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English Grammar Guide for Students: Improve Your Grammatical Knowledge

Here’s a detailed post on useful online English grammar guides for students & professionals. The dictionaries & tools are tried & tested by assignment help experts.

English is a more than 1400 years old language, widely spoken and written all across the continents. Around 13% of the world’s total population speaks English, out of which, 5% are native English speakers. According to a survey, there are around 1.348 billion English speakers globally. Besides, English is the official language of 67 countries in the world.

How incredible is that!

These numbers clearly show how significant English is. The credit goes to its global recognition. Despite this fact, people lack a proper understanding of the rules of English Grammar. Moreover, students often suffer from poor scores in their assignments and projects due to their incompetence in English. Consequently, they start seeking professional online assignment help.

But, that is not practical! If you genuinely wish to succeed in your career, then it becomes vital to learn the intricacies of English grammar. Grammar is not rocket science. Anyone can excel in it; all you need is inner zeal, determination, and motivation.

What Is English Grammar?

English grammar is a system of a specified set of rules and principles that deal with the morphology (word structures) and syntax (sentence structures) of English. Further, it also explains how phrases, clauses, and texts function. In any language, grammar serves as a code that makes it workable. Grammar facilitates effective communication by clarifying one’s ability to read and write in a specific language.

Even if someone is a native English speaker, they might not be aware of the proper grammar rules. Hence, a grammar guide is helpful for both native and non-native speakers. After all, correct grammar usage is an essential skill that helps you throughout your personal and professional lives. It helps in communicating your thoughts clearly. Moreover, it refines your ability to write compelling and flawless applications, proposals, assignments, etc.

Students with poor grammar skills often take help from essay writing service professionals despite their expertise in the topic.

Popular Grammar Guides That You Could Use!

Here we are sharing a list of useful grammar guides. Even the assignment help specialists highly prefer working their way through these guides to achieving flawless results in their deliveries. Let’s have a look!

·         Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely used online tools. It is efficient and instantly highlights grammatical mistakes. Further, it provides users with the appropriate options to rectify the errors. It comes with a free as well as a paid version. Online Essay writing service providers use Grammarly globally.

·         Ginger

Ginger is a user-friendly online grammar checker tool that easily figures out complex errors. It is a great tool to check for appropriate placement of pronouns, nouns, etc. Whether you are a student or a working professional, Ginger is a highly recommended tool to correct grammatical issues in any sort of write-up.

·         Grammar Book

If you wish for on-the-go grammar solutions, Grammar Book is a perfect option for you! It is highly useful to identify issues related to the usage of pronouns and parenthesis. They have a dedicated FAQs section that answers some common grammar-related queries.

Dictionaries to Tackle Your English Grammar Concerns: Top Recommendations

Our team performed in-depth research using multiple sources to finally come up with our topmost recommendations in English dictionaries and thesaurus. These are the best sources to improve your vocabulary.

·         Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge dictionary is a popular choice among students and English learners. It includes grammar help and a dictionary. You can easily maneuver through it for a word. Besides, it also lets you check the grammar for a specific word.

·         Wordsmyth

Wordsmyth is designed for multi-level English speakers including beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. It is quick and offers instant solutions for your word search. It comes with an exciting concept that enables you to work on your English through puzzles and quizzes. The assignment help online masters prefer wordsmyth for learning and deepening their knowledge.

·         Dictionary.Com

This online dictionary is perfect to help you sharpen your understanding of complicated terms. Further, it facilitates the learning experience by elaborating on the different ways to use a word. The learners can check out their blogs to gain more information and improve their grammatical skills. It is an absolute steal for students to self-managing their academic assignments.

Practice & Test Your English Grammar Knowledge: Online Exercises

The key reason which hampers a student’s English grammar learning experience is lack of practice. Rote learning of grammar rules is the recipe to blunder. The best way to learn any new skill is through practical application and consistent practice. Hence, here are some popular suggestions to accelerate your English grammar learning with online tests and exercises.

·         Perfect English Grammar

From the usage of gerund to every little grammatical aspect, Perfect English Grammar is absolutely the best to test your knowledge. The essay writing service specialists also prefer the website for practicing grammar rules.

·         English 4 U

The website offers its users a wide range of interesting topics. You can learn the details of grammatical topics simplify from English 4 U. A perfect one-stop destination for newbie learners and even English experts.

·         English-Hilfen.de

Whether you are in school, college, or a professional writer willing to improve your grammatical understanding, it is the ideal choice for you. You can check out the grammar tests on a variety of topics such as tenses, adjectives, pronouns, etc. There are dedicated grammar and vocabulary tests, comprehensions, and more.

Wrapping Up

Many people find English grammar difficult. However, you can achieve success in grammatical rules with dedication and a spark to learn. English grammar is essential for better communication and overall academic growth. In this post, we shared different popular tools and dictionaries that you can use for assignment help. It’s time you start to strengthen your grasp on grammar and boost your chances for better personal and professional growth. Leave an unforgettable impression with your perfect grammar! We hope you found this post insightful and if you face any difficulties in your assignments then contact us for information and help.


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