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Double Ended Bath

Is Double Ended Bath Really A Better Option for your Bathroom in UK?

Is Double Ended Bath Really A Better Option for your Bathroom in UK?

With the focus of bathroom renovations shifting towards improving health and wellbeing, we see more and more people installing a bath in their homes. Perhaps, people who already have a single-ended bathtub in their homes opt for a better option like a double ended bath. As most people are staying indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people realize the importance of their bathroom.

Many of us now are more concerned about health and wellbeing than ever before. Since baths can be a part of healthy routines, there is a surge in demand for baths. But there are different types of baths available. Generally, these can be single or double-ended in style, which can further divide on the basis of their shapes. The question here arises, why should you opt for a double-ended option while you have single-ended baths available at a bit less price to you.

That’s what we have discussed here in this article. Let’s dig deeper into the topic and analyze what makes the double-ended style a better option

Amaze Acrylic Square Double Ended Bath Acrylic + Optional MDF PanelsKnow More About Double Ended Bath.

First, we should know the real difference and why we call them double ended bath. As the name suggests, these baths have two ends, but what does it mean? It is all about the shape of the baths. When a bath has slops on both of its ends, we name it a double-ended style. At the same time, single-ended has this slope on the one side. The slop makes it comfortable for you to keep your head and shoulder comfortably on either end.

In contrast, in the single ended option, you only have one side to keep the head and shoulder because the other side is straight and has taps installed on it. On the other hand, the installation of taps is in the middle on the side or on the wall. So, these two are the main differences distinguish between the two. Another important point is that all the pros and cons of these baths come mostly from their shape, size, and design.

Double Ended Bath Offers more Flexibility and Utility. 

So, you now know about the shape and design of a double-ended version of a bathtub. It’s the one that has slopes on both ends. That gives you flexibility in choosing which side you want to use for the bath. That’s why it offers more flexibility and utility as compared to the single-ended style of bath.

Double Ended Bath Offers a More Comfortable and Relaxing Bath Experience.

The double ended bath is designed to provide a more comfortable and relaxing bath experience. That is due to the shape, which is more spacious and feels bigger on both ends. So, you have a better room to move around and take a long relaxing bath. So, it is a better choice for taller and bigger people who may not feel comfortable in a bit smaller and compact single-ended style.

Stylish and Luxurious Look. 

People are increasingly turning toward bathroom fittings and fixtures that can involve a luxurious and stylish look in the bathroom. The double ended style is a perfect choice for improving the overall feel of the bathroom. It looks spacious with slop edges that easily attract the eyes have a much better impact in comparison to other styles of the bath’s tub. Due to its shape, it complements well with most of the bathroom layout, sizes, and designs. its look like a straight bath

Final Thoughts. 

The choice of your bathroom tub depends, and it depends on many factors. So, although a double-ended version is a great option, you have to look for possible reasons why you really need it. In case you have a bathroom that is not too small and wants a stylish look in it, then it can be a good choice.

Explore an extensive range of Double Ended Baths at Royal Bathrooms UK.

In case you are interested in installing double ended bath in your bathroom. Then you must make sure that you buy it from a reliable vendor. Royal Bathroom, with a high satisfaction rate, is a reliable retailer of all types of bathroom fixtures for the last many years. So, if you want a high-quality product at a reasonable price, then it is the best option for you.

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