers was also widely reported. Now, Manson is rewriting the rules of filmmaking; on Instagram, she posts pictures from her personal life and from the set, allowing her fans to see her successes firsthand.

Bensu Soral


Bensu Soral had no intention of tying his life to the stage, but fate had other plans. In films and television shows, the Turkish star’s bright female images easily won over viewers.

Early life and adolescence

When Bensu Soral was born, he was born under the sign of Aries. Bedirkhan Soral was born on the same day as the actress, with whom she has a close relationship. When they’re twins, they feel each other’s pain, even if they’re thousands of miles apart.

Her father owned a furniture store in the Turkish city of Inogel, where the celebrity grew up. Benz’s mother was no artist, either, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a creative individual as he grew up.

Her secondary education was completed at Anatolian High School in Istanbul, where she began performing in plays. To the best of Soral’s knowledge, she was an excellent student who, despite her lack of effort, had a pleasing physical appearance. She was more concerned about her appearance than she was about her health, so when she gained an additional 16 kilograms, she stopped eating.

Coral was able to lose weight, but her health was put at risk by the grueling diet. She was initially diagnosed with epilepsy, but it was later discovered to be a medical error. Even though the artist already had heart issues, she was recommended that she not stress over the situation and continue playing wind instruments.

Interest in Arts

As a child, the artist had a natural talent for drawing and was fascinated by art, so she decided to pursue a career in design after graduating from high school. But Bensu Hande Soral, the family’s elder sister, was already a star in her own right. Having seen her mother working long hours and frequently arriving home exhausted, the young woman vowed that she would not suffer the same fate.

Bensu was accepted to Marmara University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in graphic design. Once her sister’s new manager called and asked if she wanted to audition for the series, she agreed to do so. The first time Soral stepped foot on a film set, her life changed forever. Since then, she has become an icon for millions of people around the world. She has a net worth of  10 million dollars.

Dimensions of Bensu Soral’s Body

Soral, Bensu 5 ft 6 in or 1.70 m in height and 119.2 lb or 58 kg in weight.

A 7 in shoes, a 6 in clothing (US).

Her hair color is dark brown, and her eyes are brown, and she has a passion for hair color and is often seen sporting a variety of hues.

Private sphere

She has a successful personal life as the wife of businessman Hakan Bash. A man sent Ben a gift to show his admiration, and that’s how the two of them met. As per her sister’s advice, the artist shared a photo of the presentation on Instagram and made a note of which photo would be used in the magazine.

Soon, Bash and Soral were exchanging messages, but it took a lot of effort on Bash’s part to win over the beauty’s affections. The Four Seasons Hotel in New York City hosted its lavish nuptials in 2018. The actress claims that her husband is a supportive and loving partner in all of her endeavors. Ben must maintain his physical fitness in order to participate in commercials, so the couple has no immediate plans to start a family.


The young Turkish actress made her acting debut in the series Crossroads as Aishe. While her filmography continued to grow after that, Bensu became a household name in 2015 when she was cast as one of the main characters on Pretty Little Liars.

In a matter of weeks after filming ended, she was cast in another Turkish television series, Inside. The story centers on two brothers who were raised apart, but who later reunited as adults and decided to pursue careers in law enforcement. Bensu portrayed Melek, the daughter of a crime boss, who falls in Love with Chagatai Ulusoy’s character, one of the actor’s brothers.

After she left the show, the audience was saddened by her departure. Some people didn’t even think the writers’ original idea led to this decision. Consequently, there was speculation that the artist had left the project. Because of a disagreement with Ulus; however, Soral denied this claim in an interview.

Bensu Soral now

A coronavirus pandemic in 2020 forced the artist to miss filming and stay at home for the duration of her quarantine. Intoxicated with Love,” a film starring Bensu, Shahab Hosseini, Selma Ergech, and Hande Rachel, was also put on hold. 

To keep herself entertained during her time alone, the actress rediscovered an old passion for drawing. She painted many of the pictures that hung on the walls of the home she and her husband shared.

New projects are delighting fans as the celebrity continues to build a career in acting. She has an Instagram account where she posts photos and updates the community on current events.

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