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BQE Core Reviews vs Airtable Reviews: How to Make the Most of Project Management Software

BQE Core Reviews vs Airtable Reviews: How to Make the Most of Project Management Software

Remote teams cannot survive without a reliable project management tool and even now as most companies shift to a hybrid solution, they remain as important as ever. If you are using software then there are a few tips you should follow to make the most out of the features mentioned in BQE Core reviews vs Airtable reviews. Teams can manage multiple projects even with most of their resource working from home if they keep certain things in mind. 

This article highlights a few ways to increase the value of your project management solution. Although these were designed with BQE Core reviews vs Airtable reviews in mind, they can apply to almost any other similar commercial software. The best way to implement them is from the ground up, so we recommend sharing them with the staff to maximize success. Your team will be more efficient and productive when they know the full extent of the software they are using. 

How to Make the Most of Project Management Software

Only Specific Personnel Should Post 

Although all users should have the right to post on the platform, however tasks and updates related to it should only come from the task owner. A colleague adding a valuable comment or relevant feedback through comments on BQE Core is also valid. However, to avoid confusion and prevent a breakdown of the chain of command, only the person responsible for reporting the output should be creating the task. If the manager is the one creating the task, the assigned person might not have clarity regarding the deliverables.  

The staff should be accountable for their tasks and given the chance to own their work. When they are the ones creating their tasks, they will be able to grow professionally. It also shows that the company trusts them to take responsibility and work autonomously without being constantly micromanaged.  

Ask for Daily Updates 

Regular updates from all staff members should be a non-negotiable and everyone should make some sort of contribution at the end of the day. It takes a few minutes to complete the action on Airtable software and seeing the progress of each task as a percentage can help make accurate estimates when it comes to their completion dates. They can even add updates in the form of comments as long as they are doing it every day. Inconveniencing employees for a few extra minutes every day will save hours of back-and-forth over emails.  

Make the Most of Your Feed 

Every project management tool now has a dashboard and the feed shows the most recent updates made on the project. It is very useful for managers who can with a glance catch up on what everyone is up to. The BQE Core reviews vs Airtable review mention both feeds are similar to the social media home page but it sorts all posts in chronological order, starting with the newest first. Users can customize settings and choose to see updates from specific users first depending on their role and responsibilities.  

Use the Mobile App 

The mobile app is not only for field workers or those who are operating on the road. It offers a unique view of the dashboard and makes it easier for users to follow updates. The Airtable software comes with many features, functionalities, and options which can distract from the project’s progress. This is why we recommend skipping the desktop version and monitoring the feed using a phone or tablet. It is much cleaner and easier to navigate and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.  

Filter the Unnecessary 

For departments or teams who are involved in multiple projects and juggling them concurrently, the dashboard can look like a mess. Other teams or stakeholders might have a hard time navigating through it to find what they require and need access to a simplified version. When you are reading BQE Core reviews vs Airtable reviews you’ll notice both come with a filtering feature that helps sort through the list by only displaying relevant results.  

There is a button that can arrange items according to the client, project type, or status. It also filters projects according to the owner which helps those involved only see what they should be concerned with. This feature makes it easy to filter tasks as well and managers can see the responsibilities of each team member at the click of a button. This makes it easier to evaluate performances and gives those who are falling behind the push they need.  

The items can be filtered according to several different criteria and it is the user’s job to explore all the options beforehand so they are using them to their full potential.

Get Every Employee On It 

The only way to make the project management software implementation successful is to make sure everyone in the company is using it. It can only work efficiently when the entire staff is updating their tasks, providing feedback, and having access to the same productively sorted resources. If everyone is not on the same platform, then it will be difficult for them to be on the same page.  

BQE Core reviews vs Airtable reviews mention software users will not be able to relate to those who are still relying on traditional or outdated methods. It is perfectly reasonable for some employees to have reservations about a new system and be resistant to change. But proper training workshops and seminars to explain the utility that it offers can help. The only way to enjoy the full benefits that the software has to offer is through 100% adoption. This ensures that nothing is falling through the cracks and as long as employees are using the system regularly. The company will be on the growth path.  


These tips suppose to help teams become more efficient and make a bigger impact on their work. Project management software is supposed to create value for all its users by helping their businesses scale up with greater ease. They have created a system that promotes accountability and helps users prioritize their tasks based on the end goals. Project management software esenyurt escort makes it very easy for users to organize efforts and increase their output by a greater margin.  

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