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Benefits of creatine supplement

Intense Exercise Performance Improvement

To efficiently perform short, quick bursts of energy, such as running, ballistic movements, Olympic lifting, a heavy squat, and so on, our muscles rely on a chemical called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is a result of our phosphonic energy system. Creatine’s direct influence on ATP creation in our muscles can help us build more potentially accessible ATP, which can help us perform better during brief, intensive exercises and attempts.

Due to their sports’ reliance on the aerobic energy system, endurance athletes are unlikely to reap the same benefits. On the other hand, Creatine supplementation has a “cell volumizing effect,” meaning it draws more water into the muscle cells. This might result in increased muscle glycogen storage and protein synthesis over time and with moderate resistance exercise, assisting in muscular endurance and lowering protein breakdown.

Supports Muscle Dimensions and Strength

The major function of creatine as a supplement is to improve muscle growth and strength. In fact, it is the most effective vitamin available for this purpose. Prolonged supplementation helps muscle tissue development, strength, and performance by activating certain channels over time. The earliest benefits are seen as more water is drawn into the muscle cells.

A 42-day strength training program was administered to 25 male individuals (7 control, eight creatine, and ten placebo groups). At the end of the program, the control and placebo groups had no change in lean, skeletal muscle mass. The creatine group, on the other hand, gained 2.0kg (4.4lbs) in bulk.

Additionally, there is mounting evidence that creatine supplementation can help raise insulin-like growth factor 1 levels (IGF-1). As we get older and lose muscle mass, this becomes increasingly crucial. Because IGF-1 promotes the formation of lean tissues, maintaining high levels as we age may help us retain lean muscle mass, linked to long-term health and vitality.

Brain Function Enhancement

Creatine’s favorable benefits on brain function and overall neurological health have been the subject of more recent research. Your muscles aren’t the only elements of your body that use ATP. When executing complicated activities, your brain also relies on it. Supplementation can help in the generation of ATP in the brain. Creatine can also help you boost your dopamine levels and improve your mitochondrial function.

The advantages listed above can assist older persons in maintaining or improving memory recall. These advantages are especially noticeable in the elderly. This improvement in brain function may also aid in the prevention or treatment of chronic neurological illnesses. It’s uncertain if younger individuals will benefit from the same advantages. More investigation is required.

A Potential Antidote to Neurological Disease

Creatine’s potential therapeutic application for degenerative neurological illnesses has been the subject of more recent, cutting-edge research. Depleted phosphocreatine levels in the brain have been linked to neurological disorders. However, it is currently unknown whether or not using creatine supplements may effectively reduce or cure the advancement of these disorders.

In this animal study, mice with Huntington’s Disease and rats with Parkinson’s Disease were given a mixture of coenzyme Q10 and creatine. The study found that combining the two supplements had “neuroprotective” benefits on both populations of rats.


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