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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Node.js Developers

Node.js Developers

If you want to build a website with Node.js technology, you might be in search of a good web developer who knows the ins and outs of Node.js web development services. But do you know every essential detail for hiring Node.js developers?

As a business owner, you have to make many decisions every day. Some of which might prove to be disastrous. So, you obviously do not want your website development to be one such decision.

Hiring the wrong candidate can directly influence the quality and future of the website. One bad decision can make your web development expenses vanish. Therefore, you should know everything about hiring a Node.js developer before everything else to make your best hiring decision and successful web project.

Luckily, you have found the article. The post features expert advice about what pointers you should know before you hire a Node.js developer

Responsibilities a Node.js developer will take on

Node.js developers are expected to take on some responsibilities that aid in completing the Node.js web development services, such as:

  • Assist in data exchange between server and client-side
  • Develop server-side business logic
  • Maintain a central database
  • Ensures rapid response to requests from the frontend
  • Adds security features in the app for data protection
  • Solve database queries and document frontend transactions

Things you need to know before hiring Node.js developers

Knowledge of App Performance Monitoring tools

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools keep developers updated with essential data to reduce application downtime, decrease server congestion, or resolve memory leaks.

So, having the right set of APM tools is crucial for Node js web development services. Make sure to check the knowledge of your potential developer on APM tools when you hire a Node.js developer online. Some popular APM tools are:

The ELK Stack

ELK stack comprises Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. This APM stack helps developers with log analysis and offers insights on app performance.


Developed by SoundCloud, Prometheus is an open-source alerting and monitoring solution that offers multidimensional data collection & data queueing and recording real-time metrics and time-series databases.


Grafana is another open-source analytics software that helps developers visualise time-series databases into easily understandable graphs.

Understanding of frontend development

Node.js developers’ prime responsibility is coding the business logic of the web application. But having a basic understanding of frontend development is necessary to carry out Node.js web development services seamlessly.

This helps developers understand how backend components enable UI to offer a consistent user experience. Moreover, it promotes better team collaboration between frontend and backend developers since both experts have a mutual understanding of their roles.

Ability to work with different test runners and tools

There are many testing tools built with keeping Node.js apps in mind. But the developer you hire should understand the suitability of tools based on project type, complexity, requirements, and other factors.

An experienced Node.js developer should recognize all the potential gaps and risks in the code. And suggest a classified testing strategy that yields better results in the deployment. Expert developers prefer some test runner tools, like:


Mocha is a simple, fast, and extensible JS testing framework that runs synchronous Node.js application tests. 


Jasmine is a BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) framework for JS that aids in writing tests with its clean syntax.


Jest is another testing framework and assertion library for Javascript. The framework can run previously failed tests and manage test runs according to the time taken to test files.

Experience working with various package managers

Node.js provides many well-tested and open-source packages that eliminate the need to rewrite the code and help in faster development. And to handle these packages, Node.js developers use package managers. Therefore Node.js must have experience working with various package managers.

So, when you conduct a technical interview to hire a Node.js developer online, evaluate their knowledge regarding different package managers. Moreover, determine whether they will work efficiently with these managing tools.

Knowledge of different ORM tools for databases

You need an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) library to ease the mapping of objects with relational databases while carrying out medium-to-large scale web development projects.

Different databases access data in different ways. So, ORM helps you maintain the objects, even the source of data changes over time. Moreover, ORM allows you to well-organise the data migration process between different databases.

Therefore, hire a Node.js developer who knows different ORM tools. Some of the well-known ORM tools are:


Sequelize is a popular ORM tool for Node.js that supports numerous databases like MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL.


Mongoose is a well-suited ORM tool for NoSQL databases like MongoDB. It simplifies the query building and built-in typecasting.


Bookshelf, the Oldest ORM JS library for Node.js, features traditional callback interfaces, superior transaction support, and polymorphic associations.

Well-versed with cloud platforms

There are many benefits of deploying web applications on cloud platforms, which are too advantageous to avoid. So, hire a Node.js developer who is well-versed and has prior experience working with various cloud platforms.

Some most used cloud platforms with Node.js development are:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS eases the web application deployment with Elastic Beanstalk, which aids in deploying, managing the scaling of an app, and Lambda for serverless hosting.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a low-latency network. Moreover, its PaaS solutions App Engine and Kubernetes Engine assist in running the Node.js app in a container.

Microsoft Azure

This cloud platform offers the most efficient cloud services for building, deploying, and scaling applications.

Know working with Node.js Template engines

A template engine creates the HTML template with lesser code and efficiently improves the app performance. Node.js has various template engines such as Moustache, Nunjucks, Pug, Swig, and many more.

However, most developers like working with Marko and Handlebars because of their simple and user-friendly features. So, when you hire a Node.js developer, make sure they know how to work with various template engines.

Profound knowledge of Node.js User Authentication

User authentication and authorization are vital functions for any web application. So it is an imperative skill that every Node.js developer must-have. Fortunately, several third-party services are available, assisting in simplifying the implementation of authentication and authorization functionality.


Passport.js makes authentication services much more uncomplicated. The tool describes itself as simple, but developers may require significant effort from developers to implement it. 


Bcrypt is a third-party password hashing library. It Helps build a password security platform that prevents hackers from cracking passwords.


Node.js web development services can go all wrong if you do not consider a few things before hiring a Node.js developer. Before venturing into the hiring process, you need to know every detailed skill your Node.js developer possesses. Hence, the blog post tells you everything you need to know about hiring a Node.js developer. 


What should a Node.js developer know?

Node.js developers should have extensive knowledge of various tools and concepts other than the Node js framework to make a development seamless. The things a Node js developer is required to know are:

  • Application Performance Monitoring tools
  • Database Integration and management
  • Frontend concepts
  • Test runners tools
  • Package managers
  • ORM tools for databases
  • Cloud platforms
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