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Business Ideas: Own a Crypto Exchange Stay A Step Ahead Of Investing

Business Ideas

Blockchain technology managed to make an indelible impact on the internet. Many companies are now trying to incorporate this technology into their existing infrastructure. This article will tell you about the cryptocurrency exchange, the business ideas you can build with such a platform, and a view on how to create crypto exchange software.

Overview of Blockchain

But before we do that, first, let us look at cryptocurrency and the many business ideas that helped develop. As you know, blockchain is a publicly available global database.

It allows anyone to add information and makes that information incorruptible by spreading it throughout the network. The data is distributed over a wide area, making it impossible to alter. Furthermore, it is decentralized, meaning the potential blockchain business ideas available are limitless.

It operates on a decentralized system, ensuring that no one person in the world can control it other than the owner. Also, this nature makes it nearly impossible to edit any submitted data. This feature is because, for any changes to happen, robust computing processes are required.

So what does blockchain mean to us, and how can we benefit from it? To the regular person, blockchain does not make much of a difference. However, there is an area where this technology led to numerous business ideas and software.

That area is the crypto exchange market.

Introduction to Binance

After Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies entered development. At present, there are nearly seven hundred digital currencies found on the internet. However, not all of them are popular, like PancakeSwap or Software like PancakeSwap.

Many people started thinking about how to use bitcoin in their business or something similar to that. Soon enough, there was a business idea to create an online exchange and deal with the many digital currencies available.

Though there are many exchanges found in today’s digital platform, they differ based on various factors. These factors include the currencies they can trade, their commissions, limits, etc. One of the biggest booms in the crypto world was the Binance crypto exchange market.

History of Binance

Binance was a Chinese-based company launched in the summer of 2017. The company is now led by CEO Changpeng Zhao and comprises highly experienced specialists in their industry.

Mr Zhao worked with Bloomberg and other technological giants. Thus, he was able to create a solid team to develop his business idea.

The company pitched the ICO and their token launch to start things with the crypto exchange software. They provided their initial information through the whitepaper before reaching their fundraising goal by the middle of September. They raised millions from venture capitalists in the financing round.

Soon enough, Binance launched the BNB or Binance coin, with a limit of 200MM. Owners could also use the currency within the company or for internal service purchases. The company also stated they would buy half the issued tokens back and destroy them. The ICO finished the rounds and showcased an impressive number of more than forty thousand token holders.

Steps To Build A Crypto Exchange Like Uniswap

When done right, a crypto exchange market can be a highly profitable venture. There are many exchange platforms, but the quality of these platforms remains in question. The coins were boosted to incredibly high levels because there is no governance over the crypto exchange rates. However, there is no way of knowing if they will remain there. In this way, Crypto exchange software like Uniswap will be equipped with more potential to outdo the competition.

Now, time to look at the steps involved when developing crypto exchange software.


  The interface of the exchange is the first thing to attract the client when they start using the app. It is essential to follow the best design practices and account for product requirements. That way, the result will combine both beauty and usability in an appealing design.

You can use a wireframe to develop the software or develop a prototype.

Client-side Development

The web part of the app has client-side logic. It is based on the wireframe or prototype developed in step one. Front-end developers make the design work through HTML, CSS, markups and JavaScript programming languages. These languages include React.js, Vue.js and Angular.js frameworks.


APIs are just a piece of code or a software interface that helps establish communication between two different products. Establishing a connection between a server and the Front end is one good example. The functions of API include,  

  •       New user authentication and authorization
  •       Server-side admin panel
  •       Newsletter
  •       Crypto bets and user deals
  •       API used and monitored by third-party organizations


This section deals with the processing and data storage trades between users. Using blockchain also ensures that any change in the data is nearly impossible.


Testing remains a vitally necessary part of any modern app development phase. This phase is crucial as it showcases and removes any bugs found within the software and the UI. Testing also ensures the final product is error-free at launch.


The app must remain adequately secured against any hacks and data leaks. Security protects the sensitive user information stored in the database. Encrypted data exchange comes about with the new SHA-256 algorithm, which is impossible to hack at present. The algorithm generates a unique signature that changes every time the initial message changes. It enables checking if the sent signature matches the received one and to find out if the data was edited.

Closing Thoughts

The popularity of crypto exchanges all over the world right now warrants why more people are getting into this system. Digital currency exchange provides ample opportunities for people to get familiar with the market and people with a good knowledge of the industry. Creating a crypto exchange software for your company can potentially provide a lot of profit in the short term.

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