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Essential Tips For Essay Editing and Proofreading

Every time they write an essay, a good student tries to write a better one. Finding new ways of writing your essay can be difficult, but good editing and proofreading is one approach to improve your essays rapidly. Get in touch with the best essay proofreading service. You should edit your essay before submitting it because it can make a huge difference between a good and a great essay. We will provide you with some tips to consider when editing your paper. 

Get The Structure Right

It would be best to break between the writing and editing of the essay. This method lets you edit the essay in a different approach. If you edit immediately after writing, you won’t be able to catch errors effectively and quickly. When you sit down to edit it, look at its structure. Consider the overall structure of your essay and check if you’re providing a logical explanation and proof to back your argument. You may have added points in bullet form in your essay but are they in the best order possible? Is there a logical progression from one point to the next? Is it wise to give a tease about your essay in the introduction, or are you revealing too much at the start? These are only a few ways to improve the structure, so keep your overarching point in mind and make sure your structure conveys it as effectively as possible.

Edit Long Sentences and Paragraphs in Essay

Long sentences and paragraphs should be edited whether or not you’ve over your word count because they’re more difficult to read and can be uninteresting or difficult to follow. As a result, try to limit sentences to two or three clauses or segments. If a paragraph becomes longer than three or four sentences, break it up and start a new one: a wall of words might be difficult for the reader to understand. Another best way to edit sentences into short words is to rewrite your sentences. Look for long sentences which can be rewritten by using a few words. You will find many sentences that take too many words to deliver the meaning of what could be said briefly. 

Don’t Use Hard Language

After writing the essay, many students in editing use synonyms of the words to make the argument powerful. The main reason students do it is that their essay may look knowledgeable and strong to the reader by using hard words. However, it does not always make you appear knowledgeable; for example, you may mistakenly select the incorrect synonym, failing to recognize that even closely related synonyms might have a little different meaning and are not suitable in that sentence. 

Keep An Eye Out For Ideas And Words In Your Essay

When you’re writing your essay, you may repeat yourself or repeat the same words in a different scenario. But, you don’t have to worry about it because the editing stage is to check and remove all these mistakes. While essay proofreading, consider every sentence or paragraph concept, and if you think that you have repeated something again, delete those immediately. Keep in mind that the introduction is not always the best part to reveal your solution. So think about when the best time is to introduce it and erase the previous mentions. Keep an eye out for situations where you’ve over-explained something on a related issue. Going on and on about a particular topic for an extended period might weaken your case since it makes you appear as if you’re urgently trying to come up with supporting facts; sometimes, all you need is a basic, unambiguous statement and a small piece of proof to back it up.

Don’t use the same terms in the same paragraph or even sentence. It’s acceptable to use common terms like “the” more than once in a paragraph, but it’s better to avoid using the same linking phrases, such as “also.” 

Don’t Depend On Spell Checkers

The spell checker will not catch all of the mistakes in your paper. Its algorithm can catch a few mistakes in spelling and punctuation, but it cannot catch the use of incorrect words. For example, you’re probably going to write “from” but unintentionally write “form”. Although both are words, they have different meanings and won’t be recognized by the spell checker. However, that isn’t the term you intended to type.

Removing typos In Essay Writing

It’s stated that reading your work backward increases your chances of catching errors. Many professional editors use a highly proven strategy while editing the paper. By reading backward, you will have a completely fresh perspective on what you have written in the essay. You might not catch those errors if you read the content in the normal way. As a result, begin with the final sentence and work your way backward until you reach the beginning of your paper. Another method that experts advise is to print out your paper and then catch your mistakes. In this way, you can re-edit again on your computer.

Remove Unnecessary Words

There are high chances that you have used many unnecessary words while writing your essay. This unnecessary only increases your word count and nothing else. In fact, they make your argument look weak and longer for the reader to understand, which they can understand in a brief sentence. 

Eliminate All Tautologies

A tautology is a stylistic mistake that involves using redundant words. You may use two phrases that make the same meaning, for example, “the huge giant”. Although only the word giant would be enough to convey the message, using two phrases of the same meaning makes it look weak. Students use these words by thinking that it will make the argument look strong; in reality, it does the opposite. 

Keep An Eye On The Commas

People either use too many or too few commas in their sentences. If you use too many, the phrase will sound broken and strange. But if you use too little, the reader won’t understand the meaning of the sentence or paragraph which you’re trying to deliver. You should only place the commas where it looks natural with the flow of the essay. A semicolon instead of a comma can be more appropriate where you want to pause for a second or two. 

Consistent Spelling

Many words in English have the same meaning but different spelling. It all depends on which version of English you’re using in your essay. If you live in the UK, and the computer or pc you brought, its word processors may have UK English as the default language. It goes the same with the citizens living in the US. Many students in the US have to change their word processors settings to make their lives easier while writing or editing essays. 

Get Rid Of Exclamation Mark

Don’t use exclamation marks after every two sentences or in every paragraph. It will only cost your writing to look poor and low-quality for the reader. Only use them in unusual instances, such as when you truly want to show astonishment or fury. Except for expressing the termination of a quote from another writer, ellipses (“…”) should be avoided. 

Quotations With Attributes

Authors and academic writers should be given credit for their quotes. Remember every quotation you’re using in your essay, and make sure to mention where you read them. A footnote is a good approach to reference another author if you’re writing a university essay.


Your format of the essay matters a lot to your reader. You shouldn’t neglect the formatting of the essay while you’re editing it. You should be consistent with the format by using fonts, underline, italics. Maintain the consistency of the format because it will help your paper look great in the eyes of the reader. Don’t use different types of fonts; otherwise, your essay may look like a mess. You might use your word processor’s pre-populated formatting options to maintain consistency across the page. If there are many things to consider, then sit and read your essay, and you can go over it again and again. Each time, you may find different things. Doing all of these is challenging for many students in the beginning. But after putting in some effort, your essay will be top-notch. 


If you follow the above tips and strategies, you will end up editing a top-notch essay which will guarantee you high marks in your paper. However, if you’re one of those students in the UK who is struggling to edit or proofread an essay after writing it, don’t worry. Nerdy Editors are among the essay editing service providers in the United Kingdom. We offer high-quality service writing at reasonable prices and also discounts to students. We know students can’t afford to spend thousands of bucks on their assignments as they have a limited amount of budget in their minds. But, finding a company that offers high-quality work at a reasonable price is hard to find, right? This is where Nerdy Editors come in place. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are available 24/7 to answer your all queries. 

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