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eCommerce 10 best templates that no entrepreneur can miss

eCommerceAs you probably already know, competition between online stores is getting fiercer and fiercer. Small and medium-size companies have to deal not only with their direct competitors in the segment, but also with the expansion of the largest brands.

How to resist this competition? Simply creating an attractive website for an online store is no longer enough! You should do everything you can to offer the best online shopping experience in terms of aesthetics, technology and relationship.

Designing an ecommerce website can be difficult. There are a ton of things to consider, from proper site performance to user engagement.

It is that in the first place, eCommerce sites are design not only to inform and present a brand online, but also to sell products or services . So designers must ensure that the site is intuitive and easy to use for shopping . Without sales, this type of website is meaningless.

In case you do not have experience in the development of an online store, or you simply do not want to spend a lot of time preparing all the small details of your website, we recommend opting for the premium templates for e-commerce sites.

These templates are create by season professionals and are characterize not only by attractive appearance, but by a huge set of must-have options and features that every successful online business must have.

Well, check out the following list of the best premium eCommerce templates . The list includes a number of solutions for the most popular eCommerce platforms on the modern market: Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, and OpenCart.

Magetique – Multipurpose Theme for Magento 2

Magetique is one of the most advance themes for e-commerce sites. The theme is fully compatible with Magento 2, due to the absolutely optimize code for this platform version.

Magetique has a huge set of great features and functions to help you build a functional online store and grow both your customer base and your conversion. When you purchase Magetique, you get 5 unique skins, more than 100 predesign content elements, 4 color variations for each skin, a set of additional extensions for Magento and much more.

Magetique - Multipurpose Theme for Magento 2

Woostroid2 – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

If you plan to develop your online store in WordPress, you cannot miss Woostroid2 – the best-selling theme among WooCommerce themes which, in turn, is the most popular plugin for creating online stores in WP.

In addition to 18 different skins to choose from, this template package also includes all the essential plugins to improve the functionality and appearance of your online store. Other advantages of Woostroid2 are Directory- friendly and responsive web design , WPML and Ecwid support, web visual editor and sample installer data, and many more.

Woostroid2 entrepreneur

UpStar – Universal and Multifunctional WooCommerce Theme

This is a responsive WooCommerce theme, compatible with all web browsers and fully optimize for mobile, which is an absolute must nowadays. Due to the flexible design and 3 different layouts to choose from, you can adapt this template to your online store for electronics, clothing, watches, tools, etc.

The most impressive features of the theme are: the drop down shopping cart, the product quick view function, the cloudzoom option with image slider, two menu variants to choose from (horizontal and vertical for mobile) and many more.

UpStar WooCommerce theme entrepreneur

Shopee – Magento theme for digital marketplace site

Shopee is one of the multi-functional, responsive and SEO-friendly themes for Magento 2. It gives you a wide variety of layout options to choose from: 2 home page layout variants, 3 product list page layouts, and 3 custom layouts. product detail page.

Furthermore, the Shopee theme is pack with many more useful functions and features, including unlimit product filters, a large selection of Ajax functions (quick view, comparison, wish list, etc.), the advance mega menu, a set of extensions. powerful premiums for Magento, etc.

Shopee - Magento theme for digital marketplace site entrepreneur

Megatree – Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme

Like other templates on the list, this one is characterize by responsive web design optimize for mobile phones. Additionally, Megatree is compatible with all modern web browsers and seamlessly adjusts for writing languages ​​from right to left.

As the template was create specifically for online stores, its package has many advance features that will help you make your store even more functional and enjoyable to use. These functions are the cloudzoom with image slider, the Ajax cart, etc.

Megatree - Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme entrepreneur


Fashion Deluxe – PrestaShop Theme for Clothing Store

Fashion Deluxe is a flexible PrestaShop template that fits perfectly for online stores of clothing, accessories, watches, cosmetics, etc. Its responsive design is enhance with a series of attractive visual elements: product carousels, multi-product carousels, the magic zoom of images, the Lazy Load effect, etc.

You will certainly also appreciate useful additional features, such as the fix shopping cart, the moderate comment system, the quick product view option, the add to shopping cart pop-up, a number of social media buttons, etc.

Fashion Deluxe - PrestaShop Theme for Clothing Store entrepreneur

BeStore – Multifunctional Shopify Theme

BeStores is a Shopify template that is pack with a truly impressive number of useful options. It can be effortlessly adapt to online stores for mobile devices, digital products, electronics, etc.

Due to the built-in drag-and-drop builder, you can easily customize this template, even if you’ve never work with pre-design templates before. The responsive web design of the theme is also SEO-friendly, well structure, easy to navigate, and highly functional.

BeStore - Multifunctional Shopify Theme entrepreneur

DOT. – Shopify theme for women’s clothing store

In addition to the beautiful and responsive design, this Shopify theme also boasts excellent functionality. You will be impress by its huge assortment of additional functions: the Ajax cart, the collection catalog, the product quick view, the product carousel, the add to the wish list, the mega menu, etc.

And finally, the most important feature of the DOT theme. it’s its incredible ease of customization that is achieve thanks to the built-in visual builder.

DOT. - Shopify theme entrepreneur

Fedecor – OpenCart Template for Home Decorations Store

This clean and minimalist template has the full set of pre-designe pages you might need to run a professional online store. These pages are: About us, Delivery information, Privacy policy , Terms and conditions, Order history, Wish list, etc.

One of the most important features of the Fedecor theme is that it is encode according to the OpenCart encoding standards, which ensures perfect compatibility with the engine. Additionally, the template pack includes a ton of useful design elements and features, including Google Fonts, Color Picker, Countdown Counter, Zoom, Mega Menu, and many more.

Fedecor - OpenCart Template entrepreneur

Diverce – Auto Parts Store OpenCart Template entrepreneur


Like the previous item on the list, Diverce complies with OpenCart coding standards, ensuring flawless performance and hassle-free installation. The theme has the home page layout builder that can save you a lot of time that you usually spend developing an attractive and functional home page.

Diverce is responsive and compatible with multiple web browsers and mobile devices. Your eCommerce package includes everything you need to develop a powerful web resource: from contact forms and social media buttons, to product quick view, product comparison, and wish list addition.

Diverce ecommerce

Basic first steps to create your online store

So, as you can see, premium templates are complete solutions that provide you eCommerce with a wide variety of useful features and options that can both facilitate the development process of your online store, as well as improve the functionality and visual appeal of your website. . Just choose yours!

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