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dramacool | Asian Drama Show Movies Eng Sub Free drama cool video releases in Korean, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Indian Series other Asian Drama Series  with English subtitles on DramaCool. Don’t worry if you miss the episode of Asian Dramas here you can find all the Completed Dramas & Ongoing Drama Series. We also inform you about Upcoming Dramas time to time. Keep connected with us latest episode on dramacool.https://dramacoolai.net/

Eileen brushes her hair while using shampoo at a salon in central Tokyo Eileen brushes her hair at a salon in central Tokyo Shoppers pause at a restaurant in central Tokyo

Dramacool South Korea Dramas

The glimmer of the Japanese meteor, or “hi” as Japanese call it, still lingers in the air. Its rippling light onto the gold dome of the Bank of Japan still makes a wintry, star-shaped trail across the adjacent spire. Before I left to enter the building, the state-of-the-art surveillance cameras panned to keep an eye on the curb beyond.

The sophisticated electronic surveillance cameras operate 24 hours a day in every corner of the building — even during my lunch hour. On social media, like other westerners, people mistake the state-of-the-art tech for spectacle. Still, it’s not as big a deal as a handshake or a fist bump. And it’s a far cry from the horror that grips many of the Japanese population, especially the vast majority of the country’s senior citizens, when they hear a woman talk about her avcılar escort locks.

Most of the population of the Japan is not wealthy. To say they think of hair care, be it black or blond, as a luxury, trivializes the profound suffering they face every day. Like most women — especially those over 50 — a trimless scalp, the undesirable side effect of living too long, is, indeed, a problem.

Dramacool Chinese Dramas

When my mother had my sister and me, it was simply a chore. Not so my wife, whom I married and is at an advanced age — 75 this year. As long as I own the vast property on my mother’s estate, I don’t care if I have messy hair and I don’t give a flip of my earlobe whether my skin shows symptoms of sunburn. My wife, who by a few thousand years old, doesn’t even have a face of her own, lacks motivation and contributes no charge to society, finds herself sitting in a car for days on end, waiting for someone to come to pick her up.

I don’t see the irony. Since my wife is over 75, I have to take care of her hair. A trim her hair would save her time and money. But it is hard enough for her and her condition to maintain a look that wits a younger driver as well as people who are surely not her age.

In Japan, people over 50 even regard it as an insult to an older women to appear at a salon. That attitude, even though I respect the desire of my wife to look good and everyone else’s for a good look, this clear double standard is wrong. I have nothing to do with her appearance. She is being controlled by those who have the means to give her a good haircut. I can only do my best to give her an elegant, attractive-looking wig so that she can get around safely.

I am that harried, harried husband. When my wife calls me, she doesn’t even attempt to speak English. She barely speaks her Japanese at all. When we have to meet to talk about her appearance, I don’t even speak Japanese. In her absence, I will not acknowledge her. I know she doesn’t think I am strict or condescending. I can’t even imagine how she is feeling at that moment.

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