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Custom Printed Boxes: Discover New Packaging Designs

Discover New Packaging Designs

In our modern world, everything that is marketing takes place with speed. Therefore, how we respond to rate determines how our brands will perform with custom printed boxes.

We have an array of tools available for marketers to make this ever-changing chase easier. One of the easiest tools is our custom-designed packaging.

Pre-designed packaging has seen a surge in popularity for both B2B and B2C businesses in recent years. It’s not only an easy and fast method to connect with buyers. It could be a great way to establish your brand’s positioning if used properly.

Before we dive into the realm of packaging with our latest solutions, let’s go over the basic concepts.

What’s the difference between pre-made and custom-designed packaging?

I spoke to packaging expert at PackagingPrinting:

Prepress is a procedure that quickly meets the demands of customers who want stunning packaging for their goods. With it, you’ll be able to be amazed by the quality of printing as well as the options you have when it comes to packaging. As a result, it’s an ideal option for companies beginning their journey into packaging.

What’s the distinction between pre-made and custom-made packaging?

Custom Printed Boxes is specially designed and customized to match your product’s requirements and brand.

Pre-design packaging is a standard, fab-looking packaging that is already print, stored and ready to be ship. This product is ideal for businesses who want something simple and quick.

That is to say, the custom-designed packaging is designed around your product, whereas the pre-designed packaging is created to create a universal appearance.

custom-designed packaging

We’ll show you how to design ready-made packaging.

Offset printing (Also known as “lithographic printing)

This process can yield large quantities of prints, which is a significant saving in terms of costs compared to other printing techniques.

With the digital printing method (direct-to-plate), this design is split into four pictures based on the CMYK color spectrum, including magenta, cyan yellow, and key (or black).

When the images are divided, Laser light is then used to place them one at a time onto an offset plate. This speeds up printing as well as costs and produces stunning quality images…

Printing using Flexographic (The most commonly used kind of printing)

The process of printing with flexographic uses a flexible plate to print onto the substrate, which could be comprise of synthetic, wood, or laminate materials. The printing process is Carrie out using water-base inks. This makes the whole process green.

Preprint packaging line was develop to address customers’ needs, demanding quicker delivery times. Check back for the latest release!

Why Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Are Perfect for Subscription Services?

What exactly is a packaging engineer? And why should you be working with one?

Packaging engineers are incredibly creative and imaginative people who are natural problem solvers. As a result, they can cut down on unnecessary use by implementing technologies for packaging and make savings for your brand’s distribution and production channels.

Engineers in packaging are an important element of many packaging supply chains.

They’re accountable for ensuring that the packaging of a product keeps the item safe, looks attractive and doesn’t cost more than it ought to.

This is achieve by devising the most efficient and effective method to communicate with, protect and accommodate your products in the entire distribution chain, from the point of manufacture until the end of consumption.

There’s beyond that.

What is an engineer in packaging?

Packaging engineers create and design packaging solutions for various products using different materials.

Packaging engineers have interdisciplinary abilities that include:

  • Manufacturing and engineering in the industrial sector
  • Marketing
  • Packaging and materials science
  • Logistics
  • Leap time control
  • Visual communication and graphic design

And a variety of other soft skills.

Consultants for packaging engineers work outside, and in-house packaging engineers optimize packaging internally for a company.

What is an engineer working in packaging do?

Packaging engineers design any packaging, primary, secondary, and Tertiary, to ensure that the product is safe during transport, appealing for the customer and efficient within the process cycle of the business.

The most significant aspect of the role of a packaging engineer is to make packaging that helps keep products safe.

Anything ship internationally or within the country requires an expert in packaging to ensure that the item is well-protect.

Everything from a small bag of frozen veggies right up into an armorer tank has to be wrapped in a way that protects it from external elements when transporting it.

That is the main responsibility of a packaging engineer.

Following security checks, packaging engineers’ designs must appear attractive. Packaging design is essential in successfully marketing a product’s distinctive advantages (USP).

The best packaging engineers use to design and function to communicate these USPs.

Packaging Printing

important function

Another important function of a designer in packaging is to maximize space utilization. Over-packaging means that you have to spend more on packaging materials, and shipping is more expensive.

However, on an even bigger scale, packaging engineers can develop and design packaging standards.

It is a packaging solution (for instance, a box) that can accommodate many items.

This can be beneficial for companies since the company can use the same dimension box (and can purchase in large quantities) rather than fewer amounts of two different size custom printed boxes.

An engineer for packaging must be aware of how the packaging will be construct. For example, if it is made of corrugate cardboard, the flat cardboard design should be cut with a die and offset or print digitally.

The assembly process should be effective if the cardboard boxes are construct by hand.

However, if they’re being assemble using machines, the packaging has to meet the requirements of the machine’s capabilities.

Let’s look at it in a bit more depth, but have a look at the whole picture:

What are the daily tasks of an engineer in packaging?

Printed Gorgeous Custom Cosmetic Boxes Packaging

New product development

Once a company decides to incorporate an innovative product in its portfolio, the job of a packaging engineer starts.

When the initial prototype of the product has been release, the packaging engineer has to work with other teams to design the proper packaging.

A packaging engineer job description may look like this:

  • Investigate the dangers and environmental risks an item might face during storage and delivery processes.
  • Partner with suppliers of materials to find the best packaging materials
  • Utilize CAD software to make safe as well as space-optimized packages
  • Create Internal partitions, void filler or any other internal features
  • Contact the graphic design and branding team to ensure that the packaging solution you choose to use is visually appealing.
  • Make sure that the brand’s environmental and sustainability policies are in place.
  • Assess and test the effectiveness of several prototypes and subsequent iterations
  • Introduce package solutions package solution in the manufacturing and fulfillment process
  • Develop an efficient process for packaging for secondary as well as secondary packaging
  • Check that the packaging meets the consumer’s options for disposal at the end of their life options.

These are a few of the most frequent issues packaging engineers encounter when developing an innovative packaging system.

Packaging engineers don’t come up with new solutions on their own.

Value engineering

A packaging engineer must complete all the above tasks. However, they should add, reduce the cost of packaging whenever possible.

Many packaging engineers have obsolete packaging design concepts from their colleagues or require a change to a product’s packaging to make it more appealing for brand reasons.

The ‘better is better than perfect mentality is often the reason for numerous packaging solutions being put in place without much thought about the financials of the business or its supply chain.

So instead of asking, ‘what else can I do to enhance this? an engineer in packaging often is ask, ‘what else can I remove?’.

The name value engineering also knows this.

Value engineering, also known as packaging science, offers a wide range of opportunities for companies looking to cut costs on packaging.

After a product is launch and has pass the test to be apply on the market, designers can revisit the design and decide if the cost could be cut by standardizing packaging or fine-tuning the look of the product’s packaging.


A packaging engineer has to work with multiple stakeholders on different layers, and there are many people whom the solutions of an engineer have to meet.

For instance, an executive in production may require a flat-packed container to make it easier to assemble and simpler to complete and fold. It’s the responsibility of an engineer in packaging to design the perfect solution.

How Custom Display Boxes Improve the Appearance of Your Items

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