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Differences between sponsored post and guest post

A sponsored post is not the same as a guest post, although there are certain elements that both have in common, their differences are notable; we are going to know them in a simplified way.

Characteristics of a sponsored post

Sponsored post

A company, brand, or person requests that you write a post on your website about a certain topic or product.

In your post, a link (generally Dofollow) should appear to a certain external URL provided by the company in question.

The anchor text is usually agreed, as well as the keywords that the sponsored post will contain.

The company or brand will pay the stipulated price in exchange for the post.

Features a guest post ( guest posting )

Guest post

A company, brand, or person requests to write a post on your website as a collaboration.

In the post, there may or may not (generally be) an external link that points to the collaborator’s website or profile.

You publish the post on your website according to the established agreement.

The benefit will or will not be economic.

Sponsored posts VS guest posts

The differences between sponsored posts and guest posts are mainly based on the editing of the text and the previous requirements. I explain:

While the editing of a sponsored post is your responsibility, that of a guest post is not.

Guest blogging is a beloved tool for bloggers, used to publicize services or products in a blog friend or a similar theme.

Imagine that you sell candy and a person in charge of a children’s party website asks you for a guest post. Someone from the children’s party website would provide you with the post that you should publish on your candy website. The theme and how the post is structured are something that you can discuss between both parties.

The guest post is not only used to advertise certain services or products on other people’s websites, it is also an excellent way to make yourself known to another audience; be it as a writer, poet, blogger, or brand.

In Bloggers, there is a section called PostMarket where very interesting guest post collaborations are closed.

The sponsored post must be written by you. Usually, they provide you with an anchor text, a URL for the following link (or no-follow), and a keyword or suggested title. You decide how to structure the post, you edit it and you publish it. The hiring of sponsored posts is commonly used as a link-building strategy.

Both types of posts can have a price. Generally, it is the sponsored post that is paid; but a guest post on a website with which there is no relationship can also be paid. Imagine that you want to write on the blog of a friend or acquaintance; In this case, it is most likely that a collaboration agreement will be reached without the money involved. But if you want to write on a website whose author is unknown to you, it makes sense to talk about money.

The advantage of sponsored posts on your website is that you cook it and you eat it; On the other hand, in a guest post you will have to demand from the other party a series of requirements, such as:

  • A minimum number of words.
  • Quality.
  • Real value for your users.
  • Originality (and I do not mean that it is a cool text, but that it has not been published previously in any other medium).

Also, you will have to negotiate on the possibility of external follow links, price, etc.

As for the main advantage of guest posts, it is that you can add valuable content to your website, practically without any effort.

Both posts can be a perfect tool to monetize and grow your blog. Always make things clear, and enjoy the adventure!

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