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Decoded: The Website Development Life Cycle

Web Development Company in India

The design and development of a website is not limited to programming work. Furthermore, it involves the consideration of many factors like planning, testing, and launching. Programming shapes the structure of a website. It depends on technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These technologies define the path of interaction with the information provided on a website.

Through this article, we will learn about the important steps that a Web Development Company in India follows to create a website. These steps are categorized as follows:

  1. Gathering information.
  2. Planning.
  3. Design.
  4. Content creation and assembly.
  5. Programming.
  6. Testing, review, and launch.
  7. Maintenance.

Website Development Life Cycle Followed By Web Development Company In India

Web Development Company in India

The process of website creation involves the following processes which are described as follows:

Information Gathering

This is the most important step on which the entire task of website creation relies. Furthermore, the outcomes of the research stage decide the further process for design and development works. The information-gathering part involves researching based on an understanding of a website’s future purposes. It also involves the goals of a business firm with a website, and the audience that a firm wants to target through the website. A dairy firm, for example, will likely target households having kids or professional athletes. To target such people, the developers need to address questionnaires. Doing so will help in framing the best strategy for further project management.

Appropriate data gathering helps a business firm avoid spending extra resources in solving unexpected issues. These issues may include modification or addition of functions that left uninvolved during the initial planning.

Website Development Planning

At this stage, the developers of Digi Markets creates a plan that allows a customer to justify the appearance of a website. Based on the gathered information collected in the previous phase, research teams prepare a sitemap. The leading Web Design and Development Company in India ensures the description of core areas of clients’ websites. Such representation assists in understanding the usability of the final design outcome. The description may involve the description of the relationship between multiple pages available on a website. This helps in justifying the easiness for the end-users to reach the desired information when they start from the main page.

Moreover, the sitemap also provides an understanding of the inner structure of a website without a user interface. Understanding inner structure helps clients visualize the final outcome of the creation process. Basically, the inner structures are structured on wireframes. It represents the visual aspects of the user interface without design elements like background colours, logos, visuals, etc. Wireframes only provide an overview of a web page’s elements.

Design Phase

During this phase, developers of Web Development Company in India shape the structure of a website. The structuring of a website includes the creation of visual elements like:

    • Thumbnails.
    • Photos.
    • Videos.

The selection of visual elements depends on the information gathered in the first phase. The visual elements are selected appropriately to target the desired audience from a specific market group.

The layout of any website is the outcome of a designer’s creativity, which represents the structure of information. It also represents visualization of the available content, and demonstration of basic functionality. A website’s layout may include backgrounds, logos, images and can provide a general understanding of the final product.

Content Creation And Assembly

The creation of content and compilation usually overlaps with other stages of website development, and its role can never be underestimated. At this step, the developer team creates the content that depicts the message that a client would like to communicate to the audience of his website. Furthermore, the content in a website assists through a call-for-action. Content creation involves the generation of eye-catching headlines, text modification, creation of new text, a compilation of existing text, etc. All such tasks take time and effort; hence it is essential to avoid urgency in this step. Creating content can take a lot of time as it needs to be unique, effective and plagiarism free.


At this step, developers work on the coding aspect of a website. The actual website is created using the visuals selected in the early stages. As per the design hierarchy, designers work on the homepage, after which they add sub-pages as per the website sitemap. Frameworks and CMS ensure smoothness and make the server capable of handling installation.

Testing, Review, And Launch

Testing is the most important part of a process for instance. Every single link designed by a web designer is tested to ensure the readiness of links to function. In this step, designers check every form and script by running the prototype on spell-checking software to determine the possible loopholes.

Launching And Maintenance

After the successful testing of all aspects of a website, designers launch the final version of the website under the supervision of clients. The most part is that the task of designers and developers do not end with the successful launching of the website. Instead, after the launching, the task left with developers is monitoring along with keeping regular up-gradation of websites.

For ensuring effectiveness, designers add a feedback system to the site that detects the possible problems that end-users face. The addressing of problems at the user’s end is of utmost importance as it decides the likability of users to follow a particular brand or business.

Which Agency Is Good To Proceed With?

As a business enterprise, if you wish to grow your business among many, then it is good to proceed with Digi Markets. Digi Markets provides its Web Development Services in Noida and other parts of the country. To learn more about Digi Markets services, visit its official website. At Digi markets, the website development team builds the web portal from start to finish. The team designs a website which is bug-free and consists of the trendiest theme. At Digi Markets, the website consists of effortless API integration which can help you smoothly run your business. The website development company gives your website a new-age design, free SEO optimization for Google ranking and provides high-quality services at affordable rates.

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