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Companies are now using web data to identify ‘look-alikes’ to develop their Unique Selling Proposition

Competition is almost inevitable in business, especially for e-commerce brands where you must worry about more than local competitors. There are so many choices today, and consumers want to know what makes one product . Standing out from the crowd can be as simple as knowing the right way to position yourself and your products. That’s why all businesses need to create a unique selling proposition (USP) to drive their branding and marketing decisions.

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Web data sets like competitive advertising discovery and social media sentiment deliver practical insights on everything from mapping your sector for more strategic market positioning to fortifying weakening moats and assessing current target audience engagement. In this article, we will discuss:
1. Why companies are prioritizing the discovery of look-alikes
2. How web data helps businesses sharpen their USPs

Why companies are prioritizing the discovery of look-a likes

Startups, early-stage companies, and seasoned industry giants seek ways to rethink their market and target audience by finding companies with comparable sales propositions. As a result, they can:
  1. Map out the industry in which they want to (or already are) compete to better position themselves in the market.
  2. Understand how their competitors differentiate their products and services (USP). So they can build new iron-clad moats or fortify old ones that are in desperate need of repair.
  3. Determine which offers to engage target audiences and which lead to conversions to optimize their marketing funnel. Change product specifications, redefine service pricing/packages, and add new app/web features as needed.

How web data helps businesses sharpen their USPs

Here are some of the real-time web datasets that organisations are gathering to help them make better strategic decisions about product-market fit and competing with new industry players:
  • Directories are a great location to look for significant incumbents and up-and-comers. You can see which competitive Software as a Service (SaaS) email automation solutions are currently operational by scanning Crunch base. You can next work to extract data from a competitor’s home page once you’ve determined which competitors are of significant interest to you based on their solution offering, the quantity of seed/angel financing secured, or the number of workers.
  • By aggregating competitor site content, you can better understand what the ‘ultimate tool’ would look like for customers who seek a complete suite solution.
  • Most modern buyer journeys begin with a simple search query; thus, search engines are an excellent location for mapping your sector.If you combine consumer search terms with click-through rates, you’ll be able to uncover what brands and content customers choose to engage with in search results.

Identifying Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

A USP, or unique selling proposition, is the one thing that sets your company apart from the competitors. It’s a distinct advantage that distinguishes your company from the competition in your market.
Developing opinionated and deliberate USP aid in the focus of your marketing strategy and drives the message, branding, copy-writing, and other marketing decisions. A USP should, at its heart, instantly answer a potential customer’s most pressing query when they get in contact with your brand:
“How are you different from your competitors?”
Your USP should be based on what makes your brand or product uniquely valuable to your customers and should play to your strengths. Being “one-of-a-kind” is rarely a powerful USP in and of itself. You must differentiate yourself in some way that your target audience cares about, or your messaging will be ineffective.

A compelling USP should be:

  • Assertive but defensible: A position that makes you defend the product against competing products is more memorable than a generic statement like “we offer high-quality products.”
  • Focused on what your customers want: If your target clients don’t care about something, “unique” won’t mean much.
  • More than a slogan: While a slogan is one approach to express your USP. You may also incorporate it into other aspects of your organisation, such as your return policy and supply chain. You should be able to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to public speaking.

Target audience engagement

  • Collecting data on target audience interaction and sentiment (likes, shares, and posts). Industry-relevant social media influencer activity can provide insight into what makes customers tick. High interaction on an influencer advertising an eCommerce-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product. For example, can indicate possible interest in a vendor-facing dashboard that delivers sales insights while also acting as a store management machine. The company in issue can now give a full-suite, one-stop-shop seller solution that outperforms anything currently available in their industry by adding CRM-like capabilities to an existing dashboard.
  • Monitoring brand/product reviews can assist businesses in identifying areas where their competitors are falling short. Allowing them to satisfy a genuine consumer-generated market need. For example, a customer may evaluate an investment tool and complain that the data is not updated frequently enough, leading them to be unable to respond rapidly to market trends. A new company will have the opportunity to advertise and offer potential customers an in-depth analysis of stocks in real-time.

For example

  • , a customer may evaluate an investment tool and complain that the data is not updated frequently enough, leading them to be unable to respond rapidly to market trends. A new company has an opportunity to offer possible customers real-time stock analysis.  In marketing campaigns, the company can advertise to potential customers its real-time stock analysis feature.
  • A client complains that a securities investment tool does not update data regularly enough. Preventing them from reacting quickly to market events. A new company can offer its product to customers and enter the market with the help of real-time market research.
  • Industry pricing market assessments can uncover a great deal of information. The industry practice is to charge clients a flat cost and you decide to provide a usage-based approach. You may be able to persuade businesses to switch service providers.


You can make a positive difference in the dynamic of your business by taking a data-driven approach to honing your Unique Selling Proposition, whether you are inventing the wheel or optimizing an existing product funnel. We believe that Proxy crawl web data will empower decision-makers to pivot in places where true impact can be achieved, from search engine trends and social media sentiment to pricing model mapping and competitive advertising analysis.
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