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Best Gulal for Holi

How Natural Colors have become the new ritual to celebrate Holi sustainably? 

Radiant and diversity of colors in India are simply incomparable. Every festival in India is associated with an ancient belief, spectacular culture, and historical legacy. All the festivals in India bring the entire nation together, and the festive vibes make you feel at the top of the world.

India is eminent for several exciting festivals. But one of the most awaited and exciting festivals is Holi. The Holi color festival is prominent around the world. This festival indicates the beginning of the spring after a long season of winter that is symbolic of the victory of good over bad.

Holi is a festival known for unparalleled joy and captivating colors. It is the day when people embrace each other forgetting all the anger, enmity, and discrimination. From the historic era to the current time, Gulal has maintained its legacy of a colorful companion for the Holi festival.

Amidst all the happiness of the Holi festival, the usage of toxic chemicals in colors may ruin the joy. Some holi colors including Gulal Colour may contain harmful chemicals that can harm your skin and health.

The Holi Festival is connecting the current generation to the rich Indian culture and traditions

Holi is the festival that has conserved the cultural richness of India along with connecting the current generation to our impeccable etiler escort beliefs.

The connection between Holi and a wide range of vivid colors

Holi is known as a festival of colors. But, why is it celebrated using colors? A Holi color removes all the inequalities, differences, anger, and hatred. Initially, the Holi was celebrated only with the red gulal, though, in recent years numerous varieties of colors have come into existence from golden to silver, yellow to green etc. From Kerala to Kashmir, and from Assam to Gujarat the Holi color festival is celebrated with full joy and energy.

What is the meaning of different colors that are used as Holi Color?

Every color symbolizes a different meaning. We love to celebrate Holi with a variety of different colors. It is so exciting to know that every Holi color has a special meaning that enhances the joy for this special festive day.

Yellow: It indicates peace and happiness. This color is also known as the color of learning and knowledge

Purple: It indicates mystery and magic

Pink: The color of Compassion and Caring

Green: It is Nature’s color and represents the new beginning of the spring season

Blue: The color of deep oceans and endless sky

Red: The color of passion and love

This amazing variety of colors matches the different vibes and preferences of people. It upswings the euphoria of Holi’s colorful symphony.

Is the Natural Holi color regaining momentum?

Heaps of colors are used by people to celebrate the Holi. But, have you ever thought that the use of chemical colors may harm your skin and overall health? It can be the reason for skin allergies, breathing issues, irritation etc.  People have now started realizing it, this is the reason why they are gradually shifting towards the natural Holi color.

You can go for the Vegetal Lustrous Gulal that is 100% natural and free from harmful ingredients if you want to celebrate the festival with a natural Holi color.

Benefits of Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal Color

  • It is 100% natural and skin-friendly
  • Completely Herbal and 100% free from toxic chemicals
  • Various exciting and vibrant colors
  • Certified as per the Indian and International Standards for Quality
  • Reduces the air pollution as it roams less in the air
  • Easy to clean

You can find this natural Holi color online as well. It is so tender and safe for the skin, and you can enjoy the day without worrying about your skin. Your virtual search for Holi Color near me completes when you pick the Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal online. This natural gulal will make this festive day more joyous and memorable for you.

  • Don’t be harsh on your skin while removing the colors from your body. It may cause irritation or redness in the skin. If you have acne-prone skin then use antibiotic gel for washing the face.
  • Applying sunscreen before moving out on the day can be so helpful for protecting skin from UV rays.
  • It would be better to apply coconut oil or cold cream on the skin before playing colors as it would help to remove the colors easily after play.
  • It will be good to apply lip balm for protecting your lips from colors and dryness
  • Apply good quality organic moisturizer after having a bath as it will keep your skin hydrated and soft

The festival of Holi is famous around the world for its colorful vibes and emotions. We can make the day more exciting with our preferences. It will be a new beginning for a sustainable change when you would start preferring natural colors over synthetic colors.

It is time to make this Holi color festival more vibrant and spectacular by choosing the 100% Natural Vegetal Lustrous Gulal.

Chemical colors may ruin the charm of Holi

Chemical colors were not intended for human usage. But, people started using it in Holi because they are cheap in price, and sellers and buyers both found the monetary benefit in it. These unhealthy colors have several dangerous components like mica, pieces of glass, acids, alkalis, etc. These components can be a hazard for your health and skin, and you may be affected by allergies, rashes, itching, etc.

Do you know that the Gulal you are using may also have multiple harmful components like Asbestos, Silica, Mercury, Nickel, Cadmium etc that can affect your health, skin and hair? Therefore, it is better to stay distant from such components for the safety of your health and skin.

Let’s initiate to celebrate chemical-free Holi

It is the time to reignite the eternal joy by going back to the roots and restricting the intervention of chemicals in Holi. Let’s make this Holi celebration pious and joyful like the innocent smile of an infant. Organic Gulal and Herbal Holi Colour can make the Holi more entertaining and memorable. You can enjoy a chemical-free Holi by choosing the Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal.

Let’s color each other with chemical-free colors and enrich our dear ones with a perpetual smile of sustainability.


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