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Beautiful dogs: the 6 most beautiful and pleasant dog breeds

All beautiful dogs creatures, be they small or large, with long or short hair, it doesn’t matter. We love them all. But there are, in the world, dog breeds considered very beautiful and pleasant, due to some characteristics. Here is a small list of the 6 most beautiful dogs!

Every four-legged friend is, for us, a wonderful, tender, affectionate and perfect animal. The choice of a dog is always based on our personal tastes, we decide to take with us the little dog we like best, for its features, small face, cute ears or sweet eyes. The fact is that, without wanting to hurt anyone, there are dog breeds recognized as the most beautiful and aesthetically loved in the world. Let’s see, together, what are the beautiful dogs, in a shortlist that presents the 6 beautiful dog breeds.

The beauty of the dog.

Dog lovers see their dogs as the most beautiful of all. It is easy to fall in love with your domestic friend: the sweetness and affection that this animal shows for its human companion are some of the reasons for our adoration for him. When the dog becomes our friend and lives everyday life with us, he knows how to become part of the family, he strongly wants to be welcomed to feel loved and protected. Waking up in the morning and finding the furry dog ​​jumping on the bed, wagging his tail in search of caresses, makes our days sunnier.

Having a dog in one’s existence makes us aware that we can take care of a wonderful creature that will always follow us, day by day. We are talking about a cheerful and curious animal, with whom we can interact in any activity we offer: games, cuddles, walks, lunches together. If then, our pitbull corgi mix dog is also irresistible with his tail and those nice expressions of him, it will be an even greater joy for us to admire and pamper him more and more!

Beautiful dogs: here are the 6 beautiful breeds

Every dog ​​deserves to be loved, regardless of its appearance and breed. Today, it wants to be a simple list of dogs universally recognized as the most beautiful. A curiosity that, sooner or later, all lovers of four-legged friends ask themselves. Let’s find out together the 7 most beautiful dog breeds!


The Samoyed is a Nordic dog with an unmistakable smile. With a very white coat, like snow, he takes on a very nice expression when he smiles! Let’s read more.

This dog comes from the colder areas of Russia, is very loyal, and has a fairly calm character; polite and affectionate with his master when he feels the need. It is a very hardy furry, capable of being alone and ready for training. Its soft and warm coat cannot be resisted, hugging it can warm us pleasantly. Its bright fur and voluminous appearance make it look like a little polar bear. His dark eyes and funny smile make him a cuddly dog ​​and pleasant company.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is very well known in the world, precisely for its extraordinary beauty. It is a sensitive and sweet dog, who also loves the company of children.

With a strong appearance and a gentle face, this very faithful furry dog ​​is also used to help the disabled and in rescue. The Labrador Retriever is very affectionate and curious, always happy to learn and to be around people. Her mighty and sweet aspect of him makes him recognizable everywhere. His gorgeous and durable coat can be yellow, brown, black, a range of colors that makes him gorgeous. With a smooth and hard coat, it is very pleasant to caress. He loves to swim and play, an ideal puppy for the whole family!

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Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is famous for being a sled pull dog as well. With a docile character and a strong and muscular physique, it is the ideal companion for long journeys in the cold.

The Siberian Husky, also known for the character from the movie “Balto”, is very sociable and never aggressive towards others. This dog loves to protect children, seen by him as puppies of his pack. With a propensity for hunting and exploration, having him live in an apartment is not exactly good for him. It is a dog that loves work and movement. Defined as an elegant dog, similar to the wolf, what makes him fascinating are above all his incredible intense amber or blue eyes. Fido is gifted with great intelligence and sensitivity.


Newfoundland is believed to be one of the most intelligent and reliable dogs. Large in size, it requires a lot of attention and needs a lot of space to live peacefully.

The Newfoundland is a very sensitive, patient, and protective dog, especially towards children. This gentle giant is generally black in color and makes a fantastic rescue dog; like the Labrador, he loves swimming. Be careful not to scold him too much, he could be very upset and it will take him some time to calm down.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a dog of Chinese origin, very small and very tender. It is a sweet and affectionate breed. Although he often seems sulky, he is actually very sociable and personable!

This little puppy loves comfort and is ideal for coexistence in the apartment. The Shih Tzu also loves to walk around and have spaces of hers. The little dog is very popular for its coat, its silky coat that seems to spread to the ground. With a proud character, he is very obedient and loving with everyone.


The Dalmatian comes from Croatia, is a very famous dog for its particular black and white coat. Its delicious black spots scattered everywhere make it a unique and extraordinary specimen.

This is a medium to large dog, a true hound. It is a very sensitive and delicate dog, loved for its elegant bearing and its liveliness. Unfortunately, the Dalmatian is a delicate breed also in terms of health, it is often prone to diseases. An ideal dog for physical activity and outdoor fun!

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