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Design Your Website to Make It User-Friendly in 5 Ways

It is more important than ever for businesses to hire a Web design company Dubai. A website not only assists a business in being found on the Internet, but it also assists in marketing and selling items or services to both domestic and international clients. Many business owners, however, are dissatisfied when their websites fail to convert visitors into customers. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that the site is user-friendly.

Website developers and consumers lacked a common term for defining well-designed websites before “user-friendly” was coined. Instead, they went through each aspect that made the website so user-friendly. On the other hand, a poorly-designed website was characterised as one in which the design elements and development features failed to fulfil user expectations.

With more people conducting business solely online, having a user-friendly website is no longer an option if you choose to be successful. These five techniques by the Web design company Dubai can help you make your website more user-friendly right away, allowing you to attract more visitors and convert your website into a sales machine.

Visually Appealing Designs

Choose a website layout from a Web development agency that will seem familiar to your target visitors to have an appealing layout. A two- or three-column layout, for example, is extremely prevalent. Each page’s overall presentation looks more consistent and professional, with a column on one side, either left or right. A user-friendly website must also have a pleasant user interface.

Also, make sure that your colour scheme represents your company’s brand and that the background colour you choose complements your font type. Because it’s difficult to expect people to remember your website’s structure, it’s best to arrange everything for their istanbul escort girls convenience.

User-friendly Website design Dubai indicates that you may build a structural guideline for your website or app. Colours and styles should be easily identifiable, and the website flow should be simple to navigate. Furthermore, user experience guidelines dictate that all pages follow the same pattern, from the font size of the headline to the placement of the signup form. All of this enables people to traverse a website fast.

Speed It Up

Even on mobile devices, web consumers want your site to load quickly. About half of them say they expect a website to load in two seconds or less and that if it takes more than three seconds, they will quit it. When it comes to keeping people on your site long enough to decide whether or not they want to do business with you, speed does matter.

Google’s Page Speed Insights is one of the tools that may help you check your site speed. These sites will also provide you with suggestions on how to improve the performance of your Website design in Dubai. Checking your server’s performance and optimising any graphics are two basic things you can do to get started.

Use Attractive Calls to Action

The logo is an important feature of your website. Your logo and contact information, on the other hand, are two things that your website need. You might be losing out on many potential businesses if your contact information isn’t available on your website. People aren’t going out of their way to locate this, so make sure it’s prominently displayed on your site.

Customers are used to interpreting visual signals to determine which material is most valuable to them. CTAs designated with an action word make it easier for your website visitors to traverse your site and discover exactly what they’re looking for in the places they expect to find it.

Colour and colour psychology should be considered while building buttons for your website. Different colours convey various messages. Consider the message you want to send to a user (experience, trust, intellect), and then pick your colours carefully.

The actual words you choose for your buttons are a second issue to think about. A verb or an action word should be included in the text to entice the user to take action. The emotional identification that a word inspires is a big factor in choosing the right words or psychological triggers. If there is no emotional connection, there will be no action. As a result, make your remarks bold, timely, and action-oriented.

Easy Navigation

The cornerstone of effective usability is navigation. It makes no difference how attractive your Website development is if consumers have trouble navigating it. A user’s ability to grasp the website structure is enhanced by easy navigation. Visitors to a user-friendly website will understand how to go to a certain page fast and easily in this manner.

If your users don’t get how to navigate your website, they’ll most likely give up and go. Simple website usability guidelines that make the primary navigation menu options readily apparent can help you avoid such scenarios. Do not bury them in the dropdowns; instead, make them the centre of attention. In addition, you should determine which pages are the most popular and highlight them in the navigation panel for simple navigation.

Another important consideration is to ensure that a user is aware of the page they are on, and they must comprehend it properly at all times. Breadcrumbs are useful in this situation since they aid in website navigation and increase its usability. For this, you may take the help of a Web development agency.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

People use their mobile devices to do Internet searches. As a consequence, you should decide how the company’s website looks and how visitors use mobile devices to access it. A user-friendly Website development nowadays is also mobile-friendly, and the design must be mobile-friendly.

Bear in mind that your mobile navigation system will be different from your PC navigation system. The buttons must be placed so that they can be readily tapped with fingers on the little screen.

Your responsive design layout should also be capable of producing optimal pictures. You can get rid of the bandwidth and scale difficulties this way. GIF, PNG-8, and JPEG are the best formats to use. With these measures in place, you may aim to develop a real brand identity that aids in your company’s consistent growth.


Nothing is more aggravating than visiting a website that is a hassle to use — whether it is sluggish, difficult to browse, or difficult to comprehend. The fact is that a bad user experience will lead to users quitting your site, which might have unintended consequences, especially if your company is exclusively online.

The good news is that creating a user-friendly website isn’t difficult. So, if you believe your website may need a few changes, think about the measures listed above. Also, you may consider hiring the best Web development company in Dubai.

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