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Augmented Reality for Ecommerce with Shopify AR

Shopping and eCommerce have undergone a transformation thanks to augmented reality. Brands may display their 3D models from all angles and in a variety of settings using AR and 3D. Businesses may improve their offerings and raise conversion rates with the use of AR. More than 60% of consumers prefer using augmented reality, and 46% of store owners are positive about the shift to an AR/VR resolution. Brands may remain competitive in the expanding online retail sector by using augmented reality (AR) in marketing campaigns and operational procedures. If you also want to provide a real-time experience to your customers, get Shopify development services to provide the feature of AR to your eCommerce store.

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms which has introduced its marketplace partnering with Apple’s AR Quick Look to help small businesses create 3D models of their products. We all know in this digital advanced world, users want to preview the products with AR. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss what Shopify AR is and how it is helpful for customers.

What is Shopify AR?

Shopify is a plug-in marketplace and eCommerce platform for web stores. Shopify is used by more than 1,700,000 companies worldwide at the moment. Anyone who wants to launch an eCommerce firm can do so using a variety of its tools.

To assist businesses in creating interactive AR experiences for their customers on iOS devices, Shopify has introduced Shopify AR. The goal of Shopify AR is to make things come to life in front of customers. Shoppers may quickly explore 3D models of products that can be viewed at any scale and from all angles via Safari thanks to web-powered augmented reality and mobile devices. Customers don’t need to own a separate smartphone app or headset, making this incredibly accessible.

With the power of AR, Customers can comprehend the precise scale and appearance of the objects, as well as whether they are appropriate for their occasion or surroundings, before making a purchase. Additionally advantageous to retailers is Shopify AR’s capacity to boost product page conversion rates by as much as 250 percent. Customers’ satisfaction and brand loyalty may arise as a result. So, why not hire Shopify experts to create your eCommerce store with AR functionality.

What Shopify AR Provides to Small Businesses?

A piece of software called 3D Warehouse powers Shopify AR. Signing up for the service, downloading special software, and starting to take images of the goods you want to sell will create three-dimensional renderings. The drawback is that you will need to hire the best Shopify expert to complete and install the renderings on your Shopify site. Otherwise, it has multiple benefits for the merchants and customers to provide a real-time experience.

Virtual Version of Product:

Shopify AR allows users to view a virtual representation of the product using the cameras of AR-enabled devices. Shopify offers an open-source AR framework that users may use to create custom AR experiences for their stores. The way a user looks up and evaluates products has been completely transformed by Shopify AR.

It makes buying much more convenient and aids in keeping the customer interested. To improve customer experience, Shopify AR gives small businesses additional context and customized information.

AR that is interactive:

Shopify’s interactive AR aids in deciding the timing and location of the AR sceneries. Customers find it incredibly convenient to choose when and where to deploy AR scenes. Even small firms can benefit from the enhanced product launches made possible by this interactive AR. The enhanced AR customization products will be presented as suggestions for furniture, sports equipment, and other household goods. With the help of these suggestions, the user may easily personalize their living space and interact with augmented reality. So, what are you waiting for? Avail of Shopify development services to enjoy the real-time experience of the products.


 A 360-degree view makes custom making more comfortable. The merchant can apply the images, textures, and colors to the products to increase the user’s confidence in them. Additionally, the product can be zoomed in on as features are added without any restrictions. Another tool that makes Shopify AR accessible on iOS devices is AR Quick Look.  It enables users to view products in augmented reality right from the safari browser.

Higher Conversion Rate

Shopify’s research revealed a 94 percent boost in conversion rates and a decrease in returns for goods that were promoted via augmented reality. The study confirms once more that online shops that use AR elements will attract and keep more clients. In fact, according to Deloitte’s research, 40% of consumers would be more than willing to spend more for the same goods if they use augmented reality.

Future of Shopify AR in the eCommerce Sector

For companies to build their own augmented reality (AR) experiences, Shopify AR offers an accessible toolkit. This toolkit includes a services marketplace of 3D modeling partners, the 3D Warehouse App to store your models, and a simple way to add AR Quick Look support to your store.

No doubt, customers will demand that everything be available in the store before making a significant purchase as they become more accustomed to technology. In order to keep on top of trends, now is the ideal moment to integrate AR into your Shopify store. The objective is to increase the usability and value of AR shopping experiences for the merchants’ consumers as the full potential of these experiences.

Final Thoughts

The sooner eCommerce stores see the significance of augmented reality and integrate it into their operations. The better it will be for their revenue. Augmented reality is the future of online commerce. The additional benefit of augmented reality is that it functions well on mobile devices (since they have cameras). Further helping the customers visualize the goods in your store. It also provides them the freedom to roam around and perform other tasks. So, hurry up and get Shopify development services from a well-versed agency to build an AR store for your customers to provide a real-time experience.

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