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Best Spy App For Android: 10 Parenting Hacks

Nobody says parenting is easy. It reaches a different level of difficulty as the kid grows. So if you are the parent of a toddler and think that things will get better with time then am afraid I have to burst this bubble for you.

It will get hard but so will you. The trick is just to prepare yourself for the upcoming hurdles and keep on working on yourself and your parenting skills. Yes as funny as it sounds but it is a lifetime process. You have to keep fighting with yourselves and all the changes in the environment to make sure you are providing the best environment and facilities to your child.

Let me explain this with an example. According to your parents, they might have been through the hardest time during your puberty. But did they have to deal with your online social media issues or did they fought with bullies who have a fake name and fake face and were nowhere to be found but still say harsh words to you every night?

Yes, that’s the harsh reality and environmental changes I was talking about. We are forced to deal with teen tantrums along with teen’s online life issues. Honestly, it is not an easy ride.

Use of Parental Control App

If you are a parent who is not that good with smart gadgets or online life but want to protect your life from all kinds of problems and want them to live a comfortable life this one is for you. Use the Ogymogy spy app for android and I am sure it will make your life so much easy and free.

Here are ten parenting hacks for all the worried and frustrated parents out there who are not so sure about how to handle the online and offline lives of today’s tech-savvy teens.

No More Worrying About Screens:

The best part about the use of the spy app is that it will make screen monitoring easy for you. You can know what your kid is up to and how much time they are spending on the screen. Moreover, all the screen activities are recorded in the form of short videos and screenshots for the user.

Check The App List:

Monitor the app installed on your teen phone and know if they are playing a weird game or porn apps.

Who Are Their Online Friends:

With the Facebook spy app, you are free to check the online friends and followers of your kid.  Everyone use Facebook and teenagers mostly use this app to make new friends on the global platform. Monitor their activities and even check the messenger as well with the best android spy app the OgyMogy.

Influencer’s Life?

If your teen is a so-called influencer on Instagram and you are unable to find the meaning behind his/her certain activities then no need to be confused anymore. Use the Instagram spy app and know why your daughter has ordered the same lipgloss shade from five different companies.

View Once Feature Is Not A Problem Anymore:

Whatsapp has recently introduced a view once feature which can be a little dangerous from a parents perspective. As the content gets disappeared from the target device it will be difficult to catch bullies or sexual offenders to confront. But, not anymore as you can keep a record of chat on the web portal with the WhatsApp spy app.

Are They Frequently Skipping School:

Track their live location at any given time and mark safe and restricted zone as well.

Watching Sexual Content To Become Cool Dude/ Gal?:

Monitor youtube streaming videos and know if they are watching sexual content or porn.

Want To Block Triggering Stuff?

The web filtering feature allows the user to block any website from the target device.

Dating The Wrong Guy or Girl?

Tinder spy app is one of the social media monitoring features offered by the OgyMogy spy app. You can watch who your teen is dating or planning to.

Are They Hiding Anything:

The text log and call log feature give the parents access to the call log and text log of the kid. You can read the text messages and know about any spam incoming calls.

Give it a try and you will certainly start enjoying parenting.

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