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Cloud Hosting India: Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Migrate Now

Cloud Hosting India

Cloud service is the new normal in today’s business world, and it’s because of the several benefits it offers. It offers a cost-effective and convenient way to store company data, ensures high security, flexibility, and much more. In recent years, more companies have been moving their work processes to the cloud. Why? Because this technology has several benefits for both clients and businesses. With the ongoing digital transformation, businesses of all sizes and industries are switching to cloud hosting in India and contemplating its implementation. 

There are many reasons why companies are moving from on-premises hardware to the cloud. To help you understand the pro’s and con’s of cloud technology, we have created a list of top reasons that will convince you to move from already established methods to cloud solutions. If you’re concerned about whether moving to the cloud will benefit your business or not, then continue reading the blog to find out the answer. But first, let us give you a brief idea of cloud migration and why it’s becoming the newest trend. So, let’s get started!

What is Cloud Migration?

As the name suggests, cloud migration is a collection of services designed to help you move from one data center to another or from on-premises hardware to the off-premises data center. A cloud migration strategy involves moving applications, data, and computing resources from one site to another. 

Moving your operations into the cloud isn’t as easy as many would like to believe. There are some steps you need to take before and after the actual migration. One of the first issues is figuring out what data to migrate and what not to move. You might come across questions like why should I migrate to cloud hosting in India? How is it beneficial for my business? Which is the best cloud service provider in India? If you think about the same, check out the top reasons listed below, stating that now is the right for cloud migration. 

Top 5 Reasons Supporting Businesses Should Switch to Cloud Hosting in India 

There are numerous reasons why moving your operations to the cloud is appealing. However, many organisations, including small businesses, are still reluctant to make the jump. Understanding why organizations transfer their data to the cloud can help determine if it’s right for your business. So, let’s find out the answers!

1.) Cost Reduction

Maintaining a data center can be expensive and power-consuming, especially for small businesses. The most significant pain point is the need to upgrade your hardware for scalability regularly. If you’re looking to scale up, purchasing new and expensive hardware and network equipment is not a viable option. It also requires hiring networking and system administration personnel and making at least one or two more database administrators on board. You may need to set up backup servers, which will cost you additional money and time on maintenance and taking care of the physical aspects of these devices.

If you have moved to cloud hosting services, you can scale out or upscale as needed without paying for expensive hardware, which may lie unused half the time.

2.) Improved Scalability 

Are you tired of scaling your server hardware every time there is a spike in traffic? It’s a common concern with on-premises hosting, as it requires you to rent and maintain your servers and network infrastructure whether you need it or not.

Small businesses might have to pay the price of scalability by purchasing additional hardware, software licenses, or servers. Larger enterprises can buy new servers from smaller companies, providing them with the scalability they want without spending extra cash. With the cheapest cloud hosting in India, scalability can be purchased on demand. You should also consider that cloud hosting is easier to manage since you only need to manage the applications instead of managing servers.

3.) High Security 

Cloud security is a serious concern for all businesses and requires immediate action. There has been a marked increase in attempted cyberattacks by hackers on business websites. The growing sophistication of such attacks results in the spread of such incidents across various industries, with companies falling victim to these costly attacks.

If you choose to migrate to cloud hosting, you won’t be concerned about the security of your data. A reliable cloud hosting provider has the latest security measures to ensure that a 24/7 expert team of specialists will spot any security breach before it can cause any damage to your sites or data.

4.) Fast Implementation

Most businesses think that cloud migration can slow down your business. But that’s not true. If you’re running an in-house cloud strategy or planning to implement one, chances are you’ve encountered challenges related to performance, administrative overhead and development risk. On the contrary, by shifting business data and apps to the cloud, you benefit from flexible deployment options, rapid provisioning and easier management. 

Besides all, you also gain access to cost-saving features such as software-as-a-service (SAAS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

5.) Instant Availability  

Your employees need to work from multiple devices and your business needs to access applications from remote locations. Technology that delivers reliable infrastructure to support the individualised, on-demand needs of a workforce isn’t easy to come by.

Moving your business applications to the cloud means minimal overhead, reduced IT costs and smooth operations. Cloud hosting in India delivers everything you need so you can get more done in less time with fewer resources. With the instant availability of resources, it’s easy to get started anytime. 


As your data storage and business continuity needs grow, the cost of maintaining the services increases accordingly. Due to the availability of limited budgets, it becomes a challenge for small businesses to support data center and other infrastructure costs. To solve this concern, many service providers offer the cheapest cloud hosting in India packages. One needs to find the best cloud service provider to get the benefits without expanding their budget. 

Go4hosting is a service provider that offers affordable cloud hosting in India for businesses of all sizes, including SMEs. You can choose from self-service plans or managed cloud hosting services to find the pricing model that best suits your budget. 

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