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Do’s and Don’ts of Renting an Apartment in Australia

Real Estate

Whenever you rent an apartment in Australia, completing the agreement can be challenging and a battle for the renters. You have officially shifted into your new house. Just because you are staying there temporarily, it doesn’t mean that you give up on decorating. It is good to add personal touches to your house to make it personal and cozier. There are a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind when renting an apartment in Australia. Check out Houses for rent in Perth as there is a lot of variety of accommodations in Australia.

The do’s of a rental lease agreement:

Finish the rental lease agreement –

You would be shocked to know how many applicants leave many sections in their application blank, which is not a good indicator to the property manager or agent. It raises suspicion for no reason and makes the property manager chase for the details, which does not make a good impression. Check out Houses for rent in Sydney if you live near the locality.

Prove you can afford the property

It is what the landlord wants to know and is the first thing that pops up in their mind. They want to see if you can pay their rent so that, in turn, they can pay their mortgage. If you showcase a healthy employment record, rather than one that displays many jumps or extensive periods of unemployment, it will build their trust. Describe your business, how many clients you cater to, how you have grown, and your income. Houses for rent in Adelaide should be looked out for.

Be open

If you are looking for jobs, be truthful about it and let them know about your ability to afford the property.

Decorate your rented place

If you don’t decorate your place, it will give the impression that you might be leaving the country in a hurry. The last thing you want to do is to be greeted by a dull house. So make the place light up with temporary decor, and make it comfy for your guests. A home should give you a warm feeling wherever you are.

Renter’s Insurance

It should be done because your landlord’s insurance will not cover your personal belongings. So if anything unfortunate happens, you need to have this to back you up to get the compensation you deserve.

Offer more rent
It does not mean that you should bribe your property manager for any apartment. However, it would be best to consider paying him/her extra money in a week, and other applicants may also try this trick. If they don’t, this might work out in your favor.

Fill out an online rental lease agreement –

If you are moving with other people, make sure that they apply correctly and simultaneously as you do. Then, when you apply online, it does not create a load of stress on the property manager.

Follow up

If you don’t get the property, try talking to the property or apartment manager if anything in your application worked against you. You will most likely come in contact with them again to show them your interest in improving your application, and maybe this might work in your favor.

Be amenable

Try to offer that you can move in as soon as possible or whenever the property is available.

Check out the condition of the apartment

If there are any symptoms of decay, it might alert you of the problems that need to be taken care of. For example, mouldy furniture and air bubble bumps show that there might be a leak in the house. Rotting wood may display there is a termite infestation. If you notice any issues, make sure that you inform the landlord to get it sorted out.

The don’ts of a rental lease agreement

Offer a bribe –

In any case, do not offer the property manager a bribe. They are just moves that would be illegal and not allowed at all. Bribes are better done in a place where the situations are not real.

Don’t lie about your employment or residential history –

It is a risky move and also illegal, as we all know. Just be truthful about your history and explain any unemployment periods that were spent at home.

Bring in a pet –

If a property is not pet-friendly, then lying to the landlord can also create a mess. There isn’t any law regarding pets, but if they find out that you have brought pets without their notice, they can find ways to evict you. Be sure to state that you have a pet and also make them agree as per the lease.

Don’t install permanent features-

After all, you are renting a place and not owning it. So, you don’t need to revamp the place by installing permanent features, which would benefit the landlord in the long run. But, of course, he/she can also decide to increase the rent as they want to.

Put up new wallpaper

Don’t put up new wallpaper as the chances are that when you would go, then, you might need to strip everything off the place. If you are thinking of new wallpaper, it’s better that you put up wall decals.

Pick up the furniture from off the streets

The first thing is that you don’t know where it came from. Second, the couch might be disposed of for unhygienic reasons like lice, termites, and bug infestation, which would create more problems.

Drill too many holes into the wall

You need to return your house to the landlord in a condition which he thinks is acceptable. So don’t make impulsive decisions. The best way would be to make use of hooks. Check out houses inStrathfield rent if you live in Australia.

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