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Driving a truck without the trailer is known as “bobtailing” or “deadheading.” Semi-trailer owners and operators taking life-threatening trips typically require their trucking company to carry special coverage, known as Bobtail Insurance. Bobtail insurance is different from non-truckers liability insurance, although the terms are often used sefaköy escort interchangeably.

Non-Trucking Liability insurance

This is liability insurance that covers you when you use your business truck for personal use. Like using your truck to run personal errands. Since you are not driving for business reasons, there is no coverage in your trucker or business automobile liability policy.

Medical payment Insurance

Medical Payment Insurance covers medical bills for you and any passenger on the truck if you are injured in an accident or automobile-related injury.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Low-cost truck cargo insurance offers insurance for the cargo or products transported by you. Most risk managers require truckers to secure their cargo. You can meet that requirement with a low cost truck cargo insurance policy from Farmerbrown.com. This policy will provide coverage when you are responsible for covering the damage or loss of the cargo that you transport on behalf of a client. It can also cover cleaning and protecting spilled cargo. In addition, you can also get coverage to pay you the amount that you would have earned if the delivery had been completed. Get Your Truck Insurance Quote Right Now

Here are some scenarios that can happen where bobtail insurance is important:

  • After delivering a load, an accident occurs while you are on your way to pick up your next cargo trailer.
  • You are involved in an accident after leaving your home to pick up the first load of the day.
  • You are involved in an accident on the way home the day after all your deliveries have been made.

Bobtail insurance does cover physical damage to your truck as well. It is primarily used to pay legal fees, medical bills for injuries and expenses for accidents that you may cause and all the physical damage caused.

Make sure you fully understand the terms and limits of your bobtail insurance to know what is covered. You may want to add other types of trucking insurance to ensure you are fully covered.

What is the average cost of bobtail insurance?

There are a variety of factors that can affect any type of insurance.

Insurance companies will analyze your driving and claims history, how long you have been in business, how busy you are, how many trucks you own and operate, etc. You also need to consider what kind of limits you want and the overall cost of your truck insurance of each company you contact.

Most of the time, a bobtail plan will cost between $ 30 and $40 per month, but your mileage can vary.

The best bobtail insurance out there

At Strong Tie Insurance, we work hard to bring you cheap truck insurance that is reliable. If you are in situations where you need bobtail insurance, call us today for a free quote and consultation! As commercial truck insurance we can help escort sefaköy

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