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Best five days itinerary for Dubai – Experience luxury life on a budget


Dubai is doing extraordinary in the real estate field. It is the reason behind such ultramodern skyscrapers that will grow exponentially in the future. If you are fascinated with the luxurious life of Dubai and looking towards a perfect five itinerary for Dubai, you are at the right place. In this piece of content, we are about to discuss tips to plan your Dubai trip for five days.

Day 1 in Dubai

Start your morning with Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai. It is one of the biggest underwater theme parks. This stimulating place has more than 6500 marine animals and has the biggest water slide you will ever see.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy some serious shopping in the Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is the largest plaza in the world. You can have the best shopping experience in Dubai.

Spend your evening on the beaches of Dubai. The beaches are also ultraluxurious here. You can even get a charging spot along with some yummy food. Beaches are the most suitable places to relax for some time.

Day 2 in Dubai

Start your morning with a delicious breakfast in the hotel and travel to the tallest skyscraper in Dubai, Burj khalifa the great. This build is so high that you can see it from 97 km. Moreover, you can get the best click on the top of Burj khalifa for your Instagram escort bostancı feed.

In the evening, head to the Burj al-Arab. The boat shape building has located on Dubai’s coastline. It is the world’s first seven-start hotel and the pride of Dubai. Enjoy your dinner with comfortable services.

Day 3 in Dubai

Start off the desert safari in Dubai in the morning. You can enjoy the adventure on a sunny morning with eternal golden sand. You can not explore the desert alone, so you need to book a desert safari packages. Don’t worry about the price. You can book your safari within your means. Desert safari includes several activities like sandboarding, camel racing, etc. If you want to visit the desert at night, you can do so. Also, enjoy the hot air balloons over the desert.

In our opinion, a desert safari is an essential activity that we must include in this itinerary for Dubai.

Day 4 in Dubai

Visit Dubai Museum and explore the history and heritage of Dubai. You can get a sight of everyday life ere the development of oil in the UAE. Also, enjoy the authentic local food in Dubai.

If you are a luxury car enthusiast, you can get a car on rent with many Sports car rental Dubai at a cost-friendly price.

Day 5 in Dubai

Since your last day in Dubai, you must visit the artificial island Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. It is Dubai’s largest island. You can encounter the best day in Dubai here. You can even have a bicycle ride around the Jumeirah and eat the best food with a top-class service. And with this, your time to say bye-bye to Dubai.


We hope you will cherish these five days itinerary for Dubai. Follow this piece of advice and plan your five days tour accordingly. However, you can add other destinations to the list, but make sure you are following the plan accordingly. Lastly, enjoy your tour to the fullest and experience the luxury of Dubai.

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