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The beds articulated improve the health and comfort of not only sick, but also anyone suffering back problems or problems circulatory among others.

How many times have you tried to watch TV, or read a book lying in ottoman beds stacking thousands of cushions to be as am s comfortable as possible?

The traditional beds can not distribute pressure evenly across the surface. This causes a greater strain on the heart has to work am s , to carry oxygen needed by the body.

The articulated beds promote blood circulation , and allow adjusting to the specific problems of each person.


  1. They prevent back and neck problems and improve blood circulation in the legs.
  2. They allow to regulate the inclination of the body providing greater comfort.
  3. help to improve sleep in people with diseases such as gastric reflux and like, which improve sleeping am s built.
  4. Allows you to carry out daily activities such as reading, watching TV or using the computer.
  5. For sick people or those who have to be in bed for a long time, articulated beds facilitate hygiene and feeding tasks.
  6. Provides greater independence to the patient, since they can change their position without the need for help.
  7. It enables a large number of positions and movements without hardly having to move the body.
  8. If you have a lift car , the patient will be able to get on and off the bed more easily, and the caregiver can make the bed without bending their back.

The Future l am articulated wooden ottoman beds from Pico link, has a high adaptability and a natural articulation following the line of the sleeper’s silhouette, and a lumbar area reinforced with firmness regulators.


During the night , we are not always able to maintain a correct posture on a flat surface, which increases muscle and joint tension, reducing rest.

The articulated beds adjust and adapt to different parts of the body such as the head, lower back and legs

Health Improvements

Articulated beds can provide temporary or long-term relief from the following ailments:

  1. Gastric Reflux.
  2. Lumbar pain.
  3. Arthritis.
  4. Asthma and similar respiratory problems.
  5. Swollen legs and feet.
  6. Back and neck pain.
  7. Heart problems.
  8. Tension in shoulders and necks.

The beds articulated can be individual or for 2 people, and if you need extra storage space, the ” Canapé Abatable motorized Practice 3D Spine” provides not only the advantages of a folding bed, but also ample storage and zones of differentiated break .

Why is it good to make the bed every day?

Relax your mind

One of the benefits of making your bed every day is that you’ll take great pleasure in seeing your bedroom tidy up before heading out the door. Automatically, it will help you perform better in your work, since your brain will be deeply relaxed.

Raise self-esteem

Making your bed every day has a positive impact on your self-esteem, because you will start the day with the pleasant feeling of leaving things well done.

This feeling is reinforced when you come home and feel happy to see your perfect bed.

Reduce stress

Coming home after work and finding chaos and clutter between the sheets causes your brain to receive a negative stimulus, which translates into stress.

However, when you leave the bed made, getting home will be a relaxing time.

Avoid torticollis or neck pain

Sleeping on a surface with wrinkles, arising from tangled sheets, generates pressure points in different parts of the back that can lead to contractures.

Cervicalgia, torticollis … you can even wake up dizzy or feel like you haven’t had enough sleep.

If you don’t make the bed, you can catch a cold

Spending a night continuously changing position, because the mass of sheets does not help to find the right position, it makes it impossible to achieve perfect rest. You run the risk of developing, which will lead to cooldowns.

Teach the little ones to make their beds every morning

If you order your children to start making their ottoman beds every day from a young age, they will gain autonomy, as it is the first responsibility you will give them.

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