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Desert Safari Rides: How To Make Your Trip Productive!

Dubai Tourism

Dubai Desert Safari is the thing that people have on their minds often. The city though is rich in architecture and civil displays. For instance, the Dubai Frame alone serves as a fine piece of attraction and beauty. Though it only resembles a rectangular shape. However, the Burj Al Khalifa speaks for its magnificence alone from the skies. But a place like a desert also exists in Dubai. And this place also wants attention rather than any attraction. It means, with a little investment there is a lot you can get back.

Desert Safari Rides

All Desert Safari packages include riding options as a must. It is because the concept of Desert Safari Dubai is closely related to vehicle riding. At first, people began to visit the desert to have an off-roading experience. Then the events for off-roading began in the desert. And now you have Dubai Desert Safari as tourism industry alone. But rides are an integral part of this tourism business and here is a brief of each ride you can enjoy.

1.      Camel

In the desert, camel is the second popular thing after cactus. Although some will say a camel is the most important. Anyhow, tourists, present a great opportunity, experience, and thrill. The thrill lies in their riding. It is not your regular ride on an animal. It is sitting on a giant and viewing everything from above. And the traveling in the sand is what feels royal. Hence, do not miss out on this slow and gradual traveling and riding experience.

2.      Desert Buggy

A desert buggy comes in two variations. Either you can opt for a 4 seater or a two-seater. However, the two-seater ride does not look like a bike rather it is like a car arrangement. The best thing about a 4 seater ride is that you can have a ride with your friends and family too. Another great thing about the buggy is the raw interaction you get with the sand. Though you wear a helmet the dunes do not stop to hit you!

3.      Dirt Bike

A dirt bike is commonly found in the USA as a sporting bike. Whereas their use in Dubai is for a Desert Safari experience. Dirt bikes differ from random bikes in the tires. Their tires are large thus to avoid any danger in the sand. The weight and body are streamlined thus the wind blowing does not hamper their speed. Such a bike is best for a fast ride and a good solo experience.

4.      Quad Bike

A quad bike is another file solo riding vehicle. It has great use during riding trips to the deserts in Dubai. Another raw interaction with the sand is on the cards but this time in a more raw fashion. The bike allows you to sit comfortably, partly resembling a mini-car. But the steering and the setup resemble a bike. Also good for a multi-person ride, this bike is a fast and heavy ride in the deserts.

5.      SUVs

Generally, you will find Land Cruise and Patrol in the desert. They have an idea, important, and productive use in the desert. These cars come into business when a complete family wants to enjoy an off-road experience. Though such an option is not expensive since these SUVs are the local drive options in Dubai.

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