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The fundamental difference between health insurance with a copayment or without a copayment is that in the case of having copays, the insured has to pay a part of the cost of the medical act.

We insist on pointing out that our insurance without copayments is neither better nor worse than health insurance with copays, the policy is exactly the same. The only difference, as we have already said, is in participation in each medical act, which frequently translates into a more responsible use of resources.

So when choosing between co-pay and no-co-pay insurance you just have to ask yourself this question: do I prefer to pay less for the insurance and pay something more when I use it? Do I prefer a fixed fee even if it is higher?

It will therefore be important to analyze the frequency of use. Estimated or real from the previous year, of medical services to choose one or the other. In summary, the copayment in health insurance offers us quality by investing only in what we really need. Health insurance with co-payment, whether reimbursement of medical expenses or medical chart, allows us to receive the same quality of service as a policy without co-payment, paying a lot and assuming a part of the cost of visits when they occur.


As we have indicated, our health policies with co-payment are quality policies. They offer all the services that their analogs without co-payment, without removing a single one.

However, in the private healthcare market, we have been observing that in a very competitive environment. Several insurers offer ‘low cost’ policies for € 20 or less. These policies, with ridiculous prices, from € 14.90 per month, are policies that do not include Hospitalization or Surgical Interventions. That is, they only offer the possibility of attending a specialist’s consultation.

In most cases, these low-cost policies do not include ambulance, a traffic accident, or a contingency caused during work activity.

The ‘low cost’ health companies themselves sell their policies as “the perfect option to pay little if you think you will not need to go to the doctor often “, however who is able to predict if we will need to go to the hospital or for what?

What does co-pay insurance mean?

We think this image sums it up, right? Co-pay health insurance means paying less and being able to use what you save for other projects.

We offer you a quality policy, with a very good price, whether you are a single person or more, which makes our policy an excellent candidate for the best health insurance with co-payment, with the added value that we are Health Insurance Advisors So we can solve all your doubts with the excellence that our professional ethics requires us to do.

The advantages of health insurance with a copayment

All of us, children and adults, have some health complications, no matter how slight, throughout our lives. By contracting health insurance, you live with the peace of mind that private health insurance offers you.

  1. A reduced premium and access to consultations and specialists for your annual visits and when you need it. 
  2. Access to a medical team arranged with more than 37,000 professionals and 450 medical centers, or free choice worldwide in the case of medical insurance for reimbursement of expenses.
  3. Pediatrician and Gynecologist of your choice. A health policy with a copayment offers you health care during pregnancy and delivery, as well as care for the newborn in its first days of life.
  4. Goodbye to the waiting list  Unfortunately some communities have such a long waiting list which affects the quality of life of many citizens who did not foresee an unfavorable state of health.
  5. Prevention. As the popular saying says “prevention is better than cure“. Our health insurance with co-payment includes prevention programs in childhood. And early detection of certain types of cancer, such as gynecological, colorectal. Or prostate, as well as preventive measures for coronary risk.
  6. Personal Care  The most advanced technologies, innovative treatments and even cosmetic surgery treatments, ophthalmic laser surgery, or stem cell conservation, among others, exclusively with our Personal Care coverage.
  7. Dental health Smile calmly with an oral checkup, hygiene, and 85 other acts totally free. In addition, you will be able to finance, with more than 2000 dentists at your disposal. Certain treatments at very attractive prices.
  8. Mental health Because mental health is just as important as physical health. It has therapy sessions, psychologists, and psychiatrists to help you overcome those difficult moments.
  9. Comfort and Flexibility With the new Medical Teleassence service you will have a specialized team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  10. In addition, by choosing the specialist you will be able to adapt your medical visits to your schedules. Without having to miss work.


As you can see, the advantages that health insurance offers you are numerous. Contracting insurance with a copayment means enjoying quality healthcare support at the lowest possible price.

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