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Develop and Launch Your Own SafeMars Clone

Safemars Clone Script Development

Cryptocurrencies went from relative obscurity to viral sensation. They are now the most popular topics for the past year. Ever since the rise of Bitcoin. the crypto industry is on top. Now, almost every crypto enthusiast, trader, investor and outsider wants to get in on the action. The subsequent rise of crypto markets became a haven for first-timers to learn about crypto and engage in crypto-related activities. The crypto markets are a place that sees a lot of investment. comparable to the stock markets on Wall Street. This digital platform is where investors are making significant returns nearly every day.

For the past few weeks the crypto market has been bullish, leading to an increase in the prices of the top-performing crypto. This massive interest in crypto is what led to the launch of many new cryptocurrencies. These currencies aim to chase the same success that Doge, Ethereum, Cardano or Bitcoin achieved, becoming a mainstay in the crypto world. Among these newly created crypto is SafeMars.

All About The SafeMars Token

SafeMars is among the latest cryptocurrencies launched in the crypto world. This digital currency gained a lot of online buzz and excitement after everyone saw the success of SafeMoon. SafeMoon is crypto similar to SafeMars, and the former saw a significant jump in prices recently.

According to the website, SafeMars is a self-governing liquidity and yield generation protocol. The token applies a four percent tax to every user transaction occurring on the platform. Of that four percent, half of that is distributed to the token holders. Presently, the price for a single SafeMars token stands at 0.0000008877 United States dollars.

To summarize, the SafeMars Crypto rewards the users for holding onto their crypto. This behaviour helps the token in creating demand in the market. The remaining two percent taken for transactions adds to the liquidity pool. This process ensures there is always liquidity for the token to operate and not collapse.

Coin performance

The SafeMars coin is presently one of the best performing tokens in the crypto sphere. The tokens related to the RFI tokenomics could offer benefits to holders of that coin for use.


Trade volume: 50,762,778

Circulating supply: 400 Trillion SafeMars

Maximum supply: 1 Quadrillion

Maximum trade available through PancakeSwap

Overview of Safemars clone script           

The SafeMars clone is a fundraising token with a self-governing and liquidity protocol similar to the SafeMars token. This Whitelabel SafeMars clone executes the functions present in the script identical to the original token on the Binance Smart chain.

The fundraising token provides an alternative model for users aiming to benefit, from the Staking and Yield Farming platforms found on the internet.

Working flow of the SafeMars clone script

The SafeMars clone script uses a significant funds share as a processing fee. The processing fee works as a transaction fee for every sell and buy process. There is a considerable income generated from the transaction fee as passive revenue. This revenue goes back to the token holders on the platform.

These added features are typically found in a crypto exchange platform. Listed below are the functionalities the SafeMars clone script provides with additional details.


The reflection functionality supports passive income to participants through the holding up of tokens. This feature is a welcome change to users searching for fundraiser-related activities. Reflection also enables every platform user to take a passive share of the income for every transaction occurring on the platform. The process also improves the token’s usability on the platform.

Token burning

The token burning feature helps improve the token utility and its stability. Sequential burns first consider the token’s long run before starting the process. The tokens are regularly burned, and the process helps improve their demand and usability.


The SafeMars clone has a swapping attribute. This attribute can improve currency swapping between compatible platforms and currencies. This feature can be changed based on the requirements.


The bridging attribute takes in and processes currencies found on other chains. It processes these currencies to operate inside a single location. The Whitelabel SafeMars clone emphasizes bridging by approaching other currencies from different chains.

Liquidity pools

Any good crypto platform will provide a liquidity provision to the admin. This platform can accept funds from participants, and users and turn these funds into their liquidity providers.

Features of SafeMars Clone Script

Automated liquidity locking– The solution comes equipped with an auto-locking feature to increase the price floor constantly.

Low transaction tax– The fundraising protocol charges a low tax amount for every transaction on the platform.

Added liquidity– The additional liquidity earned from every transaction on the platform leads to an increased price floor of the token.

Rewards– Users using the SafeMars clone, particularly the token holders, can earn enticing rewards like gas-less transactions and more.

Enhanced security measures– The platform also has various robust security systems in place. These systems protect the users from external harm, fraudulent activities and hacking by other users.

Closing Thoughts

The crypto market undergoes changes and developments every day. What’s promising today may fall short tomorrow and vice versa. However, thorough research helps potential investors from making a dangerous mistake. At present, SafeMars has all the potential to become huge, just like its predecessor.

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