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As Pink As It Gets: Top 8 Pink Diamonds In The World

The mystery of pink diamonds and their rarity has been admired by jewellers for a long time. Although they have generally less intense colour than the other fancy-coloured diamonds, they’re worthy of consideration due to their breath-taking sparkles.

Unlike the colourless diamonds, the fancy-coloured ones get higher value as their colour intensifies. But of course, their final value still depends on the 4Cs and GIA’s grading system.

Going back to pink diamonds, have you ever wonder what makes them special and valuable? Have you ever heard of the most famous pink diamonds, and how do people react whenever they see them?

If you want to know these popular and expensive pink diamonds, then don’t hesitate to check the list below!

1. The Pink Legacy

The Pink Legacy diamond is vivid pink according to the grading system of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It weighs around 18.96 carats and has a rectangular shape. In addition, it was sold to Harry Winston Inc. at around 50 million dollars in November 2018.

Later on, this pink diamond was named The Winston Pink Legacy in connection to its new owner. When it was sold at Christie’s, the International Head of Jewellery said that this diamond is “as good as it gets”. What he means is that it’s almost impossible to discover a diamond the size of The Pink Legacy with its perfect colour.

You can easily see a pink diamond with a perfect pink colour with those that are less than a carat. However, this diamond is the biggest vivid pink you’ll ever see.

2. The Graff Pink Diamond

Laurence Graff bought The Graff Pink Diamond from the famous jeweller, Harry Winston, in 2010. While Winston has been keeping his collection for about 60 years, Graff had the idea of improving the quality of this diamond.

Graff bought the pink diamond, which weighs 24.78 carats, for around 29 million dollars. He then made The Graff Pink Diamond more valuable when he successfully removed the 25 natural flaws from it. From there, the diamond now weighs 23.88 carats.

3. The Sakura

The Sakura is also known as the cherry blossom diamond because of its fancy vivid purple-pink colour. It’s the largest diamond of its kind to be auctioned.

In addition, this 15.81-carat diamond is said to be internally flawless. It became the most talked-about item during the auction. The pink diamond was sold for more than 29 million dollars at Christie’s.

4. The Pink Star

The Pink Star set its first public appearance, in 2003, in a ceremony in Monaco. But before that, in 1999, the Dae Beers found this pink diamond in Africa. Back then, it weighs around 132.5 carats, but after the cutting and polishing, it became 59.60 carats.

It was formerly known as the Steinmetz Pink Diamond, under The Steinmetz Group, its previous owner. This diamond is known for being the most flawless vivid pink diamond. It was sold in 2016 for 83 million dollars but the buyer withdraws their bid. As of today, The Pink Star costs around 71.2 million dollars.

5. The Unique Pink Diamond

In 2016, the Unique Pink Diamond was sold at more than 31 million dollars. It’s said to be the most expensive vivid pink diamond ever to go under the hammer.

This incredible pink diamond became the record holder of the most expensive vivid pink diamond. Before, it was the highest in rank was Sweet Josephine’s diamond which was sold for more than 28 million dollars.

6. The Perfect Pink

Do you know why it is called The Perfect Pink? It has been graded by the GIA as a Fancy Intense Pink.

This 14.23-carat pink diamond was sold for more than 23 million dollars in 2010. Additionally, during its time, there were no other pink diamonds that weigh more than 10 carats. The Perfect Pink is set on an 18-carat white and rose gold ring, with two colourless diamonds on each side.

7. The Sweet Josephine

One of the sweetest jewelry representations, The Sweet Josephine’s Diamond was named after the 7-year old daughter of Joseph Lau. It’s a 16.08-carat diamond sold in 2015 for more than 28 million dollars.

The pink diamond was classified under VVS2, which means that it’s extremely difficult for experts to see even when using a 10x magnification. In addition, the GIA graded it as Fancy Vivid Pink, which made it the largest diamond of its kind to be auctioned.

8. The Princie

About 300 years ago, The Princie was discovered in India. It was sold to its first owner in 1960, which is how it got its name. Fast forward to 2013, this Fancy Intense Pink diamond, which weighs 34.65, was sold for almost 40 million dollars.

According to experts, it’s rare for a diamond to be graded as Fancy by the GIA which makes the Princie one of them. Before the arrival of The Pink Legacy, The Princie was the most expensive pink diamond auctioned at Christie’s.

You don’t have to be extremely jealous of these pink diamonds owners. Remember, they’re buying them mostly for investments and not for fashion. You can still get yours which you can wear during the most important nights of your life.

However, if you’re interested to own one of these, surely you can! Don’t forget to share with us your favourite pink diamond by leaving a comment below!

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