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Can Higher Education Create a New World?

Higher Education Create a New World

Higher Education Create a New World

Artificial intelligence looms large like an eclipse for those working in education. If holograms replace the professors and bots, the administrators, where will professors like us lie? What will we do for work?  Is it a change for good? Can we stop its headway? Where do we want higher education to head? – if these are your fears, don’t let them seed your head with worries. Digitalization in academics ties the students, teachers and administrators in one string with an improved experience.

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The world now we live in lives at the moment.students want their queries to be solved with a gallon of information. It is the reason tertiary academic help services have developed. For example, students want Biology Homework Help from experts; these services provide them with a solution in minutes. Now, they have similar expectations from their educational environment as well.

To cater for these demands, several universities around the globe have developed various educational tools instilled with ai to offer immediate student support 24×7. It aims to bring a revolution to the learning experience and environment for the students.

A Range of Tools At Your Disposal

This educational platform aims to allow students to keep in touch with the lecturers via convenient user interfaces. Digital assistants can push forward one-on-one learning and develop tailor-made educational programs. Participants can download the chatbots in mobile applications and use text or voice conversation to interact for an enhanced experience.

The app may alarm them of the nearing deadline, calculate the attendance and assess students’ level of performance. Even students can be informed of their GPA, scheduled classes, and direction to reach their college or university classes with various tools.

However, if students ask, “Nina, please do my biology homework for me,” they won’t get a reply. It means the applications will help students perform better but not perform for them.

AI Is a Game Changer for Education 

Education will roll but never stand still in this new era of technology. Students’ interaction can only make the college or university artificial intelligence program more innovative and valuable. Thus, the developed integrated system should increase student participation counts and ultimately enhance the consistency of education provision.

Now, when 7-9% of college essay help for students suffer from depression, and 60%, from anxiety disorders, artificial intelligence can be a messiah to reduce students’ stress and welcome highly developed and modern learning practices as a part of their skill enhancement program. In addition, technology can track a student’s activities limited to their academics, like time to complete a specific text, module, or academic program.

With a myriad of assistive services at students’ fingertips, the possibility for enhanced student’s performance increases. AI can help reduce stress for students, allowing them to develop modern study practices and skills as part of a new form of learning. Technology can effectively track the student’s activities in terms of how long it takes for them to progress through a particular text, module, or course.

AI-based educational platforms

With many support services at their fingertips, there is more potential for enhanced student performance since AI-based educational platforms are available closely beyond the university or business school campus. For example, if a student can’t have access to education, artificial intelligence provides distance learning. In addition, it brings flexibility to those with family or work commitments.

You might think that AI is all for students. AI can work wonders taking off and automating the mundane administrative works (including marking or data analysis) of the professor’s shoulder and allowing them to concentrate solely on the student’s improvement.

Lecturers can become more productive with the assistance of AI and centre their attention on creative or academic pursuits. The freer the educators are from the administrative pressure, the more educators can be recruited and retained. Opposed to the initial perspective on AI, it offers a comprehensive insight into the educational process and helps improve the areas of attention. An ideal work environment sought after artificial intelligence. However, what more it brings to the table is yet to be seen.

The Smart Campus 

The intelligent future is already here. The task is to strengthen technology to be managed more efficiently and quickly, thereby making the students, professors, and administrators – the primary stakeholder’s lives more fulfilling and less stressful. The advancement of artificial intelligence will increase the range of services offered to the participants. Now it has reached a state to provide various services, including financial assistance to students.

Privacy, Ethics, And Data Protection

Artificial intelligence is not all about the sparkly students and alumni assistants; it also has dark sides. It has some significant risks and hazards. As ai systems evolve, they can produce a substantial quantity of data. But, is there a need to collect each data from the student’s whereabouts. Universities don’t need to surveillance students’ life with ai. The information they collect must be with the student’s consent. They must have the right to share the information they want and comfortable sharing.

The other concern is who owns the collected data and how and where will it be applied? If the academic institutions can’t take responsibility to hold the data, then it is on the shoulder of the students. If this is a “brave the world” concept, then students must have access to the data every time and all the time. They must recognise artificial intelligence and learn to use it efficiently to make the most of it. If students are conversant with the technology, they can screen their performance as they make their way through the academic program.

However, monitoring or screening brings forth the issues related to privacy and ethics. The code of ethics must be embedded into the DNA of the system from the time of its inception. Students and academic institutions must develop and adhere to the ethical principles regarding the collection, purpose, and data collection processing. The embedded value system must be based on societal morals. The result must be such that it must help students attain higher attainments.

Wrapping Up

No one should come on the road to technological progress in academics. Technology can’t replace an educator’s response to students’ queries. Artificial intelligence can never replace the bonuses of excellent academic communication skills; neither can it build that form of interpersonal relationship.

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