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There are all kinds of collectors in the world of knives. Some people prefer functional knives while others prefer technical knives. Collecting knives is as noble a vocation as, say, collecting books. A knife is a symbol, a combat weapon, a survival tool, and an integral part of human history. A knife can split and cut; it can be practical or be an exquisite part of your collection.

A particular quality of the craft knife most prevalent among collectibles is its ancient proximity to a Man and the almost magical ability of this object which invests its owner with a power, interpreted both literally (physically) and psychologically ( metaphysically). Owning a beautiful knife is a passion underlying our genetic memory. What type of knife to choose? It depends on you. Over time, the knife has changed from an ordinary object to a work of art, but this has not changed its initial essence. 


People who view a knife as a practical thing tend to collect only professional items. Knife connoisseurs who prefer art knives appreciate the symbolism the knife carries with it. It’s a good strategy to apply an academic approach to your collecting hobby. Knife knives have been popular with men of war since ancient times; take, for example, the Bronze Age when Roman legionaries used knives with blades made of iron, not bronze. Such knives were expensive but very practical: a luxury knife with a strong, durable and sharp iron blade was, in a way, a mercenary badge.

I’ Iron Age is marked by Indian and Arab Damascus steel knives and gives birth to new legends. In the Middle Ages, carrying a knife was a privilege reserved for free men; slaves, captives, prisoners of war were forbidden to keep and carry knives. The trade secrets of the craftsmen forging Indian Damascus steel were confined to the caste of blacksmiths who, according to legend, were once descended from the Himalayan heights.

Damascus steel

The sword blades they created from Indian Damascus steel could easily penetrate the armor worn by the military of Alexander the Great. Later, during the Crusades, Europeans first encountered Syrian steel blades from Damascus. In the beginning, Arab blacksmiths had bought the material itself (Damascus steel) from India and only made weapons out of it. But then when they discovered the manufacturing technology. They started producing the steel that they used to produce reliably and aesthetically. admirable weapons. However, they failed to surpass the intricacies of Indian Damascus steel.

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Damascus steel is used to produce the best quality knives. They can belong to the category of practical, professional objects or, to the art knives that are so carefully kept behind showcases and cases of museum exhibitions and private collections. Knives carried by hunters, pirates, and navy seals are practical items but have their special aura when in action. Collector’s knives with practical features fall into one of the following categories: Survival knives, specifically: • Combat knife; •Hunting knife; • Hiking knife; • Military knife. Sports knives, in particular: • Throwing knives; • Knives for diving sports.


Artistic knives made by renowned craftsmen are very expensive, largely due to the personal history of each respective craftsman. Not only is the material used to create the knife valuable, but so are the embellishments and the art of the blade. The unique and inimitable way in which each article is produced is even more appreciated. Especially if the craftsman is, alas, already deceased, in which case the value of the article in question can increase considerably.

To top it off, knives are generally objects that can be admired ad infinitum. As we reveal all-new nuances specific to this object so rich in symbolism. A daily hobby that may or may not emerge as part of one’s professional activity and may begin by appreciating the strictly practical qualities of each particular knife may very well become an ardent collection of art knives, peaking in the areas to both private and sacred.


The material, the inlays, the embellishments – everything down to the box used to store and keep the knife. Each of these is significant and not coincidental at all. The custom-made knives, of which there is only one extant, live to become works of art created by their unique master and remain both physical objects and symbols of a certain school of art. Some collectors may be shocked at the idea to see someone dare to use such a masterpiece to season meat or cut twigs for a campfire. A knife, like a knife on an ornamental frame with a fixed blade, can very well be a work of art. But can the famous masterpieces of Jack Levin or Antonio Fogarizzu compete with the knives made by humble sailors, soldiers, or hunters?


Each knife is produced by a craftsman for a particular purpose. The essence of which can be summed up in one of the following: survival (any penknife belonging to a tourist or hiker). Hunting (any hunter’s knife). Combat (a military knife, etc.) or a ritual knife guarded and carried by high priests or others – each of the above categories is rooted in ancient times. A knife is not deprived of its initial symbolism – even if it is used to cut bread. 

it is still a weapon – although the artistic style of each particular knife can remind. Its owner of the original purpose for which it was designed. Knives made to order or as one-of-a-kind, self-inspired items are always special. Not all knives can turn heads. That said, survival knives may lack decorative elements but their shape can make such knives stare for hours and hours and evoke a lot of emotions. By admiring ritual knives from certain historical eras. One can see that these are not characterized by any specific art of craftsmanship. But can nonetheless impress a connoisseur of knives.

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