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Do these yoga asanas to remove toxins from the intestine

Toxic substances in the intestine can be easily removed by doing yoga. Read this article to get information from a yoga instructor. In order for the body to function properly, it is necessary for all the parts of the body to be healthy. If there is any problem in any part of the body, it causes disease. Talking about the digestive system of the body, it is very important for it to be healthy. For this, it is necessary to adopt a healthy diet along with exercise and yoga in life. If not adopted, the person may fall ill. In today’s article, we will talk about how to remove toxins from the Intestine.

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Food remains in the intestine for many days:

There is food eaten many days ago in our intestine, it is not easily digested. Due to such a bad lifestyle, fast food, excessive consumption of oily foods, due to lack of exercise and yoga, the food is not easily digested, which in turn causes many diseases. The food that is not digested in the intestine becomes toxic. Which causes skin problems, cancer, mole absorption, and indigestion.

Remove toxins from the intestine by adopting some compound actions:

By adopting a good lifestyle, consuming sattvic food, and doing exercise and yoga, the toxicity of the intestine can be overcome. For this, if you want, you can adopt the conch shelling process. By doing this, Small Intestine and Large Intestine can be kept healthy.

Learn how to do Shankh Prakshalana:

Every morning after waking up, drink two to three glasses of warm water on an empty stomach, add salt to it and consume it. Then take one to two long breaths and drink water and take long and deep breaths. While drinking water, keep in mind that drink sip by sip, and not suddenly end the entire glass of water. After this, you can keep your intestine healthy by doing these asanas, such as;

1. Learn how to do Tadasana

  • To do this asana, stand straight
  • Keep a gap of one to one and a half meters between the feet
  • Move both hands up
  • Then bring both the hands to the side from your side
  • Practice this six times
  • Take long and deep breaths during this

2. Learn how to do Konasana

  • Stand up to do it
  • Keep a gap of one to one and a half meters between the feet
  • Cross the fingers of both the hands over the head
  • Then after the full stretching of the hands, move them to the right, during this keep taking long deep breaths and keep exhaling.
  • Now move both the hands from the right to the top of the head and take this process i.e. move both the hands to the left side of the body.

3. Learn how to do Vakrasana

  • Stand up to do it
  • Keep a gap of one to one and a half meters between the feet
  • Keeping both the arms parallel to the ground, keep both the arms in line with the eyes
  • Then twist both the hands to the right side, breathe while twisting, exhale while bringing the hands in the middle
  • Exactly this process ie move both the hands to the left side of the body, inhale while moving to the left, and exhale while bringing the straight arms of the body from the left side.
  • Doing this will also twist the intestine
  • Repeat this asana six times

4. Learn how to do Katichakrasana

  • Stand up to do it
  • Keep a gap of one to one and a half meters between the feet
  • In this the position of the hands will be different, that is, place the right hand on the left shoulder and keep the left hand behind the waist.
  • Now you look back
  • And now do the same with the other hand, that is, place the left hand on the right shoulder and keep the right hand behind the back.
  • Now you look back
  • Doing this will complete one cycle
  • Repeat this asana six times

5. Learn how to do Bhujangasana

  • Here Bhujangasana is slightly isolated to benefit the intestines so that the full benefit is obtained.
  • To do this, first, lie down on the ground on your stomach.
  • Keeping both the hands by the side of the chest, lift the head, chest part upwards
  • You can adjust the position of the hands if you want.
  • Now turn the head to the left and look at the heel of the foot.
  • Exactly like this while turning the head to the right, look at the heel of the foot
  • By doing this, there will be stretching in the intestine, which will prove beneficial in digesting food.

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6. Learn how to do Udarkarshan Asana

  • Sit on the mat to do it
  • Bend the left leg and bring it to the ground
  • lift the right leg up
  • Now keeping the right hand on the right foot, look back
  • Do the same with the other leg

If you do this asana under the right guidance, then you will definitely see the benefits. Do the process of conch shelling only on a holiday. Because on that day you will not be in a hurry to go to duty. At the same time, you will be able to perform all these asanas mentioned well. After doing this you will feel tired, but all the toxic substances of the body will be removed.

Pay attention to food:

Try that for intestinal detox, along with adopting these yoga asanas, eat fruits for at least two days in the diet, eat boiled vegetables, which do not contain oil and do not contain ginger-garlic, etc. Do not consume nonveg. Take lemon water and buttermilk. Along with this, you should take complete rest, for this, sit in the posture of Shavasana, lie down in the posture of Makarasana, and stay seated in the posture of Nisandbhava. From the third day, you will feel that you have a lot of energy and positiveness.

Let us tell you that to try it, first you need to take the guidance of an expert. For this, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking the right training from a yoga instructor and trying it in your normal routine.

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