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Domestic vs Imported Red Chilli Powder

When you want to try a variety of spices in your cuisines, you can get them from wholesale spice suppliers. For example, red chilli powder is one of the most famous used spices among others in food items worldwide.

However, red chillies are one of the famous spices that people use in large quantities in cuisines. They get utilized more in their powder form in Indian curries to add flavour and rich colour. There was a time when our grandmothers would sun-dry fresh red chillies. 

Afterwards, you can pound it to make powder to store and use frequently. Indeed, over the years, we have moved to buy packaged red chilli powder for the sake of convenience. 

you can find in stores and from Indian spice exporters other types that are pure, ground chilli powder. The significant part about that is you can use a pinch of your favourite powder. 

Therefore, you can add a new depth of flavour to certain dishes and use it to create homemade spice blends. Now let us talk about the domestic and imported or international variants of red chilli powders. 

Variants Of Domestic Red Chilli Powder

  • Kashmiri pepper powder

This shrub is known for its exceptionally vibrant red hue. Kashmiri chilli peppers are a staple in Indian cooking. Various forms such as whole, dried or fresh peppers are bought from Indian spice exporters.  

Furthermore, you can grind dried pepper into a fine powder or flakes. In contrast to other peppers, Kashmiri chilli powders are essential for colours and mildness. It has SHU ranging between one thousand to two thousand. 

In terms of flavour, it is very mild with slightly fruity undertones that make them similar to sweet paprika. Primarily, Kashmiri chilli brings natural red colour to dishes, particularly to curries and tandoori dishes.

  • Cayenne pepper powder

Cayenne powder is prepared from dried and ground cayenne powders. Before you purchase a bottle from wholesale spice suppliers, you must check some factors. Also, you can confirm that the ingredients labelled are entirely made of ground peppers. 

Many varieties of chilli powders are a blend of dried peppers, salt, and other spices. In terms of spiciness, cayenne powder ranks thirty thousand to fifty thousand Scoville heat units. Thus, it is the unit by which most hot peppers are ranked.  

However, it is hot enough to add spice, but not too spicy in required amounts. It will not be spicy to turn away the heat-adverse if added to sauce or marinades. Cayenne pepper is reported to have several health benefits. 

They range from stimulating the digestive tract, aiding in detoxification, and helping to relieve inflammation. 

  • Ancho chilli powder

Ancho chilli powder is made from dried and ground poblano peppers. It has SHU rank ranging between one thousand to one thousand five hundred. In addition, it is one of the mildest chilli pepper powders you can find across the globe. 

Compared to the spiciness of cayenne pepper powder, ancho chilli powder is less spicy. In terms of flavour, it is more earthy and smoky. Because it has a unique flavour and is not recommended to substitute regular chilli powder for ancho chilli powder. 

Variants Of International or Imported Red Chilli Powder

After you know about three primary varieties, let us talk about international flavours or variants of imported red chilli powders. The spicy flavours are practically global, and many countries have a variety of chilli powder. 

  • Korea: Gochugaru

Gochugaru is a vibrant red spice that results from a blend of hot pepper flakes. In addition, its texture lies between red pepper flakes and red chilli powder. Moreover, sun-dried peppers are considered to be the best ingredient for gochugaru. 

It is opposed to modern varieties that grind the peppers by machine. If you are looking to buy gochugaru, you can get it from the Indian spices exporters. Also, you can check the packaging label mentioning the dry peppers in the sun.

Gochugaru has a more complex flavour compared to the multiple types of chilli powders. Its flavours can be described as sweet, spicy, and slightly smoky. Moreover, gochugaru should have a bright red colour and coarse texture.

Furthermore, gochugaru is widely used to make spicy sauces and kimchi. 

  • South African Continent: Peri-Peri powder

Peri-peri pepper powder, popularly known as Piri Piri pepper powder or the African bird’s eye chilli. In addition, it is considered a quintessential flavour in multiple African countries. 

This pepper itself ranks between thirty thousand to fifty thousand SHU, which means it is on the spicier side. Compared to the pepper powders mentioned above, peri-peri seasoning, like basic chilli powder, is a blend of different flavours. 

However, it gets consumed to make a condiment like peri-peri sauce. Traditionally, the sauce is an outcome of a blend of many ingredients. It is a blend of ground, dried African bird’s eye chilli, onion, citrus peel, and salt. It also contains pepper, lemon juice, bay leaves, oregano, paprika basil, and tarragon.

But, in terms of flavour, peri-peri sauce is spicy and aromatic with sweet undertones. Furthermore, traditionally, peri-peri sauce is use in meat or seafood dishes. 

  • Hungary: Paprika

Paprika has been widely cultivated for hundreds of years in Hungary. In this country, it is a central ingredient in their most famous dish, Goulash. Multiple paprika’s benefits can be link with a single compound called capsaicin. 

This ingredient may stimulate the brain to secrete endorphins, a natural painkiller. However, it may bring relief from pain by contracting nerve endings away from painful muscles. 

Indeed, scientific research has shown that it may help decrease the risk of heart attacks, avert obesity, and reduce blood clots. It will do all this by acting against arthritic pain and protecting against stomach ulcers. 

The paprika pepper can be spicy, sweet, smoky or mild, making it a flavourful and versatile ingredient in recipes. Also, it is a great way to naturally enhance the colour in your recipes while offering several health benefits.

Which red chilli powder is widely used in recipes?

You can use a wide variety of red chilli powders available from wholesale spice suppliers globally. But, the frequently used type of chilli powder in recipes is the Dhani chillies or the Bird’s eye chilli. They are tiny in size, spicy in flavour, bright red, and highly sour. Due to its rich flavour and colour, it is widely use in the preparation of chutneys and pickles along with cooking.

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