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Easy Ways for Stress-free Office Relocation via Packers and Movers

Everyday many people move to their new offices to different locations through packers and movers. Some move to nearby areas, while others shift to distant locations. Office relocation is a strenuous task just like other relocation types.

However, strategic planning is required for an error-free office move. Most people want the help of movers and packers while relocating their offices. Remember, you will have to move a lot of bulky items from your office to your new office space. And it is not possible for you to accomplish this task perfectly when you are alone.

Shifting your office without any damage is possible if you make the best use of the important strategies. However, most people do not know the best way to move an office. If you too are one of them, then you can refer to the following tips to get an easy office move: –

Inform your Employees

Being the boss, it is your duty to inform your employees about the upcoming move. After all, they have every right to know about their office move. It is crucial for you to tell them about the move beforehand.

This’ll let your employees make their decision whether they have to stay in the company or move to the new location. You can also tell them the schedule of your move and the time when the packers and movers Mumbai to Bhubaneswar will arrive at the old office.

Encourage them to Pack their Desks

It is not possible for you to pack all the desks of your employees. So, you can let them pack their stuff themselves. This would be much easy for them. Also, you can easily relocate your office to the new location.

Each employee of your office will welcome this step. This lets the staff carry the things they want in their new office. Some employees decorate their desks with plants and other things. So, they can pack these things and take them to their new office.

Appointment of a Shifting Manager

A shifting manager’s work is to manage the whole relocation task. If your office is large then you’ll definitely need to appoint a shifting manager. This person will be responsible for managing all the complex tasks of the move. He will manage the activities of your packers and movers.

You can appoint this person either from your own office or from outside. However, make sure that this person has the required expertise to manage a move. He must have years of experience in appointing commercial relocations. So, the appointment of a relocation manager is a must if you are looking for seamless office relocation.

Move IT Department Carefully

Moving the IT department of the office is a hectic task for you. There are many things you must shift from your IT department. Some of them include computers, printers, big servers, etc. You must inform your office’s IT department about the move as early as you can. The IT people have the most challenging work of managing their data. And it requires much time to save their data.

So, if they know about the move beforehand, they can move the equipment of the IT department in an easy manner.

Update of the Office Address

Updating your office address is also important if you are moving your office to a new location. Remember, you might have many clients that may contact you during the move. And it’s not good when they can’t find you at your old address. It will also affect your business in a negative way.

So, it is crucial to update your address before your move. There are so many places where they have to change their address. This’ll take a lot of time. However, it’ll help your prospective customers find and contact you. You must update your new address on your company’s social media sites, your websites, and your letterheads.

Protecting your Office Data

Your office data is much more important for you. So, you must protect it before your office relocation. Make sure to use pen drives or hard disks to save your data. However, the best way to save your important data is by using various cloud storage devices.

Saving your data is extremely important during the move. There have been many incidents related to data loss. So, you must backup your data at any cost before the relocation.

However, check the devices which you are using for saving your data. They might have viruses in them. If you find any virus in any storage device, you can scan and then remove it before saving your data in it.

Label your Box

It is important to label your boxes during your move. Remember you have packed your machines, but the operations of the company are still going on. So, it is advisable to label every single box before the move. This’ll help you in taking out any useful machine to complete particular office work.

You must also write about the materials that are inside your box. This’ll provide you with ease during the entire relocation process.

Move a Few Items on your Own

You don’t require loading all your office items in the moving truck and carrying them to your new office space. Well, there are a couple of things you can shift on your own. Some of these articles include plants and other small items that you can move. You can put these items in your car and shift them easily to another location. However, make sure to protect these items while moving them.

Hiring Leading Movers

Hiring trusted packers and movers will be much more advantageous for you. However, you must research carefully to find the best mover for you. Make sure to pick the movers who are specialized in relocating the office belongings.

Purging your Office Items

Another useful thing to do is to sort out your unwanted office items before the move. This will help you in relocating to your desired location without any stress. You can look closely at the items that you won’t need in your office. Once you find them, you can sell them online or donate them.

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You are now aware of the top tips to move your office goods through packers and movers. Following these tips will be much helpful for you to experience stress-free office relocation.

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